1. Me always know bustagut to be a Yankee wat a way him switch up quick to a yardman da devil is a lie he know exactly wat he’s doin by any means

    1. Where have you been? Busta always reps Jamaica. He has been singing in patois for a long time, it’s not just yesterday. o_O

  2. Suh busta, mi waan ask u one question, are you supporting what is good and right yuh say, I suppose killing and mincing a human being is your idea of good and right.

  3. Is this what busta career has come to? Dem
    Must have has a close personal relation ship for him to reach yaad arms left him rightful accent up a queens. But mi swear from my music exec friends dem say busta did bruck and did look a come up? So where him find money or did Tom Tavares tell him fly in wod cash causen bounce cheque nah work fi da defense ya.

  4. why unnu a hate pon busta so??…..unnu never watch di VH1 special wid him madda a call him trevor??…lol…….all now biggie no tell ppl say him madda a yardie and it tek years after him get famous fi heavy d come out wid di story…….so for someone to say busta switch up from a yankee is wrong to di 10th power…..now as to whether or not him shoulda show up at kargel trial……dat is another ting entirely…..publicity stunt and nuttin more…..to impress di jury…..


    Mek yu never show yu support when the mother and daughter had their heads cut off?

    Mek yu never show yu support when the little girl had her head cut off and fling inna pit?

    Mek yu nu show yu support when de likkle 8 year old dem get rape?

    …bout you a show support fi positive vibes and marucs garvey…negro yu can fool some of the people sometimes, but not all a de people all de time. nhame feces.

  6. But metters unu nuh see seh busta look like him a think before him talk di patois and a wonder if it ago come out a him mouth di right way…a wat happen to dis ya attention seeker…a kartel him a look fi come build back fi him career…ku pon him to fava baby elephant ….all a talk bout righteousness and peace,kartel nuh kno dem words deh..mek him stay deh him nuh kno seh kartel nuh loyal to nobody not even him mumma weh birth him…mi can’t wait fi di verdict read…a di longest case dis mi eva see from mi born .

    1. Well if de verdict read inna fi dem favor…then Spain can kill two birds wid one shot…lol……busta mus think a waterford a hollis.

    2. Yes I notice the delay and thinking for true, but it is no different, than when I see politicians and many many JA artists do all the while when trying to twang – take all three times longer to say a sentence because they trying too hard to find the right words and correct accent.

      They trying to sound British, or American and have no reason to do so….at least Busta has reason to speak Patwa (mother tongue of his people) unlike those in the situation I referred to above.

      Anyway, I think this is a wrong mone on Busta’s part, as there is no logical reason for him to fly in for this and the interview indicates that even he himself nah nuh reason & nuh know weh him really a do!

  7. Busts Rhymes always a chat Jamaican inna him song dem from when
    He has always repped JA for real just that no one pay him mind cuz he was never
    Really playing a part in our culture give back etc .. Snoop lion they ALLL want a come up
    & Dem a use Jamaicans & the whole island coming up with all this dumb ass shit to put on tv like Noisy just to embarrass us .. Bout snoop lion that ppl need fi be upset bout the man is a imposter!!!! Busta sounds fine it nuh sound fake it sound authentic! He seems to be thinking before he speak suh him nuh seh ntn that may jeapordize the case or his friendship/relationship with Kartel.

    Phantom you seem like yuh aguh reach a Bellevue if the verdict read not guilty
    You need fi go drink some water & calm down.
    If Kartel get let out not a ting nah guh do him .. Him aguh bathe inna money
    Member mi tell yuh. You deh ya a wish man kill kartel now how diff are you from kartel
    That would make you a premeditated murderer .. You are something else stop putting so much energy into this WHY WOULD BUSTA go to Jamaica for the woman who was beheaded him know her? That’s not his friend or family, he’s not obligated to do it .. If him wa support Kartel let him go do it it’s his choice! Nobody nah seh Kartel
    Fi do road but some ppl just don’t go as hard for other murderers .. Jamaica filled with murderers Kartel being lock up nah stop a thing I’m sure he wasn’t the boss to send out orders ..

    1. y girl you fe lowe phantom and mek she speak ar mind or vent…however you choose to absorb it ( your prerogative as it is hers as well ). you don’t know how a next person feels unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes so you don’t know if she’s speaking from close personal acknowledgement or a relative’s demise suh fuhhkk off wid yuh wicked sermon and lowe the lady mek she say WHATEVER THA FUHHCCKKK she wa fe seh…oh and by the way…i hope den find im guilty as the sin he is or spain man dem land 2 coppershot right inna him skull.

