‘Unnu mus’ let them go’
Court told Kartel juror promised to take care of colleagues if they acquit entertainer, co-accused

BY PAUL HENRY Co-ordinator — Crime/Court Desk [email protected]

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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LIVINGSTON Cain, the juror accused of attempting to bribe the foreman to return a not-guilty verdict in the Vybz Kartel trial, is said to have approached other jurors.

This was revealed in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court where Cain was yesterday offered $750,000 bail and told to return to court next week Friday.

Cain has been slapped with five counts of attempting to pervert the course of justice and a count of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

According to a statement from one of the jurors that was read in court, Cain had told him that he could take care of him if he returned a not-guilty verdict in the matter.

“I will take care of you as long as you seh weh me a say. These men are promising entertainers and unnu mus’ let them go,” Cain reportedly told his colleague juror.

As the allegations were being read out, Cain sat looking on attentively.

Moments earlier, Valerie Neita-Robertson, who along with Dian Watson appear for Cain, told the court, “Our client denies the allegations”.

Neita-Robertson had earlier asked Senior Magistrate Lorna Shelly-Williams to forego the reading of the allegation, saying that she wanted the matter to “settle down” and “avoid the media attack”.

Cain was arrested last week Thursday following the guilty verdict of Vybz Kartel, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones, Andre St John and the acquittal of Shane Williams in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.

Cain’s arrest came after a report was made to Justice Lennox Campbell of his alleged proposal to the foreman for a payment of $500,000 for a not-guilty verdict.

Cain is said to be the only juror of the 11-member panel who voted not guilty.

In outlining the allegations in court yesterday, Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn said that most of the other jurors recounted having conversations with Cain, who told them to find the men not guilty.

According to the allegations, the foreman used her BlackBerry telephone to record the conversation with Cain, which took place at the Supreme Court library. She had been reportedly informed by other jurors prior to the conversation that Cain had approached them.

It is further reported that Cain told the foreman that he realised that she had some influence over the other jurors and wanted her to convince them to return a verdict of not guilty.

Llewellyn, QC, told the court that the foreman was astonished at what was said and approached the accused after the initial conversation.

He told her that she would get the money by the Friday. Before reporting the matter, the foreman reportedly told all the jurors what Cain allegedly said and reminded the accused of the instructions from the judge to base their decision on the evidence presented.

The phone used to record the conversation has been taken by investigators along with two telephones belonging to Cain. One of the phones was seized from his home.

The prosecution wasn’t opposed to bail. Cain is to report to the police daily and was ordered to stay away from other jurors.

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  1. Good morning Met and the Metters, Observer where are you??….ah doe know why I feel dat this Cain person life might also be in danger…even doe ah wudda him bring it pon himself….somebody got to him or HE approached somebody and this was what he was paid to do…This what he did, if it is proven that it came from The Kartel camp (which I am certain it did), will throw any hopes of appeal straight out the window….him better watch it, caws we done know sey his employers dem is ah wicked set ah people, even doe mi cudden sorry fi him and mi is very soft hearted!!

    1. Obara, I said this yesterday. At one point it was revealed that a juror was seen in the presence of the defense attorneys. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same juror. How many people would have had access to the jurors? If the connection goes back to certain big people, they have way too much to lose to not kill him, and we already know they are just as rootless as the entertainer himself.
      With phones being confiscated and all, something tells me this is Pandora’s box.

  2. Mi haffi wanda if him was planted in di Jury by di defence cuz from day one him was electing himself Foreman, but di odda Jurors wanted someone else. Is also him did showup a di lawyers dem office. Is also him s di one dat voted Not Guilty

    Whe him sey dem did aggo get di money by Friday which would be di day afta di verdict, a who di a fool him? Cuz mi sure afta di Not Gulity him neva did a go collect a cent from dem snake dey. Him probably wulda collected some bullets knowing dem

    Well him life in danger ya now. Mi also waan kno wha dey pon di cell phones including di one whe dem sieze from him yaad. Him nuh see wha cell phone do Karthell n him cronies

  3. That man got himself into those problems. Now he put himself and possibly his family in danger. The forewoman is very brave, may God guide and protect her and her family, she was courageous. I hope that they investigate this meticulously. They need to find who is responsible for this corruption.

    my mother always said……if you can’t do the time……don’t do the crime

  4. Obara a di same ting mi a seh to…mi feel him betta watch him back, dem might come silence him or do him like weh dem do lizard…him too licky licky…look weh him cause pon himself now, him nuh realize seh Jamaica change,a nuh like one time when lawyer use to pay off juror fi win dem case a dats why back in di days a only poor people guh jail cause dem neva have nuh money fi gi lawyer fi pay off judge juror and every baddie…but tings change now, if dudus and zeeks can guh prison who the f….ck is vybze cartel and him idiot followers, bout dem a promising entertainers him mean dem a promising hit men…all di one vybz cartel mumma bout she did a pray at di time when dem did a sentence har son, me wud a like fi know a who she did a pray to, cause she must know seh har son did a cuss God, mi sure she listen to him music, she is a dam hypocrite a di money she a fret bout,she betta mek sure seh she and chucky bride nuh fall out cause money a guh cut…Tawkchuet weh yu deh., wi need yu round here pon jmg today

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