BOUNTY Killer, who emerged during dancehall’s most fruitful period in the 1990s, is urging fans to support artistes by purchasing their albums.

The veteran deejay made the call during a speech at singjay Bugle’s album launch last Thursday at Hope Gardens in St Andrew.

“We need to see the support in album sales. Exalt your support for the music in the record sales, that’s the real support. By purchasing the album it makes the artiste feel worthy,” said Killer.

Sales for dancehall/reggae has plummeted drastically in the last eight years, with hit songs and albums few and far between. In the 1990s, dancehall artistes such as Shabba Ranks, Patra, Mad Cobra and Shaggy consistently sold gold and platinum in the United States, music’s largest market.

Bounty Killer and his archrival Beenie Man also enjoyed good sales in that country. Anointed is the title of Bugle’s debut album.

It contains 16 tracks with songs by a number of producers including Andrew ‘Anju Blaxx’ Myrie, Trevor ‘Baby G’ James and David and Craig Harrisingh of Daseca Productions.

Daseca and digital distributors Zojak World Wide LLC are executive producers. The set hears Bugle collaborating with Julian Marley, Alaine, IOctane, Popcaan, Tarrus Riley and Lady Saw.

Alaine, I-Octane, Assassin and Busy Signal performed at the launch.

Since bursting on the scene in 2007, Bugle has racked up a number of hit songs including Journeys, What Have I Done to You, Pearly Gates, Don’t Give Up, Anything Goes, Nuh Compatible and his most recent, Infidelity, with Lady Saw.

Infidelity and Nuh Compatible are on Anointed. “Mi feel good within miself to know I put so much time, energy and effort into my work and people are embracing it. The first track Reflection is the story of my life.

It is my favourite track on the album,” Bugle told the Observer. He is scheduled to promote Anointed with dates in the US and Europe.


  1. Unfortunately music is free through all these different mediums. Money through music will only be paid through radio spins and concert performances.

  2. Same suh King, time diffrant, money nuh inna album sales nuh more. Why dem tink di likes a Beyonce and Rihanna haffi a tour every year. Beyonce dis dun tour inna March, and starting another one in July, not even six months break. Dancehall need a overhaul of di collective consciousness of di artiste dem, too many a dem hands dutty and it translate inna dem music, icons inna jail, some a murderer, some a lotto scamma, some a drug deala; people not interested in buying demonic music. Sorry.

  3. Thank you anonymouse well said they use females disrespect them and live
    Some dirty life and then want we buy them music sorry not intrested.
    Rather take the money and feed a hungry family. Who is he any way ???

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