1. Innocent questions I swear…can someone tell me precisely what’s THE big deal in borrowing/wearing ur fren/fambily clothes??WHY is it like the worst crime/sin inna dancehall culture?

  2. Thats how you know its hers!! She wears it more than once i dont see the problem! Or hot gal nuh fi repeat?

  3. Everything is wrong with it and fi a set a ppl weh gwan hype dem nuffi a wear dem one another tingz. Imagine how dem sweat out dem bleachings inna it cause all 3 a dem rub yuckk! Nikki living conditions alone mek mi wouldn’t borrow ntn from har lol imagine,bout 10 different ppl inna yuh personal bed fi di day and wul a dem look like dem wah bathe. Dem sick mi stomach kmt.

  4. @british talk chuuuuute!!!!!! Nuh hot gal nuh suppose to a borrow yuh madddddd…worseeeeee dem can hype so. When u a real hot gal, anything whe u naave, u do without!!some a dem too hype and naave shit, all dem do a borrow and come hype pan ppl whe will never borrow!!! And nicki living conditions is unsanitary. It Mek u skin crawl and dem claim dem hot. Poor dem. Dem nuh know the first thing bout hotness

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