Biggy DrewsLand with FirstLady Roxanne
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Anybody know or see this person(Bubbles) tell him carry back Roxanne 25k

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FirstLady Roxanne Dutty thiefing boy
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Annmarie Gilmore But raaahtid bubbles tun tief now
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Biggy DrewsLand Annmarie u know him?
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Annmarie Gilmore him used to live a payneland
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Shauna Brandesh …..is how bubbles get it Biggy DrewsLand
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Biggy DrewsLand Oh
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Biggy DrewsLand Shauna him claim him have car a rent
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FirstLady Roxanne Him claim him do rental at shauna smh
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Shauna Brandesh Briiiiiiiite eee………..onnu fi loudddd him up
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Shaneeka Thomas Why is his name bubble ..what the hell
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Biggy DrewsLand Shaneeka weh u think?
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Shaneeka Thomas Ew he’s gay ‘barf’
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FirstLady Roxanne
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FirstLady Roxanne Annmarie a nuff people mi hear him thief dem money…. After me n him cool him rob me wah good to him
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  1. Da dutty boy yah nuh tired fi thief people money… Bleach out crawny body boy. A same thing him tek mi fren money talk bout him have visa link all now m fren nuh see di visa much less di link. Di boy walk and a beg people fi suck dem pussy all you can eat buffet style. dwl Mi cah manage it. This man is the biggest batty man a Jamaica him f**k man fi things and fi stay a dem place.

  2. Bloodclaut him rob somebody money again how him nuh dead yet. Him a stay down a Trinidad terrace at Carribbean Estate 2nd house on the left. dem need fi hold di dutty thiefing boy. Bubbles aka Jefferson Gordon wah go pon facebook and look foreign oman/man fi dem things. Bubbles is a nobody. Bubbles bruck and hungry nuh bloodclaut. Bubbles par wid money man fi spend dem money. Don’t know why da girl ya send har money go gi him fi get rental fi har. nobody wants to loose there hard working money inna dem time yah.. dem fi hold him and beat out him bloodclaut. dutty wicked boy. People can not be trusted

  3. A the twin paulatte him give the money the one from born .the one wey they with the wey name Corey with the one eye lord of mercy.

  4. Then she left go jamaica go f**k battyman the two sista an daughter love mine man.3 f**kie box mine man bitch them nasty rass them man shit in a claudatte pussy an mouth

  5. Him boassy bro whey deh a farrin can send back that money since him so rich & love showoff pon FB

  6. Dis Firstlady gurl used to f**k Mr Bubble??? It’s just a question. Oonoo don’t trace I.

  7. Bubbles fren mi pon FB and a look mi, just becausei mi tell him mi have mi man , di batty bwoy delete mi.

  8. Bubbles can f**k lacka duck nobody can eat pums like him when him tongue touch the batty you go crazy from the eatings. That Roxanne girl use to f**k him too. She shame now because him tief har hardworking shillings a good for her she love hype man with her bleach body. Bubbles should have box her with him shit buddy.

  9. From wah mi a hear the firstlady girl and him a bredren never a looking thing. The only thing him use to ask her fah a bleaching cream n she always bring it. Mi fren tell me seh di girl firstlady is very humble n kind if u and har a fren she don’t mind giving u a thing now and then. But fi di aids mouth batty boy just do har dat it f**k up. She send har money deposit fi she get a rental and him namn di money a better him did beg har a thing dan rob yuh own fren. Ediot thing Bubbles Gwan wid. Him nuh good from morning I heard he is a undercover batty boy. God don’t like ugly mi feel it fi di girl

  10. Wucka gal wah u know bout di gal hate when people talk shit they don’t know seems like u use to f**k him yuh a chat tough. Smfh put yuh self inna people shoes that coulda be yuh bloodclaut mumma sister or even u . Yuh really don’t know di gal yuh a mix people up lmaooooo dah gal deh is not in di dancehall scene weh him thief di money from…. Duty batty boy ice truck batty an bubbles fi dead him batty nuh stop leak. Him have all type a std inna him tongue nuh nature nuh inna him hood kmt waste matters…some a unno just love people business and fi unno own a spoil 2 a dem was big fren like Bredda n sister let dem work it out

  11. That’s why him want to be hype cant get to me, everyday him sen mi tex bout wht can I fo gi get u. I don’t even ans. csuse no batty boy cant shit up my clean good pussy!!!!

  12. Bubbles thief mi fren money, she tell him bout she waan buy house a jamaica and beg him open cok account fi her. she send all a her identification info go gi bubbles and her money fi put inna di account. bubbles tell her say him open di account and gi her a phone number fi call and check, when mi get dung inna di meat a di matter and start run a investigation is a bakery number him gi mi fren! dutty stinking thiefing boy!

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