This is a PSA to Greg, aka Breed Easy. Ma cousin made the mistake n got pregnant fo that low life non working bum a*s nigga n cuz she don’t wanna f**k him no mo he stopped giving her $ fo the baby n cuz she got a new man. They married to give him (Edited) n this nigga wants ma cousin to pay the filing fee while he be at every party fake flossing n f***g every b*tch in sight. Whenever she calls him fo $$ he be telling her that he broke n all the sob stories n shit but 2 nights before he was out with bottles on top of bottles n wearing gucci, louis Vuitton, prada n all expensive shit. Nigga be giving her $20 to $100 fo the baby after not giving her sh*t fo like 3 weeks. Nigga was selling his d*ck n tongue n giving the proceeds to ma cousin to fix her car n buy things for the baby, but stopped when she decided to stop f**g him n she got a man. Now he f**g this b*tch so he can stay at her house cuz he about to be living under the bridge. This nigga can’t afford to buy food. Nigga power be cutting off every month. Nigga was outcha f**g n sucking for $$. This the nigga that be keeping parties n telling ma cousin he got no $$. This the nigga that was taking $$ from chicks n giving ma cousin. This the nigga that was saying he don’t eat p**y but fo his (Edited) n to not pay the filing fee he was eating ma cousin whole a*s. Nigga I put u on blast fo not being a man n taking care of u baby. They broke into the nigga house n stole all his clothes n shoes n 2 days later he had all brand new shit n tld ma cousin he broke. Ma cousin got 3 kids that she taking care of on her own n he know that, but cuz she don’t wanna f**k him no mo he not doing shit fo his baby. This the nigga that went around HTown begging chicks to marry him fo (Edited) n ma cousin was a fool fo doing that shit. Greg u ain’t sh*t n we all gone see u in court fo child support n divorce. If this nigga shld say we lying we got receipts.

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