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      Great line for a man on the way to prison. Him look like him did a do dress rehearsals.

  1. Queen Nickyy how come you no put that pan Snap Chat. Every minute you a put up you plastic batty and titty ,Why u never go do you face too? Di whole a unuh affi scatta like flies now cause di ppl dem a search fi unuh. Peopl cah have fun no way cause a unuh dutty uncivilized fools..


  3. Stop tell lie is Hubo stab him everyone that was there including me see. Him stab di boy name Alex after di fight broke out. The fight was with Rima, Dipex Kiara and Whitney and some more girls. The fight was about Lexflex don’t know what him did a do that Rima did not approve of. If di twin dem never go to Florida to fight over Simple flex none of dis wouldn’t happen. Whitney even put up on snap dem going to Simple flex party to fight Rima and her friends back. Sorry dis happen to hubo him a mi friend real cool yute but a di twin gal dem fault dem fight everywhere dem guh. Rima u can pay met to take down dis like how you paid to take down the post that started this with you and Kiara. Member di post with Rima was texting Kiara man that was delete by met cause Rima pay.

  4. Now me get fi understand say sum dancehall from NYC a say Alex fi dead bcuz him hype. Alex wear good clothes and shoe pop bottles so pls tell me what he is doing out the way. Nothing everyone of these dance man hype them all do the same thing so why you a wish bad pon the man. God no like ugly the boy young make him live him life. Alex I wish you well on your recovery. I hope Hubo pay for wat him did. Hubo you and daffy a chat bout the boy hype we hear the ppl talk. Nobody no hype like you two so wa yu a say. Don’t wish dead pon no man

  5. From what I’m reading that the fight was amongst girls, why did Hubo get in the middle of everything???? Why did he have to stab the boy instead of using his damn fist… What is really going on, now he will be in jail for assault and if I was the person he stab I would send his skinny ass to jail and make him sid dung and think bout what he did…

  6. First of all uno stappp talk off hear seh, Hubo did not stab Alex, mi did stand up right there. Security did hold Hubo suh how him fi stab Alex !?? Kmt uno shut up man !!!!!! && it’s all the twins fault . Rima cum ova deh fi fight di Florida girl dem dipex Kay n har cousin whitney fi Lex n end up get beat up .. if shi neva guh fight fi simple flex summin wrong .. alex & him friend dem tek up the girl dem phone n him chuckk di boy first that’s why him get stab . Cuz him too theif . If uno neva deh deh plz shut up .


    SO WHAT IF ALEX HYPE ????? Him a come from far soh now him a make it inna life uno deh pan him name come off a him bloodclaaaat name and uno a WISH death go WISH death pan uno big pussy madda a god we say cause when the whole family go dung pan we knew and pray to d man above nothing beat our prayer death a weh uno waa see and naa go see uno dancehall ppl badmind noh bloodclaaaat alex a wear nice clothes n nice shoes from long bc time him madda a England make sure them clean noh bc inna d ghetto him have him things and man Neva f**k him fi it all who sidung a chat and think say him noh hear him hear but him noh bloodclaaaat care zero fi uno NEGATIVE HIM A GI UNO aye uno come suck out the whole a d oil outta Alex back then go brucl uno head under uno big pussy madda but Alex too nuff to when gyal a war HIM love GO part fight bout don’t mash up ppl party uno noh make me drop pan my mouth and bush it up eno cause me will cause riot pan bc pinkwall uno come suck out the corruption out a we a come off a Alex name WISH death pan uno wicked family them FOH BADMIND BC PPL GO LOOK A LIFE N TRY MAKE SOME MONEY LIKE ALEX

    1. Yuh ova yah ah loud up your mouth BUT tellllllll pink wall yyyyyyyyyyy ALEX get stab fiiiiii di phone weh himmmmm theif . Yuh ah talk bout him ah god bless but he got stab because him thief di phone &&& Alex kno dat . Suh stfu & guh hold him & pray .

