10 thoughts on “CALL SOME NAME

  1. I don’t get this. It’s not like she showing off stolen goods or whatever, all she did was take a pretty picture with the snapchat filter. That pic on the floor eating out of the pot with her natural face is even more gorgeous.

  2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a wah do plate??? lol a di biggest pot mi eva see nobody eat outta dwpbrcl…. dem seh when yuh eat outta pot yuh get strong…. A chu? :nerd anyways….. tuh di names:

    Social media Real Life
    Bobbette Di drag queen teef

    Apple Dem seh a di Hottest gal inna
    ppl borrow goods pupeena

    yanquie curvy Fava lamp shade

    Dhq Nickesha Tries to read hooked on
    phonics, get peer bax an
    kick, mine man, shit up hole

    kartels wife shorty Duppy, Ghosts, stay too bad

    Kasi Cries everynight over usain,
    tells her publicist how much
    she loves pinkwall, secretly
    calls bolts brother over for
    sex when usain is away with

  3. That looks like some sweet Cassava leaf she eating hmmmm… sender what was your point? I would have been better if you left a comment about her or something!

  4. Simone thought I was the only one who think exactly what you saying. Nothing is wrong with either one. whoever send this has no life. Bye!

  5. Psss sender come here. this nothing new. when mi ina my house mi eat out of pot too with mi hand.. and when u go my face book page mi have up mi pic with mi filter.. so come here nu, wats ure point cause from u come from the Caribbean u eat out a pot or with u hand..

    sender u luddy bad

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