Poor treatment cited by Jamaicans slated to be deported from Britain this week

Some of the 50 people to be deported to Jamaica from the UK on a charter flight this week have been speaking out, alleging poor treatment meted by British authorities and expressing concern about the struggles they are likely to face when they arrive in the land of their birth.

Many of them have lived in the United Kingdom for decades and have children and families in the UK.

Several of the deportees, all of whom have criminal convictions, have never returned to Jamaica and have said they fear for their safety when they are deported.

Sky News has spoken to several men currently held in Harmondsworth detention centre in London, where 30 to 40 detainees have reportedly been told they have been booked on a February 6 flight and moved to a designated wing. They include Owen Haisley, who has three British children and moved to the UK at the age of four in 1977. Mr. Haisley is worried as, according to him, he has no family in Jamaica.

Mr. Haisley served a sentence for domestic violence in 2015. He completed rehabilitation courses and spends time regularly with his sons, aged five and seven. He told Sky News he made plans over the weekend to see them but was detained before they could meet.

The charter flight – booked by the UK Government specifically for the purpose of deportations – is believed to be the first to Jamaica after the Windrush scandal erupted.

Chevon Brown, a 22 year-old man who arrived in the UK when he was 14 and received a deportation order after a dangerous driving conviction, has been told he is booked to leave on Wednesday’s flight.

Mr Brown said the Home Office told him he was not integrated into British society.

Speaking from Harmondsworth detention centre, Mr Brown said detainees were complaining of mice and rat infestations at the facility and also said detainees were suffering from the cold.

He has a prescription for anti-depressants but said he has not been able to access the medication, despite repeated requests.

Some of the men did not want to be identified, saying they are afraid their British accents and appearance will flag them as deportees on their arrival in Jamaica and put them at risk of violence.

5 thoughts on “BRITAIN AT IT AGAIN

  1. No mannnn it coming like the immigration system worse over England, atleast here in America you’ll be able adjust status and in certain cases if you don’t have any landing your spouse can file a waiver on your behalf. They make ot so damn hard for people, some of them got into trouble that’s not even that serious.

  2. And again, the Government of Jamaica need to start being tough too. Them can’t make other countries a deal with jamaican people suh and just a take it suh. Kmt who is standing up for jamaicans?

  3. That is why growing up as a child you should obey your parents, go to school , church and behave yourself so when you grow up you can be able to contribute something or be apart of society and not end up being a statistic. I may sound harsh but it’s the truth. My parents always say don’t let no police tell you to walk fast and up to this day that saying I will never forget.

  4. Poor treatment, that’s an understatement. Time and time again, black people weather in England, US, Canada or anywhere they get an oppurtunity to better their lives always have to spoil it with criminal activities. Do you not understand they don’t want us in their countrries, so therefore no matter how small / big the crime they’re going to do their upmost to kick us out. They will strip us off our citizenship and send us back to our country of origin. It won’t end, this is the first of many planes that will have a load of deportees, more to come.

  5. My friend up top jamaica’s government can’t do a damn thing about it unfortunately. The fact is Britain is taking back its country(yes your foreparents helped to make it what it is today) and they are starting with the “soft target” which unfortunately are the Windrush generation and their descendants.
    Now if that guy is being truthful their is no way that that he should be deported for dangerous driving, nothing can be inferred as that’s his only conviction. Its important to know that once you are sentence to a year or more in Britain you are automatic up for deportation.
    And don’t get it twisted its easy to fall foul of the law in Britain for example in jamaica people routine walk with knives to peel orange, cane etc. In Britain that person caught with said knife is looking at 6years in prison.

    Advice to all including myself make your money and go back home. Go to uni it’s free at source only paid back once work or go live in Scotland go to uni free nothing to pay then take those skills and build up yard.
    Its a long response however there is info to take away. INSHALLAH

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