Met mi wah post dis fi me it seems like khole still nuh live nuh weh she nuh stop walk and sleep on ppl floor but yet she inna dance a buy champagne and r kids dem in the system before she try and set r life together she jus a walk and f**k dun the place she a start flex wid the thieving gal tashy hot topic a fi r floor Khole a sleep pon all di man weh she f**k dem caw put r us jerry get tired of her him only wen him want a money him guh give r a one f**k which a pay she affi pay fah him av him Gud up bm a st Vince weh khloe vex over caw the girl get the boy it a mad khloe all a jerry family hate r like poison she need fi guh get a life r cuzzin a cuss r cause she a use r papers and wrk pon.. Met help r plz do full time she stop wear people clothes


  1. What she really needs to do is try to get her shit together and go get her kids(if that’s the caes) it’s just sad to see woman put man, party n clothes before their kids.

  2. Me no see this girl a Philly with kimkoture. She a her new boo and go on vacation together. She gets around.

  3. This girl is Kimkouture bitch lol she mek kim have her man a dig out her hole almost every weekend khloe stop it kim aint your friend

  4. A lie. A that dem ole scrumbs do. So a Kim a the pimp or the man a use Kim fi get gal. Them ting tun up. The man probably have him wife and family and love the freaky ting pan the side. Den a dem own distruction.

  5. Me need some explaining right now. How them gal here a wear gucci, Valentino and Louis Vuitton and no have a apartment. These young gal need to do better. Them a go a dance go show off and them kids a suffer. Nobody no rate you my girl you are so sad and you friends them sad too because you ago regret this careless life. You need to do better all a f**k off gal for money. Do better

  6. Stress out ukku big ole leave di gal alone. ole prostitute stop walk and sell pussy online and leave Di gal name outa yu mouth cause jerry not even a look inna your direction yu look like crocodile ugly nuh rass wid yu stinking mouth

  7. Nothing new here, it’s just the life of the dancehall culture. People have their lives backward, Both women and men and it will never changed.

  8. Kim shy guy is not yuh man you are #5 out of him 5 Gyal dem he’s a married man to his wife in Atlanta stop putting on a show like is yuh man him live a La wid white gyal and you have two kids stop leave them by them self Fi just Guh dance and yuh flyer stay bad u nuh tired of wearing prom dress and home coming shit fi someone so rich you need to wear brand and not prom dress leave those for high schoolers and guh patch the big ole inna yuh face

  9. wow some gya fi get dem priorities together this is not the only bitch in dancehall that ah front for the public . people you are not celebrities not even white rich people act like unnuh . unnuhb nuh have nothing please all down to everyone in dancehall 700 shoes but ah live with the mumma and pickeny innah one house where are yall bitches morals at smh

  10. Anon: how you know so much about the people life. Are you 1 of the 5, or I bet you wish you were. As far as I can see this man takes care of Kim and if she’s OK with being 1 of 5 that’s between here and her conscience. Leave the girl alone. She’s just seem to be living her life so let people live. I bet if your skeletons came out nuff a unnu would a jump off a GW bridge.

  11. Khloe need fi guh luk a life and stop walk and fuk dun di place and guh try fi get back her kids dem from the system she’s one a dem weh collect the government money fi mine man instead of her kids a she need fi guh back a Jamaica caw she nuh serve perpous inna America she’s just a waist gal

  12. Kim flaptour nobody wants you’re sad pathetic life I know it’s you trying to come on here and convince people that your life is happy girl chile stop that’s exactly why Ashley kick you to the curb she was tired of the fake life and fake titties Ps yuh man try come at mi Fren while u were out with him ask him about Patrina you will never have a man for yourself because you have a low self-esteem wid yuh old x5 truck WEH full a dent please go and fix your bad breath always in somebody’s face with Tinking mouth and when yuh dance come on gone please use the money and buy some status in America

  13. Rassss tea tea Lipton lipton sip sip . What a tea noice dancehall people very funny :ngakak :malu :ngakak no sah staying in my own lane less traffic :tkp

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