Qutanya Mcdonald
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Bitches Out Here Snitching On Dem Baby Daddies 😩 Joke Ting 😂

Krissy Roberts
Yesterday at 10:41am ·
Nah Somebody OBEAH Man Is Working OVER TIME ! Wtf
Centah Christine

· 1 · Yesterday at 10:51am
Krissy Roberts

Krissy Roberts Seriously Shit Don’t Even Make SENSE !
· Yesterday at 10:53am
Centah Christine

Centah Christine None 🙏🏾 God nah Sleep tho
· Yesterday at 10:54am
Ann Parchment

Ann Parchment It not oobeah its someone snitching dem nuh have so much bl***t time feh a watch everybody everybody uptown gone like wtf not making sense
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Krissy Roberts

· 4 · Yesterday at 11:45am
Ann Parchment

Ann Parchment Yup that shit is so crazy i just feel it for everybody cause not everybody was about violence its all about making money to provide for they loved ones and how society set up the judge u before they kno u and even if you do the interview right or wrong they already have it in there heads if they gonna hire u or not
· 2 · Yesterday at 11:50am
Ann Parchment

Ann Parchment Niggaz get tired o

22 thoughts on “BRONX INA HEAT

  1. What u mean sorry for the ones with kids? Were they sorry for the ones with kids money that they be stealing just to shop and floss on IG? GTFOH…..the report state that 60 of them got charges against them

    1. Same thing mi a seh to how mi fi sorry fi somebody wah Nuh sorry fi dem self. Dem tek di risk SUH now wi fi feel bad for the consequence of the risk. They knew they had kids and they didn’t care why should the public

  2. Boggie down tun lock the phuck up Bronx! :ngakak

    Dumb criminals always think a snitch give dem whey when dem busy a commit crime pon top a crime and a flaunt it like trophy. Then pon top of it tek innocent people life.

    Bow dung to onu masters dumb asses!

  3. It’s all about making money to feed their love ones but how? Did they have a 9 to 5 ?? Nope so stfu Unuh just as bad as Dem. When mi and countless others go out deh go wuk Dem same one come stuck gun inna wi face an teck wi lickle penny . lock Dem up an dash weh di keys.

  4. Same way so.. Am not sorry for any of these fu**ng criminals who rob and shoot old people clean up clean up :2thumbup :thumbup :selamat

  5. Unnu stop talk bout it, cah Ruff and her clan saying we wishing bad and she never leave her kids willingly she got deported.
    Ruff what did u get deported for I am curious, very to ?

    1. Them do the crime and people suppose to sorry fi dem that’s what I don’t understand… Innocent grandmother bout to watch her tv show got shot and me fi sorry nobody naw wish bad but come on jail time is nothing they get all the amenities as if they were still on road the only difference is tax payers paying for them to stay in jail. If I was president I would make it so when you get out you have to pay retitution. I would set up jail as a hotel and after your stay I’ll hand you a bill which your in charge of that means you have to work and pay

  6. yall young broads loook so stupid thinking shit like this is school. just like juju and renay talking about they got people back and they brothers back in this situation like wrong is wrong and right is right , you do wrong u suffer. i never see uptown bitches stand up for something right

  7. Snitch? Obeah? Didnt you’ll stupid biatches heard it was a 8 years on going investigation. Thank you NYPD my kids can have a somewhat peaceful summer

  8. They’re starting with the gang members….. Then on to the scammers and so on , and so forth! No summer 16 for them be mindful they see everything people do now it’s TIME to take action…

  9. Dem fi stop theif they are stealing from hard working people not even rich people dem fi stop it well my back account is safer now I don’t give a f**k dem mumma dem a go dead fit hungry cause their parent kne . But dem too licky licky and a dat happen

