Breed Easy Breezy violate Vibes Crew Atlanta

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Headline: Breed Easy Breezy violate Vibes Crew Atlanta

But a whey di bumbopussyrassclat this Breezy mi hear sey yuh do. U missa bl**dclaat homeless p*ssyhole back gun on my fambily. U know the amount of love n respect my family have across the globe? N a fake ass drunk nahnuhwehfilive p*ssyhole back gun on them? P*ssyhole nahnuhwehfilive dirty big belly after birth smell p*ssyhole after mi fambily put u up in them house u back gun on them? U think u make it now so u violate? U still homeless n a beg bed fi sleep inna. P*ssyhole Breed Easy suppose you did make one shot fire in my family house and hit one of them? Memba that would a be the end of you. Missa homeless I don’t have u number but u frequent over here. So u will hear or see this. U first violate my family house by bringing one a Atlanta ole mattress guh f*ck when them not there. U run whey from Texas due to how the real owner fi u house put u out cuz u owe them money n u rob up the Mexican them n my fambily put u up n from u move in is straight violation. I know your business enuh. But imma make this post about my family. All now them don’t tell me cuz them know my head not good. U is the single reason I don’t frequent them house. U sick jancrow stomach n u chat too f**king much. Mi read over here that u have infection so that explains the anonymous pill them by u shoes box. Every post over here with u mention u having infection u nasty p*ssyhole n u share bathroom with my family. I will pay for a new bed so them can burn the one whey u slept in and the couch them too.

P*ssyhole u dont have nothing about u all u do is sell dime bloo**at bag n don’t want to work. 3 o’clock u in a couch a sleep n u have no job. U walk n follow behind n beg money from the top man them like a bloo*at b*tch n suck p*ssy for likes. Yes the gal them talk how u labbajuice them, but mek I stay on topic. Is a d*ck or p*ssy u a suck fi a bed to sleep in. Talk how man a f*ck u the next time u decide fi call my family informer. Yow don’t let mi chat your entire business enuh. U is a ole drunk causen sey u drink henny from sun up to bloo**aat sun down like a bl**laat water. People I have seen the old drunk inna club n him can barely walk n stand up straight. Guh loose weight cause yuh belly swell nuh blo**laat. If I was there when yuh back gun on my family I wouldn’t say a word but call the police so them lock up u drunk p*ssyclaat. That would save me from fu**king u up n me going to jail. Breezy u is no bad man enuh how you must violate the mighty Vibes Crew n them put u up. P*ssyhole any where in Georgia you are don’t let me find out cause is straight police mi a send your way. Then you will see the real informer since u call my family that. Them should a beat the shit outta u with the gun. The way how my fambily them treat u good. P*ssyhole go take the rest of u infected clothes them outta mi fambily house or them must burn them up u ungrateful p*ssyhole nothing good will ever come of u. From u start stay in them house I warn them of how fake u is enuh. Since they’re not talking out a road I’ll be their spokesperson. Anywhere I see u imma violate u n if try to diss me imma call the gal whey video u a su*k her fi send the video so I can show the world. She say u always f**k n suck her when u drunk. Yow mi know u entire business but imma stay on topic.

9 thoughts on “Breed Easy Breezy violate Vibes Crew Atlanta

  1. But birds of a feather flock together, Breezy fit right in robbers and robbers link up, if your family was loved all over the Globe why would people call ICE on them years ago,child please Vibes crew just nuff and mixup F.O.H bout family love all over the Globe,Maxine the pedophile whea did a look mi bredda hard hard and he’s only 29,Charmaine that act like she is Mary Magdalene, and Diarrhea mouth Peaches that swear to God she is the worlds best dress don’t even go there with Mr.Cheap suit British chu mi caan badda yah man kmft

    1. 29 year old victim of a pedophile? The lady coulda be 92 but I’m sorry he still doesn’t qualify. Pedophilia is a serious thing and shouldn’t be thrown around loosely to slander someone’s character.

  2. Wait, I though breed Easy was a top drugs man from Texas/Arizona? ?So how the bigman can be homeless? Is this the same Breed Asy with the little hood and have many baby mothers?

  3. So you carrying feelings cuz (AS)cording to u my family was looking your 29 year old brother and that make my family a pedophile? Ok. But I hope you feel the same when your 29 year old brother looking a 12, 13, 14 or 15 year old girl or boy child. I will say it again my family is loved all over the globe and all what you said does not take away the fact that your nahnuhwheyfilive friend Breezy violate them by pulling gun on them. My family put him up after the real owner fi him house a houston run him out cuz him owe them and he had no where else to live, so how him fi draw gun on them? Drunk or no drunk him violate and dem shudda beat out him nasty bl**dclaat. Why u neva put him up suh him could pull gun on u and your family? What does the rest of my family and all whey yuh sey dem do and cheap have to do with what happened? One thing though if any of the rest of them or all of them you mentioned were there, 1 of 2 things would have happened.
    1) him probably wouldn’t even attempt knowing is str8 beaten him would a get
    2) them woulda beat him until him belly flat like a flat screen TV
    Train your drunkie drunk friend to stop drink or know how fi hold him liquor or tell him try that shit in the club and see what woulda happen. And since you mentioned ICE next time when you decide to call them, make sure call them on Breezy cause him do not have him American green card or American Citizenship. Ask him about him visa FOH.

  4. Since you mentioned robber and robbers ask your nahnuhwheyfilive friend Breezy where is the money him rob from the Mexicans dem in houston and ask him why him run from Florida guh houston. So what other state him gonna end up now. Him nuh leave Houston only cuz him get put out of the people them house, him rob up money and weed and the money is no where. Bruk pocket bumbohole still a beg everybody money. All inna club the p*ssy a beg $10 and $20 and drink the man them henny. The p*ssy violate my family with gun and there is no coming back from that none at all. Them dont want him around them and if them deal back with him, I will take whey myself from them as family.
    Him was well comfortable there for the whole time and when him think him make it, him violate. So now him a suck p*ssy fi bed and kotch a people yaard on them couch and $60 a night motel. I will rinse your friend business enuh. Him mucky bad. Tell him to stop follow behind the man them fi money and a buss cuz dem nuh stop laugh after him. A dat him fi bl**dclaat know. Him is a f*cking drunkie. I told my family that him fake and them never listen to me.

  5. @anonymous 6:08 yuh suppose to know bout my father dick beca yuh did afi tek it out a yuh madda ear drum when yah call har and she neva answer so not only yuh madda have wax build up in har ears she also have sperm build up.

  6. Wha me waan kno is the “Atlanta f**k Mattress” Doglee??? Cause me hear seh is f**k and suck anybody for a comeuppance….. Ah jus wha mi hear…. NUFFFFFF COCKY CALL PON HAR

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