(Clears throat)Dj National care to explain why you would be in the people’s event carrying on so especially when the mother of child Unruly Nay is in the same event as you??Have you no damn respect for babymother/the mother of your child??My f***g goodness!!!!!!!
But look at the motherf**g dutty,shaped bad,lopsided ass,ill-shaped woman though lord!?!?!?Lord have mercy Unruly Nay & her unborn baby blood must be boiling at this very moment!!!!!!!!But that is just dancehall man for you!!!!!What you see is what you damn motherf*** get!!!!!Learn to deal with the groupies or run faraway from dancehall man as possible…..because no decent man ain’t in dancehall!!!!!!Not one!!!!!!!IMG_4301


  1. Why are you pregnant and standing up in a dance hall with ganja smoke floating about, unpredictability of violence erupting and the possibility of slipping on the ALWAYS wet floors??

    Disrespectful baby father is a subject already discussed down to the bone so like you said, what you see is what you get.

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