A wah happen to sum dutty gal who nuh live nuh weh. Dem cum a pose up wid drug money and a tek pic Inna restaurant and a act like a dem house. (Edited) Dem gal deh a nuh body



  1. Serious question is that the cords u use to hold things in place on her shoes. Is how dat work how did she even. U know wat let mi just move right along.

  2. Met is that tag stinking Sophia. Have on her foot?? She couldn’t wait for the tag to come off?? Just spoil the beauty of the shoes Kmt …Dian don’t got shit you look stink na lie …how you set so??

  3. Sophia you na stop till father rup get dip & you haffi mine no say him no straight and everything you put up …man frightened Sophia full time you stop hyping cause it only you want father rup while him want everybody … the way you must a dead say you can’t go a dance from them TAG your rass DWL stop the shoplifting & build a foundation in Jamaica & stop itch up in rupunzel house

  4. Leave ppl business alone and mind yuh own. What a way it a bun some a uno dry head if she wan pose up so f***ng wah. Rup seh she and she seh him. Dutty ppl nah nuttin fi do more than chat. Bout nuh live nuh weh .yuh sources wrong coz from mi know Sophie she nuh homeless so gwarn go crawl bk up inna yuh mumma bad hole and go look ah Wok not work wok

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