28 thoughts on “BROWNMAN DEH A RIKERS?

  1. Me want know which brownman also cause me would a glad if a the one me think. Which brownman sender . Please describe.

  2. Yes whole a 90s a talk bout it,he meet girl from long island didnt know she was working with police and she introduce him to a connect which was a set up. Most of his friend in hiding police looking for them as well. Couple of them has bin picked up so far.

  3. Big pussy Safiya stop walk and tell lie pon mi friend. A nuh no gal from Long Island set him up. You vex tru the man diss you and don’t want you and have him woman. Suck you Madda gal. You big and stink like.

  4. Anonymous 6:02 the year just started you don’t have nothing to do inna yuh house wash a Likkle pot,sweep out yuh Likkle room,tek care a yuh baby,nuh Likkle something really go look a work or change up yuh hustle mon.Come off a social media and stop send in yuh fake paragraph to met.Everybody weh noisy come pon yah suh fi heat the truth lol yuh delusional fool

  5. There’s 2 popular guys in dancehall name brown man which one is it sender unno love send in story with incomplete sentences smh ‍♀️

  6. Unnu come affa him so wah If him gone a rikers are nuh deh ah rikers too bloodclet nuff dis a news fi bring yahsuh ; Too bloodclet disgusting and out a order ! Every time mi turn round smady ah call up him name move wid unnu crosses nuff self

  7. Come Affa Him Nuh If Him Deh Ah Rikers Are Nuh Deh Ah Rikers ! Dis Is New Fi Carry Yahsuh ? Unnu To Disgusting &’ Bad‼️ Betta News Then This Fi Carry To Unnu Mixup Wall! Nuh Bodda Come Call Up Him Name Pon Dis Bloodclet Disgusting & Them Not Even Know Which Brown Man Unnu Ah Talk Weh Mek It Worst ‼️

  8. Safiya big and ugly and stink like me Caan stand her stink self …. the baby mother before she and her always a war over brown man cocky and look now him lock up and not even link none of them

  9. And yes it’s true is the girl him fucking and get “catch” with set him up word on the streets she working with the feds
    Him ugly baby mother nah a lie is true thing

  10. Fucking eiidat anonymous the two a dem get lock up. Shut the fuck up and stop chat shit!!!!! Brown man still Naa left har a inch so you can gwan chat.

  11. Why y’all dirty bitches love call pp name are you mad the the street know u Tasha mad nobody and your sell pussy friend stacia cole set up brown man the street got the drop longtime u stacia walk and set up man with the Benz car police gave to drive around with to catch niggas eyes your Benz is the only Benz we know that has a camera inside u fucking informer u set up brown man because u had a case in Nassau county and u didn’t wanna do time so u gave him up when u was at his house you told the boys what room to go to and what to find bitch we know everything u walk and tell everyone in queens u his woman but brown man was just using u because u took him shopping on Jamaica ave for the cheap clothes them promise to marry him and give him papers bitch u didn’t know he was married already u talk a bag of lie to him like u got shit and u broke u can. Play the role all u want but when time tell he must get the discovery after the case and your name will surly be there cause u inform pon him u crawny bitch while u at it go take care of your health young girl like u skin rough like alligator

  12. Anonymous 8;58am it don’t mean shit that’s she got locked up that’s just a front that’s how the informant thing go Blackman from 90z was in jail with his friend until it reach trail and found out he was the informant so what is your point we on the pink wall is no fool over here it is proven the girl is a informant from many sources

  13. The Nigga in jail he not with nobody big idiot gyal so what’s the hype brown man fuck anybody and anything so don’t feel special talking he with your friend no bitch he with doc lmaooii

  14. Nobody can’t diss me I run shit bitch that’s why u mad even if am with him or not brown man know what time it is ask anyone of his friend dem that’s why outta of all his babymother u can’t stand me right just like u said lol unno can’t get me out even if y’all tried bitch your friend walk and set up man and u vex the world know and u mad u can’t draw me out member what I told u in that court room so don’t come on no social media acting bad am the right one for u am not them other bitches u walk and play with stacia so please leave it right here what u wanna do lock me up next ??! U talking about u his woman bitch please u came to do a job and it’s done get out of here trying g to use reverse psychology we all know u not the nigga type look at u and look at me your a waste of fresh air am not going back and forth with no bitch that suffer skin disease and they hair and eyebrow can’t grow haha bitch bye

  15. Big Stink Safiya him kick you down in the 90’s you’re like trash to him gtfoh….maybe ah you cross pussy and obeah that send him an Rikers

  16. Safiya you nuh see seh you delusional??? Leave the man alone him don’t want you!!!! Stop tell lie pon him and him woman. Him not leaving her and she not leaving him. Stop walk and tell lie lickle gal. From mi know brown man him neva have nothing good fi talk bout you yet and you a him baby mother. Everybody know say you and him don’t deh and Wos now him hate you like poison. Him you did rate him you woulda keep you mouth shut because you nuh know weh you a talk bout. Just stop!! Fucking delusional bitch!!! And stop call up people name pon site. Nothing more than a you set him up because you can’t have him and you know that.

  17. Stacia why u going on about a man in prison that u setup if him don’t want me it’s fine because man is the least of the problem can’t u tell unlike u a man never make his whole family beat me yet or even set me up in a party to get beaten by a next gyal yet u always been a side bitch and a beating stick from queens days and it’s fact nobody don’t like u how u calming a man in jail u sound more like the delusional one on here u is the first to Bitxh to claim he don’t want me and have nothing good to say about me never hear that yet not even from his one night stands can say that lmao my baby father love money so he told u what u wanted to hear because u was taking him shopping bitch I never mind a man yet in my life so go left hoe but big question how long did u meet him ? Why u going so hard like u have a title oh yeah I get it u want it to look good like u didn’t set him up to bad the whole of dancehall know u informer bitch U gets no more air time because u is a waste of my time and anything I safiya say about u is facts and u know it queen beating stick now go play in taffric with your ugly ass not u or your African voodo lady can get me out god I walk with bitch member that

  18. U stuck on delusional Bitxh with your ugly ass u wanna be in something and u not u want a title so bad but u never had one to begin with I want somebody beat yuh cloth again u see man

  19. That’s so much your so called man the 5,000 you promise him to put towards a car u should get him a paid lawyer u broke bitch u can’t even put money on his book but u talking about u his woman hoe please u run go put up picture like that prove shit on Facebook bitch he takes pictures with every hoe in a party don’t feel special that’s what he do he his a promoter let me see a picture with him kissing you lol bitch u desperate for a man every nigga that fuck u life goes down hill my baby father only fuck u for two weeks and jail reach him Bitch u a crosses u need lime and blue soap for your salt hole keep setting up men somebody soon kill off your ugly ass because my baby father wasn’t the first u make go a prison and its facts u don’t wanna live anyway because u hate yourself I mean come on look how u look like a walking dead you have disease were u almost dead a hospital with tube stuck in a your throat hope it’s not aids because I will really feel sorry for him and u wanna come aruge with me a hot gyal somebody what’s great lol this is my last response because u is no match for me no time at all a waste of time go sit down at the baby table bitch done mi ago done yuh blood clots

  20. Is he still fucking that whore rica that was in the video with cocky tractor a finger her stink pussy ?? Off topic lmao

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