0 thoughts on “BUT BUH BUT BUT

  1. He’s just messing with har, cause he be taking the same fligs as well. On a different note though she really look “dirty” like she want a good scrub down with one a dem hard wire brush deh

    1. You look any better? It’s clear he was right there taking the pic. You faggots love Mek women UNNO issue too much. Not her fault god gave her pussy. Hold a seat and hush

  2. Shebada need fi stop it caw mi used to work a Air Jamaica and personally see him a check in fi a flight INNA COACH!!!!! At least Spice look like she up front inna di first class seat dem

  3. Is this a friend ting and him being funny wit him friend or he really talking mess bout her. Who cares if she is in couch she’s getting to her destination safely and soundingly and she is working and getting paid so she might not care how she get there as long as she get there. Go Spice you and make ur money chica.

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