These two women sharing the same man and, tattoo him name Pon them body Sandy a wear Richie Pon her chest, and Michelle wear it Pon her thunder thigh leg. From what I’m understanding Sandy is the side girl Michelle and him share room.


44 thoughts on “BUDDY SHAWT FI CHREW

  1. Sometimes I just have to laugh at these submissions. You mean to tell me that the d!ck so good that both these women have strong enough interests in a homeless man (yes homeless cause he’s renting a ROOM!!) to defile their body with his name??

    **Sips Baileys and eats popcorn**

  2. I see Richie on the younger girl chest. Met mi nah lie i zoom in the lady leg but it dent up dent up i cant see anything. but this man belong to no one but himself how stupid can these ladies be are you ladies running a competition or something.


  4. No like serious what the hell the old lady have on my girl that white hair don’t do nothing for you them leg need to be covered dam leg them Rollie Rollie. Don’t look Good

  5. Putting a man name on your body what does that mean he’s yours forever. I don’t think so cause i see it ion the women chest barley see the leg . and can bet say the man don’t even have there name on him

  6. The man probably don’t even have dem name inna him phone much less, unno bring down the true meaning of being a woman.

  7. it could a be worst sender….because at the rate them men going on these days you could a send a picture of a man and a woman …so thank God is 2 woman u submit…..

  8. Michelle make me tell you this your life don’t interesting it sad cause your husband wey name tattoo Pon you saggy leg them just have a newborn baby so the only person u need to tell carry on is Richie. Sad looking bum b$&@h

  9. Michelle throw word all you want yes we said thunder thigh you calling us dog shit iron back gyal stop tie down Richie him happy bout Lisa baby bout you a ask to see picture for what go to hell.

  10. @ 2 sugar and milk talk nah them probably can’t even call the man name out loud 2 shit them favor mother and daughter take same man one young one old

  11. Dutty nasty Michelle nobody outta road not living your nasty lifestyle. you and your Fren them love Judge and chat ppl so we judging you cause we can do so. You have strength for pink wall only. You so big and bad but you mate a run you hot your husband name on her chest him sleep with her whenever (and don’t feel no way a nuff C&j food come home to you) you fat sloppy joe dog you to licky licky Sandy to poison you. And no you can’t see Lisa baby every minute you a ask and a try go inna Richie phone continue you soon see what you looking for(baby look just like DADDY) unlike yours…

  12. Sandy how yuh tattoo a married man name pon yuh body f**g fool. A man dat don’t even acknowledge you smfh Michelle yuh need fi gu tek care of yuh self yuh look mash up and ole as f**k stop stress out ova Richie but him always agu give yuh bun shameful

  13. Sandy yuh caan change the one hair style yuh always look stress out bout yuh tattoo people man name pon yuh chest and a walk up and dung a show it like yuh proud a man dat is not doing shit for u and have nuttin good to say about you. Michelle when yuh agu stop mek the dutty boy disrespect yuh a young boy yuh want su bad. Him caan even tek yuh out a di one room worthless unnu need fi bun off dem tattoo deh a mek di careless dutty boy feel like him a sum body get some sense ladies where is ur pride and self respect

  14. Old dog face shit Michelle Don’t get kick in your face about stinking baby what the baby did to you nothing B#$%h. I wish I was on your page to answer your retarded looking self. Don’t call the baby names call Richie names but oh you can’t cause him will swell your face more than it swell already.

  15. No wait!!! This can’t be real did I just really get a screen shot that’s going around Michelle how can you call Lisa baby stinking that’s a baby are you serious.. That’s y Richie have to deal with you like shit cause my girl you fake yea he cheated on you got a baby but nobody is perfect all kinda obstacle come in marriage. Yo my girl you never hear the saying stick by your man all when it a kill you. You never rate Richie a papers you did a program and use him for. Remember you have kids. Come cuss me all you want I don’t care cause you wrong to call the baby names.

  16. Michelle you sound hurt. Big up mi Fren Lisa and Richie on the new bundle of Joy. Continue to search Richie Phone you looking for the baby pics or the baby shower pics it a mad u. You calling Lisa baby jacket and stinking take a good look on your son just watch him real Good

  17. Yea Michelle everything Lisa say or do you know cause you don’t stop inquire about her and the baby you get the shock of your life cause Richie trick you and say no he’s not the father but he was sure in the hospital. Proud daddy… You cuss say he don’t mind your child well boo a now you child not going get mine. You have papers go get a real job and stop stress my Fren and her baby father

  18. First of all Michelle has nothing but mouth a nuff time she n lisa deh a the same party n she nuh say a word to the woman but once she get around her friends she have nuff mouth bitch i mean this in every way go jump off the f***g roof cause u beat bad….Lisa is inna class by herself dont know how she down grade herself for this low life but she lived n learn. She move on y the f**k her name still inna ur mouth Michelle u r the only one that wants Richie so not the ***y with calling people kids ugly u ass or what have u look in the mirror u ugly johncrow way favor gorilla….

