Mi seh Met,

Carnival roll around and true to form kasi send in her pics to daily mail (shi look good naah lie) and because daily mail mix up they had to put in a couple pics of Bolt and this is one of them, it’s a recent pic of him training with Dormund (sp?). Now you tell me, why they had to choose this pic? Because they wanted to say that the reason Kasi is with him is because of his money but because they cannot say it outright they put the pic for people to comment on and they did comment. Here’s a few:

Usain b one old looking 31!

Usain Bolt has got to be the ugliest Olympic winner ever. Fix your teeth dude. Fix your teeth. This girl Kasi is banging with him for fame and money…

She is pretty. I have never seen a Victoria’s Secret model built like her though. The real story is how can she have sex with such an ugly man. Look at his teeth. He looks nasty.

With All that endorsement money, clothes, cars & But still a bad set of teeth! they look terrible ….yeesh, not a good look!

Ewwww, his teeth.

Yes, yuck. I know he’s got a lot of money but I would throw up if I had to kiss someone with teeth like that. Gross, not clean. And that probably means his breath has a foul odor. Just looking at his teeth is vomit inducing.

News FLASH! It is imperative to the quality of your life to maintain the health of your teeth. Someone tell Usain to invest in his teeth not fake breasts.

He’s a serial adulterer, she only stays with him for fame and the dollar.

Usain Bolt is a cheating dog who embarrassed her in the news when he cheated with a Brazilian student not long ago. Bolt is not a looker but she’ll stay with him due to his fame and status. Where’s her self-respect?

bet his breath smells wonderful like he just brushed his teeth with toilet water

his teeth are rotten.. fix them you have money man

She seems quite vain and would never have been with Bolt if he was not famous and rich. But is that not the case with most people and relationships on DM?

Geez……all the money Bolt has made and NO ONE will tell him to get those nasty lookin’ teeth fixed? Yuck. Dude, go to a dentist and get those teeth taken care of. That is gross.

I only wish I was nearby to let him know that his teeth is badly in need of care. I often do wonder why people neglect their teeth and they are the ones that loves to laugh. He need to take a good look at himself in the mirror. The time his girlfriend is trying hard to be in the papers, she need to get her partner a dental check up very soon.

You need a dentist Usain Bolt!

Don’t know his soccer skill as he might be a good player, but I am guessing that that being the one and only Usain Bolt didn’t hurt in getting to train with Dortmund.

Not serious? This comes after he was seen partying in late March at Tape nightclub in London. The athlete, 31, looked somewhat worse-for-wear; seen in March


  1. Sender, seems like you’re obsessed with the Bolts teeth.Why don’t you send in your smile, and while your at it,also your portfolio to compare with Bolts

    1. Do you realize that this was posted on Daily Mail and the comments are from people that commented on the article. You must be one of them that is pretending to like him or that you enjoy kissing him, leave the sender, why didn’t you go on DM and tell them to leave him alone. Unu love talk bout obsessed, so if someone point out something about a celebrity that means that they are obsessed? Unu foolish like, the fact remains for a celebrity and millionaire he should fix his mouth, he’s on a international platform, he’s doing interviews all over the world, he loves to laugh so yes, his mouth should look decent. When everybody start making money, the first thing they do is try and fix their mouth. It’s not just Jamaicans talking about his mouth, if you realize, those comments are from an overseas blog, look at the comments how they are savage, you have never seen anyone on Met site or any Jamaican blog describe his mouth like how the foreigners are doing.

  2. We all already came to the conclusion that she is only with him for the money. This story stretch out too long now. Leave them mek them live whatever life them choose.

    1. We all know that but they’re not talking about that, no one seems to care about their relationship, haven’t seen Met post her in a long time.They are talking about his teeth, which I have to admit looks gross, he’s too wealthy for his teeth to look like that.

  3. Kasi mi nuh rate yuh, fix yuh man teeth man… dutty gal nuh yuh a kiss him eeh??? breath all go tink like shit deh nung inna yuh face but di money mek yuh tink it smell fresh… Di two a unnu dutty an nasty alike.. now mi see why him still come roun yuh an yuh naa uplift him.. a because yuh nasty an him nasty af! hunnu bady full up a puss. Di mouth a one a di most dirtiest places on yuh body believe it or not.. it store bacteria and germs more dan anywhey else das why it good fi floss even afta brush and still mouthwash afta dat…If dutty mouth battyman youngthugs can get a full fixings a teeth, usain so can you… all a di celebrity dem fix dem teeth.. dat a di fuss ting suh yuh can smile fi di crowd. all lika yuh whey a pap dem big smile deh an yuh look like yuh have een gold teeth usain? Kasi whey di publicist??? yuh call him/har?? fi set di appointment a di dentist fi yuh man?? Yuh is one wicked gal das all mi know.. kasi if a yuh man an feem teeth dirty gal fi yuh dutty tuh.. yuh insides dutty up wid germs when him go kiss yuh deh now eewww! A hope all him naa nyam dem yah gal pussy cause di whole a unda dem krachiz must full a bacteria. DIS IS NOT GOOD.

