AN unfaithful husband who sent a text message to his wife and told her that he had daily dreams of killing her and smashing her head against the wall repeatedly after he found out about her affair, spent time before a resident magistrate last week.
Allegations are that Owen Johnson, 34, has been threatening his wife over the past nine years.
“Every day I dream of killing you, just smashing your head repeatedly on the wall and I beg God every day to let me reach Canada so I can kill your lover, and just tief weh back on one boat and come back to Jamaica so nothing could be traced back to me,” Johnson said to his wife in the text.
Interestingly, the woman in her statement disclosed that Johnson was also guilty of infidelity and at a much greater degree.
She said that she found out within the first three months of their marriage that he was cheating on her and that the other woman involved was pregnant by her husband. She later found out that the same woman was again pregnant for her husband while she was pregnant with their third son.
Johnson, the St Andrew Resident Magistrate’s Court heard, sent several death threats to his wife and also threatened her verbally on many occasions causing her to be in constant fear of her life.
According to his wife in her statement, Johnson, on more than one occasion, told her “if I can’t have you no one else will”.
She said that he had also contacted one of her friends and threatened to kill her and also visited her workplace and threatened her.
“Cum, a today me ago kill you, me ago mek you call de boys dem and tell dem yuh love dem and nobody try signal nobody cause me nuh fraid fi dun yuh yah suh because me have a gun pon me,” Johnson is alleged to have said to his wife on one of the occasions when he visited her at work.
The woman in her statement said that she forgave her husband for his infidelity and for his behaviour several times and tried to work out their relationship but that he kept verbally abusing her and calling her derogatory names which forced her to get involved with someone else.
She said that he also told their children that she was sleeping with another man and that she was a “perfect slut” and even went as far as to show them a picture of her vagina after pushing her down on the bed at home. She said that he then put in an X-rated movie in the DVD where persons were having oral sex and told the boys that this was what their mother was doing.
The complainant said that her husband had also physically abused her even in the presence of others.
She said that she was at her friend’s home one night after she stayed late at a party when her husband came by and started punching her in the face.
According to the woman, she moved out of the house with the children several times but Johnson kept apologising and asking for them to work things out.
She said that he always found her no matter where she goes and on the last occasion in December 2012, when she left, he sent a text to her saying: “Me wa see you and de boys and if yuh nuh come yuh know wah ago happen”.
As a result, she returned home and had been there until Johnson was arrested on August 27 and charged with threat to murder.
However, the day before Johnson was arrested he reportedly texted her and said: “Before this week or month-end I promise yuh a flogging, a serious flogging and I doubt I care what transpire after. I know what you are doing and I am going to put a permanent stop to it.”
It is alleged that Johnson told his wife: “You are infectiously wicked and this is where this is coming from and some time from humanity is what I need and de best ticket to put me there is de deceiver breathing the same air as I.”
On Thursday when Johnson faced the court he admitted to threatening his wife verbally and via text messages but he said that he did so out of sheer hurt and frustration at his wife’s behaviour.
According to him, he had no intention of ever hurting her.
“I text her and tell her honestly but I don’t mean it,” he said. “This is my way of communicating and telling her am still hurting.”
Johnson in his attempt to justify his action also told the court that his wife had refused to listen to him and to end the relationship with her lover.
“She tell me say de time for woman to listen to man is over and a woman time now fi rule,” Johnson said.
He also told the court that his wife had caused him to contract a sexually transmitted disease and that when he goes to work in the days she goes to visit her lover.
“The last time I check, I gave you my last $100 and you found yourself elsewhere,” he shouted to his wife.
Johnson also told the court that when he told his wife that he was going to put a permanent stop to her he was not threatening to end her life but that she took it negatively.
“You sure you are of reasonable mind and sound discretion?” Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked Johnson.
“Why don’t you calm down,” she then told him.
The magistrate then told him that she was not going to consider bail for him until he calms down and told him to stay with her until Monday.
“You need to take 100 deep breaths. RM Pusey said. “You’re not the only person who goes through emotional problems and that does not give you the right to terrorise your wife.”
War over tattoo money
A young woman and a tattoo artist were also hauled before the court for inflicting serious blows on each other during a dispute over money that was owed for a tattoo job.
Christina Leslie and Shawn Glenville appeared in court on Tuesday on charges of unlawful wounding and assault occassioning bodily harm respectively.
Leslie, who showed up with a ‘black and blue eye’ told the court that Glenville punched her repeatedly in her face while Glenville told the court that Leslie hit him in his face with a bath pan causing it to bore a hole through his jaw.
