Raquel!!!!!😂😂😂😂 why did f**k u going around and tellin people you breed with twin for Andre ….why you so b*****t lie …. mi neva knew you can breed wen you only sucked Andre d**k twice and he drop ah sleep pon u and didnt even cum 😩😩😩😩b**h go run down di man inna JA u guh breed for and ah agrue di man gf fi she man … you ah make yourself look real bad inna JA a and New York.. suck hood gyal weh suck every other b***s p**y juice offa u need to sit down and evaluate you life bitch cause you name ah stink ah road inna Ja and inna New York so many b***s wah fight you but you quick to call cops and you have cameras ah setup around your house …. b***h you live off di Government checks cause you wukless fi get a job ….. you live inna ur mom house and your mom wah kick you out around May 1st cause you leave you daughter TT with cousin and friends and you leave twice within a month fi go ah Ja and go f**k man and breed… you dont even kno for a week … Your own b***t sister ah tell me about you dutty mix up ways … b**h you really need fi stop cause wen i start me nah go finish your b****t remember me ah warn yuh after delivering my child not only jesus can save you …..mi jus ah sit and laugh cause b**h you nah stress me cause me have plans fi yuh a**s …


  1. Women pls be careful when choosing the men u date, sleep with, get children with, friends with, oh boy….

  2. Waitttttt wah mi just watch!! Did he just say his woman dem ?? N she ago obeah him baby madda!! And as a Man U really want to be sleeping with someone that messes around with obeah.. That says slot about u sir

  3. U know first ting. There is a real serious concern wid the way these men r looking. Dem all shame till dem have to use black n white due to how frighting dem look wid lights on. Number 2 either I’m slow or this story not adding up. She don’t know who breed her but at the end of this story there’s a sentence that says ” me a warn u after u deliver MY child not only( hence only instead of even but ok) Jesus can save u”. So it’s either she is right that is u breed her or ur just slow dunce n fool inna one. Either way ur a jackass know what ur doing Obeah is not something to ramp wid there’s always cconsequences.

  4. A dat fi happn to unu rass a dem yah sittn weh call dem self man unu luv run guh f**k n breed fah smfh.

  5. Again, another #ClownNinja and another #ClownChic. First and foremost, if you never held text conversations, there would be no screenshots to share. Obeah? Bleached face scum please go crawl back in to your mother’s womb because you are not ready to be birthed. Real men don’t make videos of threats towards women and post on social media. This is why the likes of you will never progress. Then the idiotic sender, You are upset because the woman exercises her right by dialing “911?” Ma’am if you are threatening to harm/maim her, she is well within her rights and she is smart to have cameras. I sincerely hope she turns that video over to the authorities and he gets charged with verbal assault and intent to harm. Real #clowns and Racquel, why did you put yourself in this predicament. Take it as a life lesson and be more careful in the future about the company you entertain.

  6. scream shop or screenshot? Big pussy dunce bwoy, the only reason why you can class the woman like that is because you are a faggot. You are a disgraceful little bitch and should be killed in the worst way.

  7. Tell her move her bumbo ..all now we can’t see how she look …all she just ah du ah chat….obvious Raquel look betta than her and ah give har ah run fi her money …Raq ah Hawt up her hand bad bad bad

  8. Dutty bwoy, Raquel vagina is so big yet you impregnated her, Den suppose it did tight? She would ah dead and buried to rass

  9. Mi wah see how di bitch who sen this look?!!!! Raquel pretty badd that’s why her baby daddy nah leave har

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