Busta Rhymes arrived in Jamaica last week, scouting support for the now incarcerated Vybz Kartel. Sources say that Busta was not only scouting support but is allegedly of the belief that he signed Vybz Kartel. It is being said that the American based artiste sent a total of $50,000.00 USD to help with Kartel’s legal fees. His first deposit was $30,000.00 USD followed by $20,000.00 USD on a different occasion. The Rapper was said to be confident of Kartel’s acquittal and had began making rounds for the artiste’s comeback.Inside sources say that Busta Rhymes may think he has a signed contract from Kartel however it may have not been signed by him.
Allegations are that the contract may have been signed by one of Kartel’s cronies with his permission and if released , the artiste had no plans on keeping his side of the bargain. The money that Busta Rhymes had provided had covered full court costs for Kartel and his very ”close friend” Mad Suss. Attorneys for the other defendants have allegedly not been paid in full and some may have received as little as $2500.00 USD , while Kartel’s attorney was the recipient of the money’s bulk.

Behind the scene sources in the Jamaican music industry say that Kartel’s conviction comes as a relief to many who feared his wrath if he was released. Many feared that Kartel did not learn his lesson and would probably inflict harm on many others. The source cited the lack of verbatim from the family of Lizard and went on to say that allegations are that the family was in fear and that was the main reason for them not speaking to the media. The source explained that allegedly the family was in so much fear that no close relative had offered a sample for the DNA and that the uncle was not Lizard’s real uncle.

Serious allegations are being made that juror #3 had been paid off and was expected to bring the other jurors on board. One member of the jury was said to have gotten worried and informed the law that based on the evidence provided, she would not be able to find the defendants not guilty but feared for her life. She was allowed to remove herself from the trial. When asked about Kartel’s partner Shawty sources said that it was highly likely that she was on vacation and they were of the believe that she was relieved…Allegedly..


  1. @ met weh me tell you say? see it deh he signed him.. anytime you see these farrin artiste come a Jamaica a gwaan so a some thing them a look.. f***cking disgusting.. bout support not a support a greedy him f**king greedy

      1. Good morning met, but jesus shorty on vacation dwl nuh kill me today please.. shorty get everything for all the suffering he put you through.. shorty nobadda go treat him bad now.. when u treat him better than how he treated you God will put more hard time on him. I hope shorty grow his kids from his violent music all in all I feel very bad for the childern because they do not dersever these things which is happening right now.. also lizard familyI am so sorry for what has happen to him.. what broke my heart is that his body can never be found.. i think that would have give the family a little comfort to say goodbye to their loved ones.. also kartel paid the money for him and his close friend mad suss but give little to tje betrayed shawn storm or whatever he want name.. God made kartel friend lizard be the down fall of all lizard friends.. God uses lizard as away of putting kartel where he is so he could neverHurt anymore innocent people.. the whole a them a gunman thats why God uses them all as for their own downfall..

      2. him can go sign SHORT BOSS……………morning met …but SHawty call mi and tell mi seh a Cuba shi a de fi di weekend mi tell ar seh mi cah come cah mi have a little expo pon di weekend………a bear loud music mi hear inna di background ……………… Mama by Babywayne

  2. A Gooood Busta, u get wha di duck get, y u tink wid u non existent career u can sign a snake like Kart-hell? u nuh see sey u get f**k and did a go get more backshot if him did freed. U prbly woulda end up like Lizard if u did stress it too much sey have signed contract

    See it dey ongle fi him legal fees alone paid in full, not surprised a bit.

  3. Mornin met

    So how busta ago get him money back now? Him investment gawn di drain!

    And is shorty in long term or short term vacation?

  4. Busta i dont feel sorry for him.. he is a damn fool.. i wonder if his jamaican parents them never tell him say you cannot buy puss in bag? Anyhow kartel did free he would use busta money to come back on top and then spite him out when him think him reach… which money busta fi get back nobody never tell him to use no basket carry water in.. bout him support kartel when a him money him a worry bout

  5. Kartel and his friends them a go big jail.. u see when them reach and the hatreade tun up down deh? When them prisoner deh down beat them up everyday them a go want to pick war with him cause a him name kartel.. kartel i hope you are not going to prison with the mentality of being kartel cause you wont stand a chance

  6. i saw it strange that shorty wasn’t in attendance at the court or down town you go girl get rid of the devil wash your hands of the evil that is kartel and raise your kids to be upstanding men and find a good law abiding man to take good care of you

  7. Bumblebee, is the same thing I was thinking!!! Met, please see if you can find out why Shorty was not at the trial or present for the verdict announcement? What an odd time to go on vacation!

