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    1. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO obsesse with winning Jamaica/Bolt that him phuck up!!!!!!!!

      Japan worked for their medal.

  1. Yesssssss Bolt…dweet yute…dweet…
    While watching the 4x100m race awhile ago mi swear mi just see ah girl that looks like Sam the lawyer dat unnuh seh deh wid bolt…..

        1. But Met……I hear seh Kasi was there in the end. I don’t know how true it is. A little birdy I know told me. I was like naaaaah Kasi wasn’t there, person say they know for a FACT she was there. Mi just a patiently wait to get the details, cause mi a tell dem seh pinkwall have the #facts

  2. Met. bolt was standing right infront of sam after the race … The camera man went on her a couple times … Congrats bolt she was looking cute to lol

  3. Living legend! So glad they told him not to retire when he wanted to four years ago. What a wave of glory to gout on.

  4. Uno no see bolt stand up right Infront of Sam after the race and she throw the flag give asafa to give bolt .( don’t know I the first post went through ) the camera go on her about three times .. #sidechixkwiththefrontrowseatabdthemanaruntoher

  5. FATHER, we thank you for this glorious moment and we pray that Jamaica will take these triumphs and keep the momentum going to make positive changes for the country

    1. Me go investigate and go on dydy page when she was taking the bob Marley shots at tgi and all now her it said July 20 summn and her nails no refill yet and di same way it look lol so dat mean she naw breed

  6. met kasi tonsils dem a wap arrr tonight di way how she a scream from panama… kill me dead seh bolt hear her from all di way ova brazil…sass crise gyal a scream go daddy and mommy sam deh deh ah throw flag

    1. Yesssssss me like girl weh have them own things. They will always be winning. A one woman like that usian want, thats very nice of her, hi boss chick sam

  7. What ah race sweeeeet. Mi run up and dung in yah suh till mi foot battam ah bun mi. No sah, if ah building mi did live inna dem would evict mi claat by ah mawnin due tuh mi behavior. Sam yuh strategically place yuh seh at ah certain spot doe :ngakak Dem perks deh usually reserved fi main squeeze. Care tuh share your secret :cool

  8. Mi think a me alone did see her…is right over there Asafa run and then Usain! She get the camera feature one bag a time. And den team US disqualification…I weak inna di night…Met hold off pon do big post weh u ago drop. Mi need fi prepare fi it! :nohope

  9. Please don’t turn this into another Kasi thread. Do, ppl no more. This is for his win. Wait patiently and murmour not. The other post is coming

  10. Yes man dis shall be the shelling of all shelling. While I’m jumping up screaming I’m saying wait, I’ve seen her before but where. Then it all click in. Boy oh boy somebody(kasi boo) pillow going to be stain wid makeup and wet with tears. Now all I need is for bolts birthday party roll around n out of the side view we see someone( good gyal Sam) smiling while sweet nothings r being wispered in her ear. While Beres feels good a play or even a nice Tory lanes luv. That will be the nail in the coffin for mi. :2thumbup :kr

  11. Mi glad Usain & Team beat Merika. Mi :ngakak when shortly afta dem seh Merika disqualified and den show di board minus dem. Mi :ngakak when dem ah come out flag-draped before dem find out. Mi wussa :ngakak when Gaitin seh him Federation will dispute it and Mr. T (sorry mi mean Tyson Gay) couldn’t even eye-ball Gaitlin tuh how him bex seh di crosses salt up dem ting. Mi feel seh him ah guh claat him wid him chain when nuh baddy nah look :ngakak

  12. Mi fraid fi dah gal yah… call di madhouse cause dat brain no good again cause if Yuh buy ticket fi go panama fi 1 day just fi look good an catfish ppl pan social media… God Mi fraid fi di tricks she a come wid an mi nuh goat kid….. oh jesus!!!… Anybody check pan har cause dah 2016 brand new ediot Gal yah ago do Sumting stupid eno.

      1. Mi say a ediot fi di year yawdy…. Di person weh did fi bring di wise come give har did fi meet har a Rio Grande but di ediot Gal go panama.

    1. Lol yuh know mi feel she & him left but she in denial cuz this is not normal history a me know & yuh nowhere in sight but yuh have everybody pond twidders & insta a call u wife. No sweetheart you is not & I’m not hating cuz a dat dem love claim ppl a hate pon dem

    1. Where she stay pregnant? If she is then Bolt need to page her re the alcohol drinking she put down her birthday,the day after her birthday & every other time she post herself consuming alcohol on snapchat. No matter what she does she can not hide from the fact the woman that name a call on the ‘baby’ that she on & on about was at the Olympics front & center, while Mrs. Ringlets Bolt was @ home in Jamaica making a bag a noise when she should have been there no matter how she try spin it. Innate mi Matterhorn voice it don’t look good.

  13. Ok… I might be way off but , my man creating history, the world waiting to see history being made by my man and I can’t be there because of work ? Which work dat ? Worse if dem know that I am bolts future wife dem woulda give me the whole month off cause dem ago get free promo just by association.

    If you are opening your own business, you could have planned things better so u could be available, every damn thing could have been planned around the Olympics. You could have buy ticket to Panama, then fly to rio cause you man heavy like that.

    She had a tweet bout dem advertise her surprise gift to him. She deleted it after, but I googled it before the company took it down. She ordered the new Apple phone , gold at that with the bolt sign and his signature. Kasi, please no do no more hard spending cause this look sticky pon you.

    1. Nobaddame all the custom gifts she buy,all the twitter post she make the ppl them laughing @ her cuz she’s a classic A1 fool. History was making Sam was there & Kasi was not…lol mi a grain watch the wire cuz it about to go down.

  14. Met, mi juss guh over the CBC Rio 2016 Instagram page and see one happy birthday doll Brazilian fans meck fi Usain. You haffi see dis doll..ROFL.

    Mi deh pon mi Tablet and copy pasting is a pain in the arse or mi would drop di link. At least dem meant well, but dat doll deh bwoy.

  15. Congratulations to the Legendary Usain St Leo Bolt. Thanks for all you do and as you look forward to retiring, I hope that you honour your mom wishes and settle down with a woman of good character.

  16. Is abt 9 Jamaicans gonna get medals from that relay run. 6 Jamaicans for the gold(bailey cole,minzie +4),3 of the Canadians are born Jamaicans/jamaican heritage and wow that japanese yute cambridge is born jamaican! Congrats all

    1. Mi notice it fi true, him also need one tooth implant round di side fi replace that obvious missing tooth. Cant a grin so with teeth missing and you a global superstar

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