  8. Alex or him friend them noh affi thief phone them can supply you and your entire family wid phone soh go try refresh you memory and come again WHH them Eva thief u and push them hood inna yu mouth soh u will stop chat f***

  9. Alex thief di gal dem phone n ppl see hubo stab him then di security hold hubo too much ppl a talk seh a hubo so ah him n all of a sudden him private pon ig delete snap unuh need fi stop it him stab di boy cause him hear how di boy Alex did a hype and a chat how him ave money n ting

  10. Him shoulda dead. Point blank period!! Love chuck badness like him invincible . Too bad dem neva put it inna him neck and buss it open. By next week him reach back a party and a floss wid people money scamma dem seh yaaaaa

  11. Shampoo body aka fluffy diva please shut the fqk up an go sort out your life ! Alex shoulda bbc dead of coarse him too nuff ! Alex don’t have nothing bout him an Jeremiah an all his friends who he was with is very pu$$y because they didn’t do nothing

  12. Anonymous why your big pussy madda Neva dead when she did a have you WHY har pussy Neva buss out and you just drop pan yu head n dead off dead johncrow come off a alex bc n if u have kids me want them dead suck alex BITCH

  13. Well is not Alex alone should get stab dem idiot gal from all over that come to BRT just to look people man should all go home with serious buss ass. You so call “Prettyplastic” on IG should get u plastic ass burst wide-open giving you number to people man.

  14. Big pussy Sparta lick out BATTY Sparta make sure your life set BITCH and all a your friend dem ano pussy cause if me see u in the street now you A the biggest pussy me just go pan me knee an pray fi me nice bredda weh uno hate noh bc true him a make it inna life a cut n go through soh uno hate u a chat bout pussy bitch how about when u see me u say that shit dumb bitch YU BATHE FROM MORNING YU BRUSH YU TEETH TU EAT FROM MORNING BITCH aye gyal me a save me spit fi yu drink n full yu belly listen me noh MISSA SPARTA NOH STOP A ALEX BUS STOP SIRRRRR walk BLOODCLAAAAT good

  15. Hubo shoulda stay out of this one. Leave gyal argument and passa alone. Look how much people fingering you out, and the victim is still alive to point the fingers.. Wow, dancehall is a f***g joke unu love lime light to much that’s the issue everybody want to be seen LOL well here is fame for you.

  16. Slim walk n luk everybody dats y tash lef him n him did a mad lmfao (when the gal deh wid him him neva want give money nor tek her out all he did was diss n style her)cus him did a fck prettyplastic krissii make up face rima tiffany lisa pinks kimkouture1 n the list goes on

  17. “Shampoo body” u bathe your daughter from morning or cook your “husband” dinner ? Shut up sis .. you claiming your “brother” & all he do is talk bad about you lmaooooooo bitch you guys are probably really related because both of you are waste people in America an both of you don’t do shit but keep an go to parties 7 days 7 nights .. you would think because you have a child now you would go sit down … & FYI them fake ass Gucci bags & shit that u be wearing don’t make it hun seriously it’s a disgrace you need to stay in your lane …. & not to mention your eyebrows .. you’re a “road runner” u should invest in a MUA

  18. Alex legit got married abou 4-5 times & still don’t have any papers so what are you talking about ? His mom been in England from 19 how long an she’s over there struggling because she’s paperless as well .. so talk facts bout he’s living good … Alex got what he deserve , like the person above said … ah shoulda inna him neck him get it

  19. But wen the flex boy dem ago really look into life an see seh dem deh wid some real rattas come on man lady’s u wife

  20. Simple flex nuh innocent all dem do is walk n **k n suck… lex know slim a f**k him wife n still a him friend…lex breed gal pon her suh she f**k him friend…simple flex love likes dem nuh care if dem gal cheat…yuh nuh see how luckie look old n sad

  21. Lukieflex look uncomfortable bad bad bad but @siimple it nuh look good every Weh dem go uh hear seh dem a war over man an it’s always Rima an she look so big an tacky she need fi stop it cause it nuh look good. An lexflex like him nuh care Weh she wah do cause a guess him a do more than how she a do unuh fi mek unuh wife be like the rasta one babymother she just stand out while her man all over the gal Weh use to par wid kellyupsetter I don’t kno her name

