Somebody please Ms. Teriann Cunningham (owner of Gabriellas’ Cosmetics and Couture in Sovereign) that real business people know how fi handle them business with etiquette.

This self professed ‘socialite’ and ‘business mogul’ run way gone a Switzerland (well so says she website) gone go launch a ‘Jamaican make-up brand’ with her rent owing and the stores in sovereign locked up with the whole a she tings since bout April. Now the owners of Sovereign drag har gone a court to get her to pay and vacate the premises.

Now what kinda legacy that she lef backa har when she want to be a pioneer in Jamaican cosmetics?


  1. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, and she posted that the store is being renovated. Mi did a wonder how mi see brown paper fi so long enuh.

  2. Well, it appears she has now moved operations to Switzerland. From her FB page: ‘Gabriella’s Cosmetics is a retail fashion and cosmetic company originally formed in Kingston Jamaica. We started with two stores at Sovereign Centre that housed different products from specific high end lines. Dubbed the “Jamaican Sephora” we became successful among the fashion and beauty industry in the Caribbean.

    We have since closed our retail outlets in Kingston after 5 years of operation to move our brand into manufacturing of our very own line of cosmetics.

    We are currently now based in Switzerland and will be opening our first retail outlet in Zurich, December 2013. We will be focusing mainly on cosmetic brushes (sets and singles), high pigmented lipglosses and lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and lashes.

    We will also have an online store that customers can feel free to also browse.’

    ………………….. She gone international!

    1. international selling online doe mean she gone international it mean she may be selling from her residence wherever she is located dont?

  3. Well, Miss Met, asccording (lol) to her FB write up, she will be opening her first retail outlet in Zurich, so dats why I say she gone international. Lol… But seriously, some people really know how to keep up appearances, eeh? Smh

  4. Morning Metsy dem ppl ya bad eee man so y she Neva pay the local rent before she go stawt international franchise but see ya no man kmt cho

  5. After selling her products so rass expensive, but she had to inorder to pay the rent and all a use the white one dey Lauren O lauren, as the face of Gabriellas hmm, I wish her the best though.

  6. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

    weh me waan ask har is if a Lauren o Lauren oh yes you o Lauren tell har sey white man will stand by har side nd nuh mek INTERNATIONAL bill collide :nerd

  7. She nuh can Mek Mr gully gad pay the rent….. dem nuh is are fuxxing n meeting up in Miami on romantic weekends, shop close from April but a nuh from April she deh a Switzerland with whitey

  8. anybody have a pic that show har without makeup? that girl look like a transvestite. but is long time she a fuk whitey/switzi. well mostly suck cause him cant manage di fuk. she talk it straight. a gully gad a tear out da womb deh. but i wonder what baby fadda a seh. if him hold har is one earsaz. u really haffi know who u a breed. some nassssiii gyal deh road sah.

  9. As a matter of fact, mi memba when she did move out a norbrook. i hear say the landlord seh not even dawwwg nassssi suh when she move out. but if i did have a whitey a mind me fi years unda style by now i woulda muss own even a 2 room over portmore. so so rent and dem a hype suh? how mi hear smadddy a beg di selector fi play movada Delilah suh ? how oonu mix up and blen up suh.

  10. Da ballar ain’t looking her direction, mi hear say gully gad a dash wad pon di ballads in a song n threat a send cause ms socialite carrying bf name to the gad. She n white been sucking from she a 16 so I hope the Benz paid for cause it’s obvious she loves to rent and it would b ashamed if that got taken too

  11. Oh Terri, Terri a ole whore from mawnin. Fr she a go Andrews skool.she deh with the swizz white man longtime n in the meantime breed fi the baller. I was shocked wen she deh with stew peas bcuz Terri a freak from 19 how long til she tek it in the ass. Knw Terri from me pikney n she been doing orgies etc as me say from longtime. The whitey n her did fall out n him did want bk evrything, but it seems she n him mek up bk. ispy me did a wonder too how long now the brown paper dem put up n all now store can’t open up bk. sender I cud b wrong but a same way she did do up a barons plaza open store n dnt pay rent. Idk y she sell her cosmetics so expensive. It seems a stew peas have her daughter n a tek care of her. Gully god a how much gyal u 1 have up suh, yuh nuh fraid a disease.

  12. sekkle down likkle lady, u dont see say u a drive man crazy. groupies will always be groupies. she is just a groupie with etiquette. when she taking the dick in her ass she likes to cock up her pinky finga.

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