Well well well, I see Candice A Brown-Mann finally reach pink wall. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Time to buss up the files!!Not the first time she tekk married man but I’m sure it WONT be the last time. Candice your such a highly intelligent mother why would are you still dealing with married man?What example you showing to your one daughter? You f**k off the Sean Kingston married cousin cause him was his producer and you did think seh he was gonna give you money? My girl em beat you like a punching bag and you end up mind him.Then you start mess with the ole reggae boyz football player and em dash you away like ole newspaper.Ya get a chance with a ole white man who married you and give you papers. Thank god for that. Atleast he took really good care of you. You had 2 cell phone, leased benz car, allowance every week cause you not working, rent paid, your child taken care of nicely. Atleast you had the sense to go school and get your AA in RN. But then before you graduate the old man cut the life support and divorced you. no more cell phone, lease on the car wasn’t gonna get renewed so you had to take back, cant pay for rent anymore. Poor ting. Welcome to the working class boo! LOL. Yes she really do have lupus but she love use it so ppl will feel sorry for her and she can use them to her liking. Last “official” man she had she used him until he get fed up of her and left her. She climb the man house and beat down his window and ring off the door bell. but she still couldn’t take the rejection. Her wotless mudda start sell her to different man from 15 years old and she get pregnant for a pilot not too long after that. Up to this day she dont know where to find that man.But she love tell ppl seh she left the man. nope not true. She start gwann like seh she a bad gal and start carry knife and gun. But she buck up on the right set of ppl cause one set of mudda and daughter hold her down and dig out her eye. She lucky she meet the white man who marry and he make her get reconstructed surgery on her face. And she luv tell man she she pregnant. Last man she tell seh she having twins!! All now they dont reach her yet!! DWRCL!!! BYE FELICIA!


  1. So har baby father is a pilot and she cah find him? Maybe he was flying the Malaysian plane weh go missing

    1. AA = Associate of Arts degree (1st degree)…so she still did something good with her life so far.

      1. I didn’t know you could get arts degree in RN. I thought nursing was science.

        I guess that’s the part where she learn how to dress up in scrubs.

  2. Senda, if her mother selling her since 15 a fi her fault? Adult males buying a minor and impregnating her and leaving her with a child a something fi cheer bout?

    Go sit your ass dung because the girl living AT ALL COST…what you doing with your self? (ignore the question because yu ago sey yu better than her..roll mi eyes)

    With lupus she can go at any time leave her fatherless daughter and you a cheer bout her being down..go sit your grudge full ass down and lo de girl fi live what little life she have left!

    1. Afternoon met and Metters! Happy Mother’s Day to all the northers out there! Now PP Do you see anyone cheering about her mother selling her at 15 or about her lupus? When she got pregnant for the German pilot she knew what she was doing and was dealing with the man. The sender ask if she had a file and guess what?She have one and it buss! She love lie,tek married man and when they done with her she love cry seh she pregnant for them. Maybe she need to try a different routine and look for a single man for herself instead of other ppl property. I’m just saying. There is noting to grudge about dear. I wouldn’t wish that lifestyle on my worst enemy cause at the end of the day your lonely same way. She should be a better example to her teenage girl bout to graduate from high school. So maybe you go think about that and go sit ya ass downi instead!

      1. For you to know so much about her you must have been her friend at one time. People like you is the reason I don’t keep fren and company.

  3. Anon is a trouble mekka. go sit yu ass dung and left people business de gal already get splash pon one website a pure disgrace.

  4. I dont feel sorry for her. Nope. Close your legs to married men and she would have never been splashed on any website,.

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