  22. lex flex is fckng couple gal I knw tiffany Barbie fr NY JODIE Couture NY JAY-X BIG BATTY BMOM …ALL DEM DUH IS SUCK DUNG GAL

  23. Dah gal deh ah chat up har mouth nuh bady na badmind Alex, him get stab becuz him teifffff di girl dem phone n it’z not Hubo who stab him . Alex n him friend dem nuh av ntn fi badmind him weh him touch di woman dem phone fah pon top a dat a him chuck Hubo first

  24. All unuh dirty ppl a worry bout the flex dem an dem well alright unuh need Fi get unuh things together like get the plug dem up ma nigga Come thru simple flex

  25. Hi I did not stab Alex but yet still mi see dem a look fi hi I pon news and have statement from security say hi I stab him and when they held him he got away? U see how unnu lie.

  26. He did not stab Alex but yet still mi see dem a look fi hubo on the news and have statement from security say hubo stab alex and when they held him he got away? U see how unnu lie.

  27. Well hubo picture reach di news for attempted murder what a ting him inna over di twin dem and a phone …gone leff him 2 kids over foolishness …I hope everyone involved contribute to him bail

  28. BLoodclatt simple flex boy dem a crasis! Lex walk a look every mungrel gal see him wife a rat wilder deh ugly bloodclatt rima! Stop watch Di man cocky rima becuz him nah stop walk a f**k everybody and u nah stop walk a f**k Di whole a him fren dem! Tyrone the fashion rass one deh no stop hide and F**k dutty pussy nelle Kelly upsetta fren, a cum gwan like she a good gal weh dun dancehall unda quiet wid har borrow clothes self, I wah di babymother gi har a propa beaten, sher bella a hide a tek bloodclatt lukie or lex stop hide a sell f**k bitch cud all 2 a dem a f**k har, Barry flex still ugly nose big like plug him need fi go sidung becuz fi him fashion no mek one sense in a name brand and still no mek sense! Di bwoy dem no use to ntn and gal a frighten ova dem fi wah? Kmt

  29. I don’t sorry fi Roger one bit, from him rape the people them underage gal Pinckney, do time a prison and get dip from England, tun batty man and in denial! Then him go married fi papers to the mawga crawny baddie man-one name champagne weh well want relationship status, but all him do a disrespect har and hide har. So anything reach him, him deserve. All this hype and nothing to show but a few pieces of clothes and boot! A people like him Donald fi put beyond him wall, and give other youths with ambition a chance!

  30. Alex is a wicked boy a karma all him do a beat him gal them a woman strength him have .all him do a use people gal Pinckney him his a wicked boy.Him did stab one security guard in him head because the security catch him shoplifting and him did get lock up the judge give him 3 months ago immigration bill Alex dah pon right now .

  31. Is this what the world come to that people so narrow minded that they just sit and make up a pack of lies about people Alex a God bless no matter what narrow minded people say

    1. None a dem careless boy deh cah F**k me! My pussy have class so try sidung, one a dem wah eat me doe but not even that me would a mek one a dem do so have several seats mi luv come again

  32. If i laugh i piss stop f**g saying alex is good yute anyone saying that ah f**k him good yute nuh steal ? Bible seh thou shall not steal & him a big time scamma and di whole of him so called friends alex walk and talk poorly about nuf people he isn’t innocent as bad as him did gwaan ah BRT inna di party as him reach hospital him ah snitch all give police ig name

  33. @ MET were you their ? So you can’t seh him try cutt out di bwoy liver further more alex did ah gwaan like him did bad and ah cuse people him should have humbled hisself after the first incident but nooo him want to trace people so him get fix like mi seh him snitch alex has a problem with people weh snitch and him is one and him
    Friends ah bait how you mans get stab and unnu nuh defend it f**g waist gyal dem inna boy body

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