1. Met u see yak yak new profile pict , she desperate like a fish pon dry land need the ocean . All now she can’t catch a next dog with the net :alay :alay yak yak oh no to u dog catcher out fit :nohope

  2. A dem ere di police dem fi kill out. They are buffoons and a disgrace to everything the ancestors fought for and should not be labeled as men, let alone black men.
    And when dem ded, I won’t be bearing not a placard. Dem yah genderless creatures serve no purpose on planet Earth. #Disgusting
    Even if dem a fish (quite evident actually), why white faggots carry themselves like respectable men and the black one dem so despicable?

  3. Are these two at a party? Caw mi see de one in de white wearing a lab coat, and de one in de full black inna a pants wid de kratches so long, it look like him have “bosin” and a hide it.

  4. lolol…..SO is who fah man dem yah? lololol I hope nu war nah buss fi dem two here because 😀 😀 a betta onu go war over gully bop! 😀

    1. PP, Coo di one inna di black body suit sitten…now what possessed him tuh pick out an outfit like that??..that man should’ve known tuh stay away from spandex fabrics with his body type..den have ah nerve fe finish off ah whole container ah liquor by himself *stiff drink, stiff gut*…dat right dere is what yuh call real big belly glutton…

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