1. Flippa and Marlon isn’t there so the money can dash weh logo logo….aAleesha yuh look nice but yuh foot dem hot inna them thigh high boots a fla?

  2. No mon nikkie Never Mek it how yah man ah floss next gyal n u look suh mash up… The man must left har bloodclot

  3. Nikkie u man a floss next gyal and lock u up in a house and nu stop beat hear she try fi lef u and u Bruk her foot is true or false.

  4. Nicki never yet mash up will never be mash up the outfit n shoes nicki had on at box a money dance was over $ 4000 …we went to bal harbor …stop mek up story pon di girl…..and FYI her man mek sure seh her life sort out regardless of what the f**k he’s doing out there…..SHE GOT EVERYTHING N MORE …..PICTURE DAT

  5. N she nah get nuh beaten from no man har man love har n treat har right…. Everyday her life happy stop mek up stories on ppl n di ppl life dem sort out,,,,Bun mi fi unuh yuh si

      1. How her man love her n treat her right but never home n always with him next women lmfao… Uno ah defend nikkie like uno suck pussy where nikkie at come defend yourself .. Yuh have on 4000 dis n dat yuh suh ugly if u have on something worth a million dollar yuh still Nuh ready yet!!!! Uno favor bull cow !!! That’s y yuh mon ah love next women cas yuh Nuh ready…. Same treatment nikkie get her mon ah give to next women plus more!! Ahhhhhbayyyyyy

        1. A the biggest coward that worst with the the flippa and dozer shit people getting bit here and there they probably under a rock a hide ya now Nikki u need fi buy back the girl phone that u mash up at the dance it’s not her fault your man want her u a fight over man look frm when him left u a him talk it outa him own mouth

          1. Yess talk da tings !!! Idk wea suck pussy Venezia ah come fr wid har sour pu**y she come like ah she a f**k nikkie !!! Nikkie yuh whole crew not ready .. Uno can’t get mad at the pink wall cause the wall wudnt have shit too say if her man never did ah walk ah road n ah say uno Nuh deh n him Nuh want yuh !!!! Ahhhhhbayyyyy… So move fr here uno favor duppy uno fi use some of the money n buy better make up cas uno running competition wid Casper ….

  6. Ok who di fuk is dis gyal Nikki uno a call cal up har name. Mi kno it cyant be tuff face nikki wid har bad shape who love fi hype bout dis man weh lef har how f**kin long ago. Stop giving this bitch attention, she is a nobody for real. Is her baby fadda name she a live thru.

  7. unu carless gal dnt av shit fi do wid unu waste life, unu a worry bout ppl weh na worry bout unnu. whether the man f**k he she n the old lady nikki bills pay n house stock a food unu a walk a f**k man fi a dime n unu nuh live nuh weh. go suck unu mumma

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