1. Cancer actually kills the body, depression kills noone’s body. The vast majority of ppl who claim depression are ppl who keep themselves in an habitual state of negative though patterns. Yes, it is a hard thing for depressed ppl to hear because to tell them to change their thought patterns is going to be actual work on their part, they prefer to hear take this pill and you will feel better.

        1. I have had life experiences that should have made me depressed according to the rule book of life and yet I actually made a conscious choice to not be depressed. I didn’t choose to forget the experiences or pretend they did not happen, I am very aware of them and gravity of them, but I chose mental freedom. I know mental illnesses are real, but I do not recognize depression just because someone say they are. I see it as an exaggerated form of disappointment in something or someone. A life without disappointment is almost impossible, so I didn’t get the job, the man, the promotion, the friends, the house, the level of beauty or brains, I lost my family why am I going to sit and marinate in that negativity day after day, year after year and deliberately make myself feel bad every damn day of life just to claim depression. Sorry to invalidate anyone’s state of being, depression does exist, but the vast majority of ppl who claim to be depressed are not, they are just ppl who deliberately choose to keep themselves in and extreme state of negative thought patterns and refuse to get out of it, just like a woman choose to stay with an abusive man until her. Of course I am not callous enough to tell someone who claims depression deliberately to their face this, I am not interested in hurting anyone’s feeling no matter my opinion of them. But in my book depression is overrated.

  1. He leaves behind a young daughter as well. I admired his work immensely and was a huge fan of his.

    I hope he finds the peace in the afterlife that he could not in this one. Hopefully he gets it right in the next incarnation.

    Apparently we have seven turbulent years according to astrology because Uranus will be transiting Taurus for that period and it usually bring a lot of upheavals, not sure how true it is cause I am not a student of astrology.

  2. Boy mi Can’t believe it! I started watching his show when hom sis go Jamaica. Smh what could he be going through suh? Mi nah kill myself. There must be some solution to problems.

  3. I’ve suffered from depression a longtime now as young as I can remember I’ve struggled with emotional problems of being fatherless and my mother not being affectionate.The feeling of being alone has always been with me.I had more suicidal thoughts when I was in my young teens but after I had my baby I told myself I could not think that selfish or kill myself and leave my child alone in this world.I struggle with my problems and depression and those around me really don’t understand or see how much I’m suffering,Broken,damaged. I’ve never thought about taking drugs to make myself feel better I only tried Paxil back in my early twenties and it didn’t help because I have problems! that a pill won’t solve. I use Meditation and music to help me out my depressed moods but I’m going to continue to live for my children.

      1. You know Met, strangely enough when i’m depressed I dont want to bathe, will all go 3 days just wiping my female parts so as not to smell but bathe no. My Doc said that’s a sure sign of depression so when I feel it coming on I try to nip it.
        I fully understand why these mad men as we call them in Jamaica dont bathe. I take Xanax, it helps but dont like the feeling when it wears off so I understand why people get addicted to it.
        So at day 1 of feeling sad, I force myself to take a shower, wetting up head down, reason why I stop wearing weaves so I can wet up from my head down.
        I’m a almost middle age professional, attractive, single and looking at me you would never see my sadness

        1. A lot of times with depression is spiritual thats why you can feel it coming because its like a cloud. A white bath with some candles and prayers would do wonders when you feel it coming on

          1. I am one who attribute all these mental challenges to negative spirts. You’re so right about the coming like a cloud feeling. I normally just start praying and change my environment. Works wonders.

          2. It is negative spirits that try to use your body to do whatever they want…sometimes one specific one that keeps coming back

          3. Thanks again Metty, your site is my daily (constant) therapy. You see how often i’m over here.
            Love you loads, may God continue to bless you. I wish I was more in touch with my spiritual side….trying tho. I pray and read my Bible at times but hI dont know if i’m praying the right prayers.

          4. I want to try the spiritual bath but I am nervous. I don’t want to play with the unknown or conjure up negative spirits.

          5. We as black people are spiritual beings and we were created from the earth so we will attract spirits without calling them because they are around. Unless you create a portal where you directly invite them, there is nothing you can do to call what is already to you. The candle is for the light of God and the white bath is for purity. Too much of us fear being spiritual and if you are a christian and read the bible, the whole of it is about spirituality. When Elijah sent Naaman to dip in the river Jordan , what do you think that was? Did Jesus heal with his bare hands? Come out of your box :kiss

    1. Change your diet, you should be eating foods that are alive and lean more towards a vegetarian/vegan diet, as there is energy in dead flesh and sometimes the fear in the animal as it waits to be slaughtered, that energy cannot be cooked out. Fresh organic fruits, veggies and seeds, homemade juices and smoothies and a dedication to exercise and be active will eliminate the stale energies from your body. Acupuncture is also s good thing to do to release blocked energies. Please also dedicate yourself to a spiritual practice.

