1. Voluntary Thieft’n- taking people things without asking or even bother saying please and thanks after taking it.
      Simplicity soon sign in

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  1. The greedy dog will lose his bone. She could have take her time and build her little empire but she love too much attention and red eye for brands. What is wrong with a $50 pair of shoes and $50 purse? If that is what you can afford buy that and stay out of peoples store. I like designer shoes so I don’t have a lot of shoes because I rather have 10 good shoes than 100 cheap ones. They want to have 1000 designer shoes and they are not rich. What is wrong with a person who can’t live within their means, Lord? Why them so thief, Father God? Can thieving habit be a curse or a disorder? I need answers!

    1. Life, and dese girls can shop ah T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack and still look just as fly as they would in dare designer name bran tings..there is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping within budget cause that’s less money spent and more money saved..some ah dem dare designer brand clothes ah boots look like shit anyways…me have wholeap ah shoes an alla dem ah good good girly designer brands but just like you, mi have dare taste as well suh mi might treat miself tuh ah dare dare designer bran shoes maybe once ah year time..dem too good man…

    1. me think tamara just bad and fass. lol she never order anything just curious to see if Shawna was going to reply to confirm the jail thing. This yuh call bad ppl

        1. yuh think dancehall ppl easy…sometime a dem same one snitch pin each other, and fight against each other and curse other ppl. Sometime me see dem click like on each others pic and then chat di same pic say the person stay bad but dem click like so dem can get likes on their pics, too. dwl is a bad set a ppl dem

  2. You see the thing is, shawna case was not do thief nothing expensive or dear…. Shame on you! A try keep up with happle and Kerry, dem gyal have pitney in America. The system feel pitty for single moms. Shawna why you nuh sell some of the old red bottoms and plastic furniture on eBay and Craigslist? Or why you nuh go back to macys make up counter go work or rent a chair pon the avenue again? You get too hype, the bleaching affect your brain. And worse when you down a bear scripture you quote and when you get a likkle dolla from a man you back out a hype and deh a hype restaurant. You nuh see sheralee upgrade…. One of the few hoes that seems to be winning. All star Barbie mek the man at least pay for nursing school not Sanford brown. You too hype and hugeness nuh fit yuh. All the money u dash way fi go a ja the one time iwith Jamie guh hype you could have had it deh pon the side a do something more that shop Ali express or post reciept for the chanel bag that you no longer have!

    1. She betta get one ah her family or friends fe start up an Ebay business fe ar sell har ole bruk dem, dat way them can put the money pan ar commissary or have attorney money puddung one side…there is real money tuh be made on Ebay selling your old wears n’ electronics ca m jus sell mi ole iPhone 5S pan Ebay mek $530.00…

  3. Which sheralee u a talk . Then she no stripper . She have a baller man yes but she is just like the rest no education either

      1. Mi wudda love fi know if there is any wid she from she did go write Facebook and myspace and talk bout her social media accounts fake mi nuh think she would come back on social media.

  4. Set of dunce idiots, have nothing going on in your life.Just chatting people business, bitter & twisted women…..pretending that you are happy…live and let live

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