When the matter was mentioned, Leslie, when asked to explain what had transpired, stood for several minutes sighing before saying that she did not know how to explain what happened.
Glenville then told the court that he did a tattoo for her three months before and that she had refused to pay him his $2,500.
“Me call and she nah answer, me call dem and me send her a threatening text say me ago mess har up,” he said.
Glenville told the court that he told her that he was going to f… her up whenever he sees her but that he did not have any intention of harming her.
However, he said on the day in question they were arguing when she took up a bath pan and hit him in his face causing a wound.
“When me realise say me coulda push me tongue through me jaw me just lose it and start punch har,” he said.
“You fling a bath and burst his face?” Pusey then asked Leslie, who began sighing again.
“Cut out the sighing and the foolishness, I want to hear what happen,” RM Pusey said to Leslie in a stern manner which jolted her into speaking.
She told the court that she was never hiding from Glenville and that she had promised to pay him as soon as she got the money but that he got vexed because she did not welcome his sexual advances.
“Him come ’round me and start flirt and me get fi understand that through me neva have the money him want something for it but that is not my style,” she said.
However, she said that she hit him after he first assaulted her.
“Him push me inna me chest and me nearly drop and me tek it personally and tek up the bath amd mash it out inna him face,” Leslie said.
“And him spit inna me face and thump me until me teeth round yah suh a shake and me caa eat nutten … a bare drink me affi a drink,” she said, sparking laughter in the court.
“But yuh caa say nutten, a yuh tek bath and mash it out inna him face,” RM Pusey then reminded her.
The magistrate before sentencing both to pay a fine of $25,000 each, scolded Glenville for harrassing the woman and sending her threatening messages.
“Unuh almost kill each other so pay the money and gwaan,” she said.
Teen glimpses heaven after stealing cop’s chain
A teenager who made the mistake of stealing an off-duty policewoman’s gold chain was shown mercy after he was “shown gates to heaven”.
Christopher Gardener, 19, was arrested and charged with larceny after he robbed the policewoman of her gold chain valued at $105,000.
The policewoman was walking in downtown Kingston on August 28 when Gardener approached her and snatched her chain from her neck.
The woman made an alarm and Gardener was chased and held by a policeman on a motorcycle.
On Tuesday when he appeared in court he told RM Pusey that he stole the chain to pay off a debt that he owed a friend.
“Me borrow some money from me friend to buy shoes to go somewhere,” Gardener said.
When asked where he was going, he told the court that he wanted to go to a party.
“If yuh did say school it wud bad and not suh bad,” Pusey told him.
She then told the teen that she was going to keep him in custody until Friday and let him experience prison life.
“I am going to show you the gates to heaven,” she said.
On Friday when he returned to court his mother appeared and informed the magistrate that he was a good behaving child and that she was willing to pay for the gold chain.
The investigating officer then told the court that the chain was recovered but that the pendant which is valued at $12,000 was missing. As a result, the mother was told to pay for the pendant and the cost to repair the chain which amounted to $20,000.
“When I grow up I want a mother like yours,” Pusey said after the woman paid over the money to the complainant.
She then warned Gardener to behave himself and to continue being a good boy like his mother stated, and gave him a nine-month suspended sentence for three years.
“If you enjoy where you are coming from it only gets better,” Pusey said to the teen.
Discarded purse lands man in jail
A man faced the court for having a woman’s purse which he claimed he found in the rubbish.
The accused, Ricardo Phillips, 27, of August Town Road in Kingston, was found with the purse in his back pocket at the popular Monday night party at Susie’s Bakery at Southdale Plaza in Half-Way-Tree in Kingston on September 1.
Phillips was passing a police officer when he was spotted with the purse sticking out of his back pocket. He was stopped and the purse was retrieved and searched and $760 was found in it.
According to the police, Phillips, when questioned about the purse, said it belonged to his girlfriend but later changed his story and told the police that he found it in the rubbish.
He was then warned that he would be charged, and reportedly tried to escape but was held and taken to the police station and charged with unlawful possession of property.
On Thursday when he appeared in court he pleaded not guilty while maintaining that he had found the purse in the rubbish.
“I found it inna rubbish heap on the corner of a house on Beverley Hills on the road that Beenie Man live and me buy Cash Pot and win and put the money in there,” he said.
He was then remanded in custody for trial on September 24.


  1. You sure you are of reasonable mind and sound discretion?” Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked Johnson.
    Judge Pusey shouldn’t even badah ask dah question..di man hell and di woman wuss..caz if im a send mi dem text deh im nah si mi again a boxcovah, much less move back in? dah lady crazier dan har husban

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