Pinkwall this bicth a put up bout violence against women an girls an are man a walk a beat off the women them an she nuh see bic*h befor yuh put up them think deh look in a your life him beat up sharna way come from saint an the boy gwan like him fully bad a she him fi go beat cuz she a f**k all bout a pu**y shan sell yea… sharna wen yuh see she yuh fi f**k up she that yuh fi do me know this bicth like a book an the dog face boy way a f**k r make she feel like she a somebody


  1. What does her man have to do with her being against violence against women? Suppose di man a claat her down privately and this her way of speaking out.

  2. Senda! She said she doesn’t support it? It’s is a step imo. What would you have her do? Yuh tink it fair for her to be responsible for another person’s action. Senda you are a very hateful evil b*tch. Why would u even think she should get beat up! Yuh nuh see the man dem get crazy because a Christmas and a kill off the woman dem? Karma is going to beat you for wishing bad for someone. Basic English a beat yuh every body know how fi spell HER you spell it R and are yuh nuh see you need fi fix ? Go fix yourself and leave the people dem girl chile alone

  3. So why yuh nuh tell sharna fi guh f**k up back the man? Is not every gal tek man beaten suh maybe dats why the man nah beat this girl and from what me know most gal weh nuh tek beaten from man nuh tek it from gal neither suh yuh cab send sharna fi a next beaten. Fool

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