Brother and sister of dancehall
Wizzy and Desha Ravers
Desha yuh ave a nice house but yuh rather stay with wizzy in his grandma house with about ten people living in dea which i don’t understand why? den yuh talking bout wizzy not wanting to live with yuh so yuh stay inner Nannyville to watch Wizzy my gal mi is not going to stop F**k out pon yuh .as yuh always seem to catch mi text some gal, it luk like yuh both in need of a good dinner all uno seem to do is stay inner room and cuss and dem cum out fi a bun and cheese a wear each other clothes.



  1. Sender as mi read this mi know a few things bout u:
    1. U are unemployed and not active looking for work
    2. U are very close to one of these ppl, mi feel say u a Wizzy sister or cousin and u vex bout the extra sardine inna the tin of ur granny house OR u a desha bestie weh badmind har cause u cant dance or change clothes like she
    3. U badmind nuh bloodclaaattt
    4. you’re fat.

  2. This coulda be a good story if the senda neva dunce nu bloodclaat, can bet a one a Nannyville waste bitches, cuz a unuh alone mek everything bout a next gal bother unuh, Desha has 0 ambition or sense suh there is really ntn to hate on sender.
    Next ting if she did have her nice house then why she dida rent place wid har waste crew back inna the day a do bagga nastiness fi pick up a chump change?? Beenie Man dun wid that pan a serious note. The man all give her dance fi guh buss and she mek badmind Ding Dong a hol her down.

  3. I don’t know senda.. cause to me she clearly a f**k ding dong… When she is there with wizzy and ding a ding she up pan not wizzy.

  4. “Ugh” u make me laugh so till!!!!! Omg! Idk nuttin but desha so I have no comments on this tea.. I like her tho she seems cool.

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