1. Absolutely disgusting. If her product really works, her knuckles wouldn’t look so terrible… almost look like she got poisoned. The proof is right there. Continue waste uno money

  2. Nikki stop use the app to shape out yuh body cause you claim money well spent and the doctor fuck you up , bitch we see your whole body on live in bathsuit and yuh nuh look suh none at all. Sher them Mek designer body fuck yuh up lmaoo they talking abt it an a laugh. All a yuh fren them leave from round yuh and a chat yuh, yuh too hype yuh need fi calm down. From yuh thief the ppl them money yah hide, no party Etc. Becareful !

  3. Nikki can get IT ,but it woulda have to be a Bluetooth Fcuk.. Handsfree of course cuz can’t touch bad man with Dem crawnie sinting deh :cool …. forward@realjohncrowbelly fi scaldegg looking food ya mi boss!

  4. What’s in her products? What’s her qualifications that makes her competent to make products like this? I’m all for fixing whatever your not happy with on your body but surly her customers must know that these products might have lasting possibly fatal effects later on in life. Not trying to knock anybody hustle but the only way I’m going to buy anything that alters my appearances chemically is going to be after extensive research and a board certified doctor and even then you can’t guarantee that there won’t be any complications.

  5. A suh bleaching guh mi love. U have to keep it up. Her products definitely work if u have the time. U see sweets and dolly foot??? A suh bleaching guh. Only Ben truly white and a cause she tek the juk

  6. Mi naaa lie she fi go get back har money fi di body it nuh mek sense… Due to how dem seh di bleaching a sell dem knuckle deh shudda reach all last years ago.

  7. Nickii weh a walk wid the big m16 an a shot up the man dem! Nickii too hype an see nuh Mek so sense at all! Nickii look into your self uh don’t have a designer a body! Uh have rebooted body when unuh too nuff better uh did stay wid uh box body it did a gwan fi uh!

  8. Mi seh inna a few years to come sad to say but half of Jamaica population a go get wipe out from all these bleaching chemicals dem a use pon dem skin.

  9. Her hand dem look crawny fi true. Those hands are the look of the final results of that shit product she selling that she knows nothing about what’s in. Dumb bitch
    Go bk to School Nicki best ting you could do with your life right now. There is ntn bout you

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