Robbas needs to stop fronting. Everytime she goes to Hawaii is because of the case she has with Sephora. She and Daffy went to Sephora 3 years ago and stole and they caught her . Daffy ran left her because you know he is a battyman and they can run very fast. Everytime the case gets called she has to fly to Hawaii. Bitch stop pretending. Rich girl you need to take some of that money that you claim you have and send to Jamaica because the sentence won’t be pretty.


    1. Yeah rich with the ppl dem stuff she thief and credit card she use to by it with. Professional thief aka Apple want to be.

  1. lemme get this straight

    she went all the way to hawaii

    and went to teif ??

    makeup ?????

    and her battyman man helped her ??

    to steal makeup ??

    foundation, lipstick, blush

    all the way in hawaii ??

    so everytime they have a court date she gotta go back there


  2. Met morning oooooo ‘ am not friend with Robbas or want to associated with Robbas but what i hear Bobbete puts everyone in the scamming circle to higher level she’s the boss of the cards . Met tek it from me she’s heavy & connected wit her credit card theft game they all need Robbas if she get lock up them flop as nappy but Robbas smart her mom got the list so if she go down they all fall down like dominos met am not liar Bobbette have all them hook & paying up to she . Apple your not the boss you started this but Robbas pass you & have you locked ‘ ppl got it wrong even me too untill me hear from good source . Bobbette my girl you ting way up . Hope you saving cause prison no nice watch lock up on msnbc .

  3. If she travels back and forth to Hawaii because of a criminal case but doesn’t tell IG, Snapchat or FB that’s why she’s there how’s that fronting? Sounds to me like it’s just none of your business sender. If she makes it a little vacation in between going to court, how’s that fronting? And I guess Usain must be a batty man too since he’s the fastest man in the world {insert eye roll emoji}

  4. She was ugly black but since she browner than happle. She is gorgeous…them can’t bannnn bleaching cream cause without that we would’ve never seen your tru potential

  5. bwoy mi buss out a big dutty laff,fi de part bout Ms.Daffny running away all of dese have the same running lef dem woman mentality bout them

    nuh same wuh Jadion run leff Apple when she did a breed nd dem a duh sum sort a teef’n dem seh

    nuh same suh Kizzy get run leff tuh wid big belly mi nuh understand dem at all a dem suh fend fi yuhself mi luv see when yuh get home whether to today or nah


    Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    1. Low ambition get a hold of you? The picture look good…but because you a look “a buss” you up in a har battyhole like when car crash in a tree!

      No you weren’t joking you ambition low fi want buss from de likes a dis gal. Go work harder fi buss and stay buss! Dem gal yah buss a fi today, not tomorrow.

  6. Are you guys blind? Please tell me where Bobette is pretty? You guys needs glasses. Robert look like the Gully side batty man dem in Jamaica. Bobette stays bad. Do you guys think name brand makes you look gorgeous with nothing to back it. Good education and good standing in America makes people look gorgeous. Not stealing with your entire family and swiping people’s credit card.

    1. Have you seen where she coming from though? P!ease search the archives, after you see her beginning you will know of what the commenters speak.

  7. I don’t know this girl, but according to what I read over here, all this girl does is steal designer clothes to show off inna dance? And on the gram? How can someone live like that?

  8. She have ppl a JA a build a mansion fi her ???? Cuz it would suck to have to come back to nothing, plus these Jamaican girls dont need brands to look damn gorgeous so dont expect to run shit down here hunni.

  9. Lol battyman run faas ok u bad like 19 battyman I cah laugh no more oh god if u not busy come here now but on a serious note all them thieves that got deported in Jamaica from SANDRA Whyte to Blacky to pink lip ANGELA these bitches obviously not learning just fi prove seh dem can wear brand @ anonymous a want to tell u that they laugh at working class people like me & U and 99.9 % a dem a some big dunce… Facts !!! Frenchie u know urself.

    1. Miss Toya! Don’t mention the legendary sandy whyte name in sentence. Sandra was classy theif. She was the female Robin hood. Yes she got deported but not for shoplifting. Maybe that’s what you know or heard about her. But that was not the case why, she got deported(facts). First of all sandra is doing way better in Jamaica(facts). She mansion pon the hill,web bar sista Beverly and har buy together. Plus she have hotdog And plus she open a ice cream spot. And shi sell clothes where shi also travel; to others countries like Dubai,China,and india. And she tek plane like taxi. And vaca! Suh weh Yuh bout Miss Sandra whyte. Yuh think everybody a Jamaica poor! Bitch you got it twisted!!!!

  10. ANON 1:21 if yu nay a look fi a space up Inna di battyhole u wuddn see me up indeh! Yuh mumma have low ambition fi go birth a numbskull like yuh, a mussi yoh deadbeat pupa u wena look fah up Inna robbaz batty hole when u find me indeh (batt eyelashes again) tuh!

    1. Yu ambition just as low as the grung yu wukliss puppa breed yu whoring mumma pon. My daddy mek sure me Neva see and want! Worst BEG a buss from no gal.

      Mi can donate to you cause and tax write it off :ngakak bum bitch. Me legit, courtesy of mummy and daddy, fi diagnose and prescribe yu something fi you low state of being.

      Since yah beggar a pipe and a 8 ball should hold you. Me nah look fi share you shit estate! you left a stench when you did a slide up in a robbas battyhole earlier :ngakak

      GTFOH! Bum bitch :maho watch the emoji bat eyelashes in style….

  11. Lawdamassy pls stfu and have several seats ain’t nobody gives a f**k about ur ignorant ass & thiefing ugly Robbas weh use to work in a Sears in a Di ppl dem name Di time Robbas have a scam she go and try get a greencard & file for her mother and stop sending her in the stores to do returns for her when does this ever stop in the Jamaican Diaspora the glorification of brand name without an education don’t worry when Mr Trump wins this election we will see.

  12. Facts move u raas bout SANDRA tek plane like taxi a one time she guh China oh pls a thief is a raas thief bout classy what’s so classy about stealing that’s all u people glorify and what house pon hill har sista bought Di house by herself bcuz her man that died last year was serving time in jail and was about to get deported and had nowhere to go shades a old longtime crackhead weh Dave Lexus f**k har in a har batty nuh badda mek me read har file bout legendary why because they steal a few brand name and wear brand names SANDRA cannot read and write well har friend Mushi did talk Di tings dem bout Dubai u think u can guh Dubai Suh idiot gyal sit u raas down & stop praise thief !

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