so this is the story i got from a very reliable source . nika deh wid the twin breda jason , but jason wah melli and nuh stop spend up pon har !! melli go party and dance win some money , same time nika go on fb a diss up girl weh love dance and skin out ! melli write a status fi nika a dun har and nika write back a status a explain things and a seh a neva melli she a talk . but everybody knw a melli she a talk . nika we think u did bad why u nah own it seh a melli ya talk . nika fi a young green gyal u nah no shame , deh wid a man weh coulda be ur grandfather and to make matters worst him look everybody . him nuh stop walk and f**k u enemy dem and him nah use no condom …mi nuh knw weh u see inna him and him nah gi u ntn …u still affi a f*k like dog …nika stop tell lie bout two man ever **k u …u walk and hide fuk too much . jason wah everybody and u affi suk him hood fi keep him ….u careless fi a likkle gyal …a wah day bl**t kayla f** jason and a raw him f*k her …unuh nasty bad

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