  10. People theres a bigger picture here thatS not seen , yes”some” of the ppl involved by SOCIETY standards should be punished, but 90% of the people arrested SHOULD THEY be.most of the KIDS arrested were bet 15-30yrs old. Mainly Kids/adult with carribean background or descendants mostly Jamaicans immigrants, that reside in the wakefeild or uptown section of the bronx. New york as anywhere in the United states is replete with criminals and criminal activites a norm in everyday society. TO PUNSIH A WHOLE GENERATION OF URBAN YOUTHS(mostly blacks) 120 AND COUNTING FOR INDIVIDUAL CRIMES IN WHICH THE MISCREANTS are ALREADY SERVING TIME makes you wonder whats going on here and poignant!! Yes we wont condole any group committing criminal duress in the community, but with kids in chicago and mutiple gang murders and innocent members of society, in los angeles and other cities are killed daily!, ,never herd of 700 LAWENFORCEMENT OFFICERS going out and arresting 120+ people or any efforts close to.So whats so special about the bronx,WHATS SPECIAL, IS THAT IF YOU ARE FROM THE BRONX YOU WILL KNOW THAT MAJORITY OF THE KIDS ARRESTED ARE CHILDREN BORN TO IMMIGTANT PARENTS THAT WERE DEPORTED DURING the 1990s and current.SO IF THERES A GENERATION OF PISSED OF MISGUIDED KIDS WITH NO PARENTS, NO NEXT OF KIN ROAMING THE ONLY COMMUNITY THEY KNOW , UNEQUIVOCALLY THE RESULT ARE DEFINATELY NOT GOOD.WHAt DID THE BRONX OR NY, including its joke , pedefile replete chiald services DID FOR THESE NEGLETED KIDS WHO GREW UP WITH NO GUIDANCE AND BECOME A MENACE TO SOCIETY? NOTHING! So with these misguided kids turning into adults as criminals plaguing the bronx Someone has to clean up the mess because i guess someone in lawenforcemt realize that a new systematic problem is about to do a tidal wave in the bronx with this generation of black …SO SOMEONE HAS TO CLEAN UP THE MESS….RIGHT?! If you were born between 1985 and the 1990s, 3/4 of these kids now adults are incarcerted forget the statistics just ask your homeboy on the street how many ppl he know locked up on some bullshit or conspiracy..
    We all were misguided as youths n run with the wrong crowd, ,but some of these in dividuals were followers that changed their lives and became PRODUCTIVE MEMBERS OF SOCIEY ,EVEN ATTENDING COLLEGE, where is the justice in prosecuting them 7yrs LATER amd for what?. …DID NY EVER DID OR PUT AN EFFORT IN ARRESINTING 120 MOBSTERS at once FOR ALL THEIR BRAZEN MURDERS and crimes IN ITS EXSISTENCE ? HAS new york ARRESTED
    AND TIME to PROSECUTE BLACK PPL IN THE BRONX? MY ANSWER IS CLEARY ON TV REPEATEDLY IT SAY THE “BIGGEST GANG BUST IN NEW YORK HISTORY” …….Know your rights the pic is ppl we like to fight but the real fight is in court in a proper legal manner, wheres the community leader in all this ,they took 120 but what happenes to the rest of black youths in the bronx?, i guess we just waiting to be boxed up n shipped off to your nearest state or federal prison on The CONSPIRACY CARD or just because a guy hung with the wrong kid in high school..shit i stole a pair of pants at ALEXANDERS BY FORDHAM and grandconcourse in 1992 now closed with my homeboy he doing life for bullshit i wonder if i might go to Metropolitan dentention for this ….The effrontery of lawenforcement to take praise in this u were right with the real criminals but wrong for robbing the bronx its youths , YOU CREATED WITH YOUR DEPORTATIONS ……

      1. U read all a that. I was kinda confuse.
        None of these pple are babies and if my parents got deported or locked up i wouldnt want to end up that way.

        1. Its the life they are used to…and it has much more to do with psychology than knowing right from wrong

        1. Many caribbean nationals go home lef dem pickney. Di system messed up a way..not to say they are right for doing some things but children need their parents

  11. True but if their parents are gone who,s there to
    show them right from wrong , whos telling these individuals go to school,get and education Yes they are not children but young adults,but im speaking INRETROSPECT becuz they are charged with crimes commited as teens 90% of them , but that dosent take from the fact that society or “the people deporting these ppl parents”, didnt play an intregal part in the life that they chose, THEY NEVER HAD A CHANCE!! I gurantee some of these people involved was raised in Jail becuz from jump society doomed , neglet shun these Kids, NY WAY OF CLEANING UP WHAT WENT WRONG. and to be clear I DONT CONDOLE ANYONE COMMITING HENIOUS CRIMES, BUT NY STATE SHOULDNT HAVE HAD A GAME PLAN FOR THESE KIDS THAT WERE NEGLETED WHEN THEIR PARENTS WERE DEPORTED,believe me wa happen didnt happpen over night, if they coulda deport the anchor babies behaving bad the would do that but them cant, so them have fi clean them uP and send them away for a long time ,becuz is anchor babies dem claim committing crimes in NEW YORK noW! LOOK PAN DI BIGGER PICTURE! WATCH HOW UNU VOTE THIS TIME….IF YOU HAVE A ANCHOR BABY BETTER KNOW WHO TO VOTE FOR…my point is when they were deporting ppl like flies back then they never know Boom! Years later the anchor babies were gona be bad apples? And is the resolve sending them all of to prison until man inhabit the moon , only time will tell..

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