FirstLady Roxanne
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Batty boy Bubbles yuh have all di chat now tru mi come back when di man dem page yuh bout mi money yuh bawl n plea seh mi ago get it. Yuh hide di whole 2wks. Suck pu**y stiff tongue Bubbles aka Jefferson Gordon yuh crawny nuh bloodclaut a which gal mek u really suck dem. Beware people big batty man on di loose

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Sim Simma Wtf,
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FirstLady Roxanne Crawny baddi boy a talk tough now tru mi reach back
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Stacey Archie Outstanding Deadingzzz it too early FirstLady Roxanne
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Tricea Barrett Noooooooo FirstLady Roxanne a how yuh bad so please, I like you dont mek dancehall ppl draw yuh out please Roxie please. Leave him to time and God. Don’t stoop to him level
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FirstLady Roxanne Tricea Barrett di boy rob mi money bout him do rental
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Alecia Bartley Omg.
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Tricea Barrett Roxie, him so don’t worth it babes, a lot of these ppl in dancehall bruck and hungry
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FirstLady Roxanne I know its not di money is di principle mi mek money everyday but dont seh u a fren den tek food from me thats why im mad Tricea Barrett
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Tricea Barrett tru. But these ppl dont know the meaning of loyality
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FirstLady Roxanne I know Tricea Barrett lesson learned now di good ago suffer fi di bad i trust no one now
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FirstLady Roxanne U know se a di guy fi di car dem band him a western union n him tell me fi send it to bubbles n him never receive di money last yr i had no problem from mi send di money to di thiefing boy him namn it
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Tricea Barrett wow, sad you should have gone to Western Union and asked them who collected the money, mi hate thieves
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FirstLady Roxanne A him collect it
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Tricea Barrett smh, leave him to time Roxie. It not going to mek him any better off than he is smh.
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Keynisha Henry Boo you just come back from vacation ..you have too much education and class to let ppl effect this way..bless up
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FirstLady Roxanne I know Keynisha Henry
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Kingcrip Peterkin Icg SnooplocoCrew this nigga live in my scheme
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FirstLady Roxanne I know Kingcrip Peterkin Icg SnooplocoCrew
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Tia Maria Remintansteel A dat a gwaan. Kmbct. Smaddy aguh page him d realest way man suh low him to time n God.
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Chaka Jeffers
Chaka Jeffers’s photo.
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FirstLady Roxanne Tia Maria Remintansteel i know boo
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Suzette Anglin Dwrl!! Yuh nuh easy FirstLady Roxanne
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Annette Crystal Madd
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FirstLady Roxanne Lol Annette Crystal u know a nuh mi stay people haffi draw mi out fi mi a gwan suh bad
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Black Gold Crew Nosa mi affi laugh..di boss hungry..u gave him a bun n cheese money I see
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FirstLady Roxanne Lol Black Gold Crew


  1. Woman really cuss man an call them suck pussy still ina dem time yah. Dat a common assault now. But she describe the tongue like she feel di stiffness already. Lmaoooo. Den a so First Lady bad dat Bubbles haffi crawl ina hole till she leave. Roxanne yuh shudda mek him still a hide all when yuh gone. Him shudd still be ina di hole hiding. Lmaooo

  2. This fi happen to onu when onu LOVE side dealings!

    Next time take onu ass to a rental agency and get onu business taken care of. Bout man have car fi rent…dem will rent onu a car-,yes but is it theirs to rent and is it legitimately insured and maintained?

    Jamaicans LOVE backdoor dealings and it is why we economy can’t prosper and people like bubbles prosper! cut that shit out!

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