  19. @ Beautiful I total agree with you she be in the same parties and never ever say anything all she do is stare on Lisa and smoke your cancer stick like get over it. Michelle from the day Richie meet you him a give you bun. Richie know you slow and dumb him do him dirty and come give you a sad story. you classing up the lady baby who does that a fool only. Michelle don’t worry about Lisa or her baby she can manage if Richie don’t give her $ she and her baby wont hungry she not weak like you Lisa can hold her own she have a good job unlike you. if her baby sick she can drive to the hospital unlike you with you 2 left hand and foot

  20. But Richie don’t want Michelle him tell everybody say him can’t kiss her cause her mouth stink from cigarette. So y she acting like the man want her and into her. People take vacation with them man you have to go with your frens. Girl bye

  21. Thats a shame go breed up fi bruk married man. Produce a baby and now not with the babyfather…Does that really make any sense? @ beautiful didnt she want or was with Richie one time? Some of you girls be wasting time trying to compete with the other woman till yall get shame yourselves.

    Regardless papers are not, he was still with the wife. With all the opportunities that these woman have to be single and choices. Them pick up bruk married man who cant do much but give a dick. If I mess with a married man, man haffi buy condo or something for me.

    Bye Felicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @Anonymous Lisa can hold her own. Yes she use to mess with him one time n believe she live n learn not again….She have her go up job n michelle cant even walk inna her shoes…………

  23. @Beautiful is wah mek lisa learn. The married man weh she breed fa weh naa faat pon her. Have richie pon vn a say him no know a wah him do it himself cause lisa and her fren dem a trouble maker. Btw she sure is not Dose baby cause she was f$/King dose around the time she breed. Why she no bither dose woman like how she bother michelle mek she know wah fi do with her.
    Richie give sandy more ratings than whoring lisa weh walk and hide and fuxx.
    When man deh wid woman weh unu claim him no want unu say is papers why he’s there. NOW TELL ME WHY RICHIE STILL WITH MICHELLE WHEN IS HIM GIVE HER PAPERS. him never affi stay even if him just waa help her.
    Fi a young gal lisa no have nothing bout her. Stop glorifying breeding for a married man weh di baby still never mek him leave the wife unu say him no want causr believe it or not the child id still a BASTARD CHILD (go look it up)


  25. LMAO!! Oh that’s what Richie tell you say Lisa did da with man well let me tell you this yes Lisa did run Richie nuff time and everybody wey Lisa talk to Richie War them oh make you think him and Wayne lots did inna war what make you think him and the youth from church ave inna the shuffle the time oh but Michelle you never know about that right Richie chat And nah chat fi him f@@kery. And if Lisa take set Pon Michelle so what Michelle Michelle nah talk up things and watch Lisa when she see her. And why should Richie leave Michelle hell no him can walk and sex whoever he want and breed them and Michelle have to put up with it yes she have to put up with it cause no better nah da for her.

  26. But Michelle friends up here classing and styling Lisa. As friends remember this it takes 2 people to have sex and it wasn’t once or twice its been years Richie and Lisa been messing around. What you all need to do is pray for your friend cause she ain’t no better than Lisa. your cursing Lisa saying she breed fi broke man but your friend is married to him so what that says. Lisa it don’t make sense to war CHILD SUPPORT COURT REFUSE NO ONE. AND IF YOU NEED HIS SOCIAL SECURITY OR ANY INFO JUST CHECK ME I KNOW SOMEBODY WHO HAVE HIS SOCIAL AND ALL PERSONNEL INFORMATION. JUST COME CHECK ME

  27. anonymous 6:48 my girl if Richie rate sandy over Lisa then him rate Sandy over Michelle as well.. First to begin with Richie when Lisa did tell you say she pregnant what was your expression didn’t you tell her your happy and you did well want another baby (in fact you told her you hope its a girl cause you can’t see your daughter cause her mother is crazy). you suppose to be a man cause you the one causing all this dam drama with your back and fourth lies. you is a punk ass man Lisa and you slept together she send you couple VN and you sent some as well so why you choose to let the world hear what she saying to you on the vn she send you text you a show Michelle. and Michelle you a lol a read the txt and vn them but remember this is not Lisa looking stupid its you the wife. you never thought about this right Lisa never kipnapp Richie to sleep with him he drove willing to her house many times.

