Classic example of why you shouldn’t follow, Because you will follow fool & turn idiot read carefully before you repost…. Time to put the phones down and read a book… Sick of these idiots


0 thoughts on “C.E.O , PRESIDENT BOBETTE

  1. Guess both a dem caan spell!!!! Ole idiot dem. What have they achieved again????? I can’t stand these ignorant people, huh.

  2. Me waan fight da gal yah and beat har ass bad with a book!! OMG!!! You mean to tell me that this duncebat live on the internet and cannot spell PEOPLE or know that the correct word is TOOK not toke. Like are you freaking kidding me!! this must be a joke.

  3. Bobette just as bad you deh a America all your life and you have some much money and all now you never have your papers ah you worthless or nah??

  4. Alright…suh what ah gwaan wid dem dunce yah tideh??? Poeple and Toke???? :ngakak An mi fi turn ah blind yeye to dem yah breed ah illiteracy yah??? Naw man….dah gyal yah need fi low social media until she successfully graduate from HOOKED ON PHONICS university.

  5. So i guess having fake butt, fake breast, no brains is doing better than the rest. Living in section 8 housing and collecting food stamps is doing better. Swallowing packages to buy clothes instead getting a decent job is better huh? Oh wait you wasted your chance to get a proper education so you cant like the rest of the people you are so called doing better than.This girl here cme from the worse stock of woman. Im sorry think you doing better but I rather have a 401K than a Chanel bag anyday. I hope Social Security pay benefitsfor partying cuz when yu old the people you doin better than will be well sorted out

    1. Glorayyyyyy!!!! Dem a behave like dem a go collect pension offa instagram and Facebook! What have they achieved that they can brag on others? Frowsy false hair, two piece a clothes and anything bought with blood money don’t count. All dis hustling and nothing substantial can’t buy. Oh wait- dem nuh have no papers or ambition to get none, cause lack of papers nah stop yuh from achieve certain things.

  6. The phones that they using dont have spell check? or maybe it have it But in their brain they think a the phone cannot spell and put these things on the internet……LOL

  7. no watch no face they were born here they gots no where to go but you on the other hand …….

  8. DUNCE DUNCE DUNCE…u should be ashame of youself.You cum here on people papers and now you using you dead aunty LA Dianne daughter papers and mess up the likkle gal name..you need to scam a dictionary! Acting like u somebody..wait till immigration find out …you too wicked …stop use you cousin papers u illegal dunce

  9. Them love type off their fingers and can’t spell. Dumbette whenever you’re typing and a red line appears under the word that you typed it means that the word is spelled wrong or it’s being misused (capitalize, punctuation, etc etc ) unless yuh a type inna patios/pattuah ! Just like di frightened friday one she Yakini she deh pan FB a write paragraph bout what her son name means and why it spell like that? Just because over here yesterday somebody said di spelling was confusing and how would you pronounce it. She said it’s from di bible but if shi Neva did a try fi be extravagant then maybe people would have understand Extrakini !!!

  10. A me alone see say is screen shot she screen somebody post. It even say rp.
    But she should a correct it in her caption

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