  4. sender send in ur pic. how u look? The time u tek a worry about bolt find ways to make more money and live like bolt. bruk ppl always a criticize rich ppl.

    1. So “bruk” people shouldn’t criticize rich people but rich people can criticize “bruk” people? Why do you think everyone wants to live like Bolt? So because he’s rich that means he’s happier than someone who’s not a millionaire? People make their own happiness, keep thinking that it’s the amount of money that you have makes you happy. That’s why people like you will never be happy because you keep running down the almighty dollar, people like you will do anything for money, that’s why people like you become gold diggers, scammers, drug dealers and the likes because you equate money with happiness. Look at Mariah Carey ex James Packer for example, he’s a BILLIONAIRE yet he’s in a facility for depression. I’ve never been jealous of anyone, so their parties and flashy lifestyle don’t move me, not all of us were born to be rich, everybody cannot be rich, all of us have a role to play in this life, what if there was no one to collect the garbage, cook the food at restaurants, serve the food, clean your house etc, what would happen then, would you be willing to do those jobs? So you’re saying that a persons worth in this life is how much money they have, will the creator judge us differently? Does everybody have to be rich? What about been comfortable in life and with life? Lots of people are comfortable but not rich like myself so does that mean that Bolts happiness is more than mine because he has more money? Bolt is a man of means so his personal hygiene shouldn’t be up for debate, leave that to the people that you say is “bruk”.

  5. Beyond mean. Say what you want to say about his womanizing the man still is down to earth and talk to anybody. You don’t hear him being rude and snobby. Boasty every now and then but rude he is not so weh dis fa? Classing is for Jamaican by Jamaicans only not no stink YT ppl or dutty yankee.

    1. You mean the same white people that he wanted to be around when he got rich? Remember is a white girl he wife up and because people lick out against it, he ended it, if the Jamaicans didn’t say anything about or was in favor of it he would have married her by now. Bolt IS snobby, egotistical and shallow. So let the people that he wants to be with (white) class him because they are the ones that he loves.

  6. As a dentist, I must agree that good oral hygiene is important. In Bolts case, it is almost impossible to say that his oral hygiene is poor. IF you look at Bolts teeth you will notice that they are all on the same level. This would indicate that he grinds his teeth in his sleep. Secondly teeth discoloration can be caused by several factors among which is the lack of fluoride in the water: Bolt a proud man from Trelawny maybe had tank water to drink while growing up hence that lack of fluoride as do the British. The British are notorious for “jacked up” teeth so they are a fine bunch to cast stones.

    Veneers can do as much harm as dentures simply because they are not the natural length and size of the original teeth and can cause discomfort when eating or appear “buck ” tooth”. Case in point Denzil Washington. As far as Bolt goes , if he is fine then that’s that.

  7. Literally from top to bottom Bolt looks and behaves yucky. Up a top the hair nuh stay good and the teeth rotten, down a bottom the toes look like dem have gangrene. Bolt look pon down with or without money. The sad part is Kasi is f**king this disgusting nigga and dont have nothing to show for it. #stupidchick

  8. He is a bit much that’s why I’m not sorry for him, as a black man I don’t see him with any black woman these days Cassie alone. I would cheer for her but I see that she is no good. If the money dun tomorrow would she be there? She is into herself and She think she is great that’s y she does what she do. She feel like Bolt should be honored to have her, not a humble bone in her body

  9. He goes to ,,,,, as far as I know, one of the most expensive “uptown” dentists in Jamaica. So if she is doing his teeth, he is getting it done properly and its costing millions.

  10. Well, we went down this road already and him nuh care suh why we fi care. Like I said on the post about his teeth before this, there are simple and cheap ayurvedic things one can do to whiten the teeth and strengthen the gums that has no impact on sensitivity or enamel erosion. Folks should also know that good oral health is not just about the teeth look pretty, there are a few cancers that get their start in bad oral hygiene and this is a known fact. So taking care of your mouth is not only taking care of your mouth, it also helps in preventing chronic disease!

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