  4. When ur home and especially going to bed wrap u head with a white cloth or hair wrap keep the word of God constantly going I sleep with my sermons going and PRAYER PRAYER PRAYER PRAYER OH AND MORE PRAYER

  5. @Met, u know psychiatry is my base and I see and hear somethings daily that leads me to believe that some of what I’ve observed it’s truly spiritual warfare. I’m the world’s biggest skeptic but an occurence last week solidified my suspicions. Depression is real!!! Psychosis is just as real. Pray…God knows we need prayer…I’ve had mild depression, cried periodically but was able to shake myself free without meds. I pray @ Times.

    1. I know someone who works in a mental hospital and he is also a spiritualist …he says when he sees the people sometimes he wish he could tell them to take a cleansing bath because that is all they need instead of the pills that dont help. We were made from the earth so whatever returns to the earth and in the realms will try to attach itself to us however which way it can

        1. They call it a white bath…white rose petals, cocobutter, coconut milk and usually some white candles and a bible

      1. You are a true spirit child :kiss

        Depression is spiritual for “us”. For the medical community it’s marketable for drugs and textbooks.

        I k ow depression and it is all about my soul being in a negative and uncertain state for a period of time.

        I live and wish Andrew’s spirit a journey of ease. He lived a full and dutiful life.

  6. Never accept that you are depressed …. accept you are feeling low and do something to heighten your state of mind

  7. Hanging quick, but I think issa hawd way to go. This is sad if mi was investigator i would definitely investigate this.

  8. Reading this makes me wonder if I’m depressed… But I’m all about the drugs tho, especially pills and weed with drinking on top. I try to be so gone my soul leaves my body and watch me.

      1. @Real. What does cutall in half until it disappear mean? Pray it away? or?
        Im really interested cause as I said to Metty in this thread, I do battle depression even though very few people know and looking at me you couldn’t tell

        1. If you notice that when you are feeling low. If you find yourself in bed for 4 hrs. The next time you are lying down make an effort to get up earlier than you would. If the blinds are down pull them up a little each time. If u find that you are crying go ahead and cry but get up and wash your face. When I say cut in half I really meant to say do little changes. If you feel that you are overwhelmed say the Our father prayer before you sleep and anytime you find yourself awake in the deep hours of the night. Another thing is get a colour book mark dates and time on the pages and no matter what’s you know you have to colour at that time. Then you can gradually make other commitments and stick to them until your feeling is heightened to a point where you function normally. Where are you located ?

          1. Thanks @Real. Sometimes it gets so hard to even make the slightest change, but appreciate your kind words. Located in Kingston, Jamaica

          2. No problem God said where one and two are gathered I am there… so I think any positive discussion will bring out beneficial info …. maybe in your area you could go and pick up a hobby or if u can’t .. pick up a hobby and use YouTube to learn something…I keep learning

          3. Hi Real, are these the things you practice doing when you are experiencing a depressive episode or suicide ideation?

          4. Marie I cal it feeling low .. many things cause this .. I put my hands in different ventures or I try to learn a new thing and that can last for months or years so I have no time to focus on other things…. because by the time Ia am about to feel useless I have something to celebrate … could be a simple thing but it helps


  10. @latty, that’s really deep and extremely honest of u…I’m lost for words. I’m a believer in meds, but I also believes it masks the true issues…

  11. I get depressed at times as far as I can remember, it started when my mother brought me to the country to live with my grandparents, my father was involved with a girl my age & I was molested at about age 12. Now Im older and had to fight to send myself to school sometimes I get suicidal & then look at my son & said it would be cruel to leave him in this world by himself.
    When im feeling down i watch movies & TV shows.

    1. pay very close attention to the 6 to 8 days before your period comes… That period of time is like being on the battlefield. Get all your business in order before the first day of your period(finances, cooking, cleaning,appointments, arrange for child care if u need to and pray). Stay away from negative people. I turn off my phone and entertain comedy and interesting documentaries. I hate crying, but hey it happens and it is a release. You ain’t alone hun. I overstand all you wrote.

      Oh and don’t bother wasting your time explaining yourself to dark, illiterate, uneducated pieces of shit and so-called Christians. PLEASE DO NOT EVER LEAVE YOUR SON. IM BEGGING U. NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE AND CARE FOR HIM LIKE U.

      1. Marie I didn’t understand this until my twenties. Before and after my period can be hell for me emotionally.

  12. Reading the comments, I realize this is very common. When I see daily behavior by people, I often wonder why. When I see how miserable a lot of our older folks are and were, they were probably never diagnosed. Not that they would admit it anyway. I am sure a large part is hereditary, and you might have more people who are off than not.

  13. @Met, I believe this is a discussion we need to have more often. Many of us have or has experienced some form of depression and is yet to talk about it or get treatment..Its dread out deh!!!

  14. This is a conversation that needs to be had. Thanks so much Real. Marie as it relates to the 6 days before your period, I feel low those times but like a day or 2 before I get super horny.

  15. Im thinking about putting up a post called ”wellness saturdays” where people can send in and discuss how they are feeling and we brainstorm and help them feel better.

    1. I would contribute but only as anonymous. Some people on here will curse you out about sharing such a personal part of yourself.

      1. Of course posts should be sent in anonymous..the people that curse people are low key fleas that only seek to divide. They dont read here because they like it they read here because they are looking to find out things about the regulars and they will bring it up all years from now. Sick minds


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