  28. At anonymous 648 yuh big pussy short tuff black bitch play the f**ing vm u keep talking about dis one f**g vm from last year and y dont u come and beat mi mi nuh fb r pink wall bad gal don’t think I don’t know who the f**k u are please stop worry bout my pussy unnu seh unnu agu beat mi mi still await gu fix yuh relationship wid yuh family and stop worry bout mi because I am definitely not worried about not one a f***g unno. My life is very important and interesting to u bitch get a life

  29. Dutty Candy(anonymous 6:48) what a way you inna Richie business you turn him mediator now after him done f$@k you out bitch Dutty Candy don’t forget say Lisa did see nuff txt you send Richie. Watch you self gyal you see how them kill you father mind you business and watch you mouth

  30. But candy look Pon you a talk bout Lisa a young gyal and don’t have nothing about her. Whoring Candy why you don’t talk how you f@@k famo

  31. This still a topic again for real they all need to go pack up in the one room wortless bitch dem sandy still in shelter work at cj for years now can’t upgrade cah she don’t have nO papers she will be in cj rest of hAR dutty lifejust have a three some and done Ole back michelle and duty stinking one hair style sandy unnoh ah ediot with this dutty man name on your body Richie must have a donkey dick sandy done ah suck it so michelle lick out him batty get together and live happily ever after together one big family man Chink enuhh

    1. So what is young worthless lisa doing. Unu a praise unu sad life fren weh her life sad like funeral.
      What she do think she winning cause she breed. She is no prize. She walk and frig dancehall man dem like she innocent. Me would a shame

  32. Everytime dis topic with these ppl comes up mi neva can understand, man really so short that all these females a war over one bruck man….mi tink woman war over man who can give them things, unoo wucklice bad bad bad, mi shame fi unoo, what unoo ago teach dem kids weh unoo a breed up wid fi wucklice man. Lawd god man shame shame shame. low class no ambition ppl, what kind of legacey dem fada have to leave behind for their kids, where are the females who would wants to be in a family of big shots, nowadays dem fight over any likkle one suit pon back, one room, kotch wid woman man who can tun dem upside dung. Reevaluate unoo life man, if unoo so high class why reaching down so far into the mire clay fi some trash man. females like u cause society to be going down because you’re hatching all these kids for sperm donors who can’t even be present under the same roof as ur child, then they grow up and turn trouble to society…..if ur of such high caliber why not find a man of ur standard and leave the ppl dem husband, did u know there are good men still out here in these streets?

  33. @Terrafab I so agree them fi just live together and call it a day because @ the end of the day they ALL know about each other and happy with it from the ole donkey looking wife to the C&J worker to the new baby mother Lisa. What kinda a marriage that man have sweetheart a road with big tatto pon chest wife have one pon leg new baby no sah this take the cake and they say the man broke so him tongue must long.

  34. @BK I so agree with you same thing me say to me self. But the women them must have respect for them self them self esteem very low. The wife too comfortable inna the situation from she put her foot down this nastiness coulda never take place women must make man respect them this man don’t respect or love his wife. Mark me man a dog but them fi know the limit. The wife when she ready she a cuss and a dog up the nxt women what was your husband who you took vows with pants down to these women. The wife is him door mat him respect the mate them over she that’s y she cursing them.

  35. But who told Michelle she look good inna that white hair and that cheap cloth dress wey tear out my gyal that nah make it you leg them fool a lump cover them up pants fit you you leg them saggy like you face. And what you going do now you never say Lisa never pregnant and it’s not Richie own you feel hurt about the situation nah true. Nuff more baby ago come from your husband your in menopause boo so this what happen when u tie down young boy. My know you slow so menopause is when you don’t see period again. Had to break it down for you cause a nuff time me come the island and you just slow and can’t get the order right . Time you take a cuss Lisa go do your GED or learn a trade u dunce monkey

  36. This man have 3 fool. But i dont blame michelle (don’t know her) but this man helping her with her papers weh nuff young gal caa find a man fi help them. Wait until you get the 10 yrs then run him rass. Wish NY was one of the 7 states where wife can sue mistress mek me see how much a unu ago glorify being a side chick

  37. No matter what people might say. Michelle win cause she is wife. If this Richie got his papers already, why he stay? My thing is knowing that a man is married and take him up. Plus, get pregnant by a known married man is STUPID. Like I said before, know the difference between when a man want you or just to f**k you. Men are like kids. They will enjoy the game of getting new pussy. Getting new pussy is challenge to heighten their egos.

    Once a woman subject herself to play the game, the man will play till hes done with her or pressure comes. A wife has a right to stay with the man. They committed to each other regardless if papers or not. It’s the ones that has no valid commitment to a man is stupid.

    The same women that be talking shit about “How the man dont want you” are the same one that expect that man to be loyal to them. Tattoo married man name pon your body like the other woman can get his pension, house, land, and make decisions if he ever gets sick.

    Always remember this, a man can always have sex with a female without no feelings or attachments. It’s the woman that get attach to the man. That is why men get made when a woman cheats on them because they know you have to really like that man to cheat. Then the mans ego kicks in thinking how better the other mans dick is than his.

  38. Anonymous 103 shut the f**k up if u don’t know the facts yuh come on here like u doctor Phil and don’t know shit trying to act intelligent don’t be so quick to judge. Y have the title if u not living the life style

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