0 thoughts on “CALL NAME DOVEY

  1. All the girl said was if she catch a gal Inna har man inbox she never say that anyone was in his inbox….. Sender yuh very bored and don’t have nothing to do Lowe the bloodcloth gal cause she nah bother nobody unnu just too f**king mix up. At least she have a man fi har self and she not walking and a f**k down atlanta….. Lowe har

    1. @That girl move yuh rass bout at least di gal hav one man ah through Ace ah look nuff pum pum ah road dem all ah turn him down so him cant di no better all mi him always ah look

      1. Ace need fe guh look ah gym or an OBGYN cause ah doe know if ah fat im fat or pregnant im pregnant, it hard fe tell…Dovey, trust n’ believe…nuhbody naah look pa Ace, attention ya look…Great D.J Ace is though, one of Atlanta’s best!!!!!!!..bad pan di turn mic n’ tables, yea man…

    2. uhhmmmm so yeeeaaaaa dovey use to walk fucckk an beg like dog. well she still beg like dog but the point is dovey use to fucckk people man before bang belly ace pick it up an pretend dancehall wife har. ace ano nuhbody fe any good looking girl fi a run dung. coo ace wanga gut. him look like him bout fe go go into labor at any given moment and gi birth to quintuplets so please get the hell out of here. and as fe dovey har teeth dem fava ole pop dung board fence so please keep it steppin and miss wi good good JMG with the hog and cow shit. please and thanks so much in advance. :thumbup:

  2. @THAT GIRL ah weh yuh come from bout Dovey nuh walk and f**k yuh right she walk and suck long time di gal ah suck fi 50.00 old news ah weh yuh nuh no

  3. Stop this whole heap of name changing now man, you’re so fascinated with Dovey, kmt, look pan Dovey man, me could ever really waste fi a come chat bout him did a look me, lol, heh hayyyy! At least a she a do owner fi the man, and they make a cute couple. Low the rass woman fi true, and guh find a man fi u self and stop watch out the gal page, and change up u name fi mek comments. Lol u bet buss.

    1. Fa real, they really do look really good together, super cute as ah couple…but nuhbody naah look fe teef Dovey man lol…

  4. Extra Extra, read all about it, hippopotamus and rhinoceros come to the circus well dresss and di clown a beat dem fi preform …….

  5. @That girl nasty whoring Niecey move yuh dash out hole from yahso a defend yuh ooman unu nasty like unu walk an f*k everybody pon di scene an den tun round a suck pussy…kmrt ya go look fi yuh pickney my girl always in a club a start trouble.

  6. No man fi real now what big black teddy bear! I woulda inbox him fi the fun a it and mek mi see weh old duppy bat ago do…

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