      1. glammity please excuse the typo…it’s don’t come for PhantomPhoenix lesson she send for you *bytch*

    2. Glam misty, why yuh chat so much shit? Look like yuh did deh a Bahamas tuh! If you had an ounce of sense you would clearly see the correlation in what Phantom said. The man did not state he was there to lend support to a friend, rather, he stated that he was there to support the good energy, good vibes and that which is right. If you had any understanding, you would see the pertinence of the questions posed by Phantom.
      Secondly, Ms village lawyer, give it up., when oonuh love chat oonuh end up displaying all your shortcomings. A wish now constitutes premeditated murder? Are you freaking serious? You do realize how daft you sound, do u not?
      Clearly, your crystal ball have some scientific accounting to its formula, Nuh suh? She Nuh know wey a guh happen to Kartel but you know ehhh?
      And yuh sure he wasn’t the boss to send out orders? Clearly yuh just one a him dunce fan dem wey like bleach out man Ina tight pants cos nuttin you’ve said has any logical or sensible basis.

    3. Why yu a call me fah?! Glammity whateva gwan a lo me cause fi yu issues and mines de pon opposite tracks. Yu a cheerleada fi sadomites and murdeters…ood you. See me yah and lo me. Gwan go open yu mouth beside de rass a sadomites whey a wsit fi swallow kartel hood and three year inna prison cum load. Lo me!

    4. F**k busta, Tilden niggaz can tell yu dat nigga perp ad yankee, Andrew Jackson alumni know that nigga ongle Jamaican when convinent….suck hood budta a nut in a butt ryhmes can go nham kartel buddy …me born female and more male than most niggaz….onu fi tap waych tv and assume onu know people, places and things.

  8. Only speakin on the patios part, dont know anything about d preaching part, my opinion on that is neither here or there.. Neva heard his real patios. Only his commercialized patios in his songs dem.. Go deh busta… Busta always rep his Jamaican background from day one. This is nothing new.. To the person Weh speak on busta money woes.. Have u Eva hear the saying just because the person is up and jumping doesn’t mean he’s not loaded.. Busta would Neva be broke. He has royalties.. Look it up if u don’t know what that means.. He owns several burger kings and KFC has so does Cameron from dipset.. He does producing, make beats and write for other artists..

  9. He looks a lot like Tesha Miller and Kartel and Tesha are good friends and Busta people dem a Spain Linky ,,,,

  10. If kartel walks he will be paranoid and be hiding cause him bait up tesha miller an a bare tings so anyway whole a dem a murderer an a tesha say kill dem an done watch this space

  11. @dontcomeatphan

    Yo bitch .. I don’t give 2 motherfckin shits what you
    Or phantom ah seh .. Close nothing she always ranting like she have high blood pressure! She need a glass of water .. I didn’t say she can’t voice her opinion
    Where did I write that????? She needs to not put so much emotions into this stupid trial cuz it out fi mad ar a real advise mi a give.

    1. Emotion de pon HIGH! Anything fi do wid me country will slways have me pon higj. Mek yu never display yu contempt fi me from weeks ago? Gwan and li me. Dis shit is personal fi life! Onu can’t done Jamaica.

      Thanks fellow bloggers since me busy and neva fell glammity goat knife a jam me pin yah…dwln.

    2. Funny how me cannot recall me disrespecting yu before…if i did tje it’s pay back then…cause going forward i know which part yu stand wid me along with your viws on Jamaica on a whole. Wolf always abandon de sheep’s “clothig” aftet a while.

  12. Philly please nuh chat to me about royalties and what artists own. These guys never had great deals and all if them own fast food restaurant tings nah Gwan fi dem. tv and Internet a fool unno. Mi Neva come here and chat what me nuh know yet.Riches and wealth are two different things like dance ppl dash champagne and say dem rich but a one room dem sleep inna.ps yes busta always said his family is jamaican but he never did shit for the country so come defend another musician sounds suspicious and the likes especially when they were note close personal friends. A new fan base him a look like snoop dog.

  13. Why are we giving Busta the time or day? Busta is idle with nothing but time on his hands. And as for the sender, what do you mean by Busta find Patois fast? I dont’ get it. This dude is a American with JAMAICAN background. That is not going to change so find a new topic. Sender what do you want him to be? Did you really find this story relevant to send to JMG? Boring……………….

  14. Really Busta? Really? U of all ppl? remember how ur bodyguard ‘ s life was cut short bcuz of gun violence & now u dung a Jamaica a support a man who not only support & fund gun violence but whose hands could be bloody too? C ‘ Mon men. Busta a d wrong occasion u a use fi seek publicity.

  15. Unu fi tap di eediot Internet argument yah now kmt… Dis yah trial Bigga than di sum bwoy name Busta a Rhyme ar anyone else’s weh Guh chat bout di case yah …. Lives did get tek weh an justice and judgement all fi gwan… Nobody opinion coulda right at wrong ah jus one of many viewpoints… Time will tell wah ago appen inna dis all weh mi really wish ah fi Jah Jah intercede an Mek di ting sort out proppa according to him law and orda tr8

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