  8. Mi glad fe know sey dat many people who are in the music industry who feared Kartel sees his conviction as a relief. I love it when the law prospers over people’s idolization of “celebrities”…..like Kartel….he gotta pay his debt. I’m also very happy to know dat dancehall has lost one of it’s violence music promoting gullible fool tools.

  9. Boy Met, Kartel reach long and hard it’s almost admirable to rasss. The man could have been a revolutionary. Kartel left no stone unturned. The man screw Busta, screw Shawn Strorm and the rest of his co-defendants, him infiltrate the jury pool, him miraculously mek evidence disappear and the list goes on. All when the man get help from Busta, with all the years in prison, he was still self serving and ungrateful.
    If this man had ever decided to be on the right side of history, he would have been one hell of a force to reckon with.

  10. Busta, watch di ride, affta yuh we a laugh affta yuh, hear mi now, ina mi real Sketel laugh Heh, heh, hhhhaaaaayyyyyy wwwwwwwwooooooooooiiiiiiiiiii :kr :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  11. Busta can go visit him newly found best friend in a prison now & he better not forget to carry cake soap & clarks shoes with him. Busta how hypocritical of u though, remember when u bodyguard Israel’s life was cut short & how u was “mourning” & “sympathizing” with his family? now u tun roun a support a man who condone & fund violence? does that make sense or is it that u were merely pretending?

    1. Busta need fi mek him money talk fi him inna GP cause ungrateful kartel trick him out a him money… :ngakak

  12. I don’t get the focus on Bussa Bussa he is so irrelevant and washed up has been that clearly his celebrity wasn’t big enough to impress the jurors. I haven’t been following this case at all but I am happy about the verdict, I read that Drake is on instagram calling kartel his daddy and on the freeworlboss foolishness, I can’t believe he took time out from being rhi rhi pussy watch man.

  13. I feel sorry for all parties involved because at the end day no one wins. Pain is still inflicted upon all parties families. Children remain fatherless, mother’s lose their children, and women are left to be mother’s and father. Contrary to that mi haffi BIG UP SHAWTIE !!!!
    Kartel duh har bad when him deh a road. Breed gal and ah play out himself with idiot Gaza Slim. Guh pon vacation yes, rest yuh nerves and come up with a master plan to make use of the money. Mek me see now how long Gaza Slim ago say Gaza fi life while Kartel a duh him time. She young and she naw guh wait pon Kartel fi no bad 20 – 30 years. Shortie was loyal and him mek the hype get to him and diss har. After dem shame deh me naw support him nietha. Him must ah sit back and think bout how him f**k up him life. Intelligent, gifted and fool! Maybe this experience will humble him.

  14. Everything is hearsay and some a unno don’t have a mind of your own as one somebody say something unno agree and unno father, son, brother, nephew uncle and man who a f**k unno a gunman and thief yet still unno a class Kartel ! He is still young and his life is not yet over. Nuff a unno have done wicked and has been doing worst that what Kartel is accused of . God will see him through, his lawyer will be appealing the verdict anyway.

  15. He/she met you a gwan like lizard a must you family! I guess I hit the nail on the head. The truth hurts don’t it.

    1. which truth? the whole world a family why u neva go mek dem chop u up like mince meat and tek lizard place? mek dem tek di pickaxe gut u out

      1. Met! yu have time. Dah one yah belly full so it come fi dump yah so…

        Hello, Kartel shit bucket big enough fi yu to fi go shit inna wid him and him boy friend dem. Bout appeal…Dwln…go find shorty and ask har fi pay de legal fees fi dat :ngakak Onu so ignorant onu may kill har to…bastards!

          1. N.E.V.E.R!

            Me thank dem fi being retards. Now Jamaica know de exact method of how finson dem usually win cases. Dem have to corrupt the foreperson and de criminal dem obtain dem information on jurors through the defense attorneys and a few court house sluts. All along a police a get de blame.

            Thanks gazamittes…lol

    1. lolol…all night cum fest dem did a plan fah….. :berduka Prison open all year round if him still want fi get him suckings on. Bright! a offer whey dem nu brave fi face.

  16. The bible talk about people like you hypocrite(people who prentend) and you love to court scriptures but fire and brimstone fe you and your devious followers.

    1. 10 Destroy thou them, O God; let them fall by their own counsels; cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions; for they have rebelled against thee.

      11 But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.

      12 For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.

  17. Met mi gwaan a mi bed, sum ppl a guh dead ina them sleep from broken hearts, tears are rolling down their eyes like rain, sorry we nuh have nutten roun yere to ease uno pain, just tek to heart and guh kill uno self now, a guess uno worl over. Night, night.

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