Jesse Williams was presented the Humanitarian of the Year Award at the BET AWARDS this past Sunday and his acceptance speech was powerful, the analogy of “Brands” he imparted is featured in this meme.

I forward this to JMG in hopes that his message regarding “Brands” permeates further especially in this day and age of social media “Bad Bitches” who have many people influenced to aspire and acquire “Brands” on their bodies…

7 thoughts on “BRANDS ON OUR BODIES

  1. This speech gave me life. When mi see this the day after dolly and bobby did a cuss bought bran mi did hope dem tek heed. But as soon as mi go pon social media mi see them still a argue who have the most name bran an who fa own real.

  2. Bwoy sender I don’t think they care unfortunately. Dem probably a watch di awards and a say yes dem agree and still a plan fi go store go swipe di people dem tings.

    1. They were watching the brands on the bodies by the number one promoters- celebrities. Beyonce need fi retire it start wear clothes to

  3. Thank you MET & JMG for sharing.

    The metaphor regarding BRANDS remains salient in that we as ancestors of slaves remain BRANDED and willing participants of Willie Lynch and the making of slaves

    If BRANDS are so coveted why not Stephen Burrows? He is there in NYC., or Tracey Reese?

    Are they not BRANDS, worthy to be worn?

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