Canadian Ex verses British Hubby &Dirty Canadian b*tch wife Bumper ……..Help help this little girl is suffering both parents are acting like a doghead on social media …Dirty Bumper and Dirty Oliver …Uno fi gwaan better jon public nuh need fi know uno business a little girl is hurting .
Yu Dirty old man Richard Ramsay AKA NATIONAL …RICHIE INDIAN from you why yu caan talk to yu batta ears wife fi stop .Yu no good step father cause your involve in drugs in the uk and your life dirty …Why uno a carry so ???

Uno none progressive elements weh uno nuh war and kill uno self….Big pussy bumper your a woman act responsible nuh b*tch …set up and stop the drama.

Loud mouth Oliver it nuh look nor sound good fi a yute fi brains you gwaan like a p**y under yu ..

Richie Indian weh yu get yuself inna…

12 thoughts on “CANADA MAN DREGS

  1. That Oliver guy is Nobody a Canada . I’m sorry but a man that poses naked on social media is NOT a man. You can see he is hurting .everyday he right a 4 page letter about your bm on Facebook and her husband. Wow something ain’t right about that guy . Typical dancehall mama man gossip and carry news from gal to gal. Besides that has anyone noticed this guy does not have one real Bredrin. please don’t trace me now that’s just my observation . Oliver a full time u if start act like a MAN

  2. Is this queer for real . Who wants to f**k small hood Oliver . My friend slept with hiim ONCE years ago and said she was disappointed so she never went back heard he can only suck suck good . Ladies he ain’t got no money . It’s all in his imagination

  3. dutty gal renee yenzi mumma wen yuh a go learn say di man yuh da wid a batty man yuh na see de pic di man just dun beat you di otha day an yuh tek him back de next day suh yuh desperate yuh ave di man a mak yuh pickney a clown on social media involving har in di mix up with dutty gal bumper dem sey him walk bout an lick butty and yuh da wid him yuh no betta dutty gal bumper yuh claim sah oliver touch yuh pickney an yuh di da with him fi over 10 yrs pure jackass da wid dutty boy oliver

  4. Is that FUR he’s wearing oh gosh battyman tek over pinkwalll again . I think he means any man would wanna f**k him

  5. Bumpa should a led Oliver from him make the pass or comments to her daughter, to go out on her mother sexy lingerie and come model Fi him, and all that her daughter even ran away she still Tek him back. KMT all waste and circling, cause she and Warren a BFF, him used to deh wide her cousin Donna, bumpa f**k him, cause a riff, then now she and him a bff, lol and her husband and him a big friend a way to be friends with the exes…or the 1 f**k….

  6. Olive says he’s too sexy and too nice …. clearly a undercover battyman dat. Which woman would want you . YUK come out of the closet already

  7. Only one idiot want you and stay with di batty man. Renee yenzi momma desperate dat. Di man sud yuh in front of people an behind yuh back every woman olive day wide him chat bout batty man dat free up yuh self gal a suh yuh desperate Fe di lickle cocks man

  8. True tink she na stop pose wid di man at him yard and he na stop talk how him no want her. She na stop push up herself pon di lick batty boy. Idiot dat all use her gay daughter daddy fi put car inna him name suh she fool fi him. Walking idiot dat.

  9. Oliver remember you are a nobody, you coming from nowhere, so you should be heading somewhere, you is a big disgrace to your family and children, you have nothing in Canada, not even a good rass bed or sofa bed, that is not life, at least everyone involved in this garbage, they all have a permanent roof over their head. Everyone that you were around from back in the days are way up, job, house car, condo, whatever but they all good except you, no fowl must did shit pon you why you are stuck, stunted, you can’t excel maybe too much pussy sucking, batty washing, just keeping you down.

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