Email 1-Imagine u gone in a taboo gone strip off all u panty fi money girl u a big woman now and u have big children do f**g better .

Email 2-
Gone strip in a taboo fi 10 gran some a ouno gal make woman look bad u need to stop


  1. Nutty dog leave all the way from England, fi go strip off you sick stomache.Come on now my god, no morals nuttin bout you.You kids them fi hand them self straight, back to the social services.

    What kind of example you ah set to you kids, then years to come you same one ah complain.Dancehall really is your everything.

  2. What a disgrace For a big woman are you not Ashamed of your behaviour guess not your proud continue being a free sex slave

  3. Erm, Candy nah du nothing that people or her children don’t know about. Nuff of you go dance naked like a bottle inna see thru and g string and skin out. Worse Some of yu have the worse attitude. People talk about kids should go social and most of unnu give birth and du road next day. Unnu hypocrite. Humble unnuself because none ah unnu better then one another. Dancehall ah ALL ah unnu everything. Nutten good nah Come outta dancehall yet and if yu feel say brand clothes is sumtin good, unnu lost.

  4. Dutty mash mout sadamite Candi. Ugly woman look how u stay bad without makeup nastiness. You look as ugly as you friend Chantel long breast without the makeup. Man dun pon unuh nasty old woman. You and you friends dem dutty up dancehall. You lot sick stomach

  5. Candy is a freaking whore nutten bout herself. I saw the video this morning with total disgust. Since Lucky off the scene she turn fool fool. Dem ooman looking attention probably she aint getting enough here or she bruck like bottle.

  6. She did it for the money as she’s broke she didn’t realise it was being filmed and no she wasn’t raving she was stark naked on a stage with a woman behind her feeling her up and playing with her breasts while money was being thrown at her so all you supporting her why didn’t you give her a change as she’s skint she got fifty pounds to degrade herself

  7. @ParablesQueen This ah 2019 you see how the world ah run, we have to protect our kids.You ah go pon vacation, and end up inna strip club, ah wine up with gal who ah rub you down fi ah few jamacian dollar.

    No morals what so ever, respect yourself man.

  8. No shame!!!! Big disgrace… dressing in see thru is nothing like this… Candy sick stomach!! Jamaica currency is so low y not do it a England then..

  9. Who said the lady went to Jamaica to go strip? Unnu too judgemental. She obviously got in a vibe and went on the stage and gave the go go girls a run for their money. It was competitive. Nothing more, nothing less. Drink bust and she felt nice. Gosh man, you think she left all the way from the pound to the dollar….wise up. Plus she gonna have the last laugh. I bet most of unnu man go deh at she birthday party in March spending on drink and throwing money and investing in her ‘whoringness’. She’s marketing herself. She’s a brand. It may not be to everyone’s taste but she do her thing. Candy, gwan show whatever yu like because we done see under every dancehall ‘icon’. Disgrace ah stare at most people daily went them look inna dem mirror and whine up themselves for snap. Why unnu never come for Kerry when she carrying on naked same way.

  10. Too much hypocrisy who are we to judge from when it’s not you doing it why is it bothering you, each to their own as the previous person commented she is her own brand she will make monwy off this at her bday party regardless.

  11. Parablequeen let’s face it. Candy is a whoring slut. We all know. She don’t have any shame no self respect. Why should we honour her when she don’t rate herself. No self respecting man will want her or her friends either. They will stick them but they will never stay. Facts

  12. Black beauty that’s a dirty brand that nobody is buying. People will look and talk but no one is investing quality in these hoes

  13. Did somebody say that candy is a “Brand” Dwfl! Some a unu woman really Wukliss and fool fi tru if your supporting her bullshit like seriously. I knew Candy was just a fuck bucket when she left her 2 Pickney in the house to run go a party just so she could dive n slide all over the floor like the snake she is when money was being thrown, house nearly bun down with the kids in it one night and all long before the breast dem. Fuck for free entry and never had a cab fare to get home cheap ass bitch always last in the club waiting to hitch a ride. You right were you belong shaking that nasty ass for the ja doller coz ain’t nobody giving you a pound for it in no London club

  14. Wah kinda brand is candy? Cus if she a brand an so bruck mi nuh wan know if she wasnt a brand. Brand my ass. Candy is a cheap whoring slut no respect for herself or her kids. Bout brand u dunce and fool just like candy. A bet a Whoring Barbie write it. Kmt

  15. U stay bad though y u a dash word pon me inna Jamaica bout ya throw shade yes I me a send out ur video them

  16. Sender @ 9.40am.. that use Tash name u are very sad! Tash brave enough to say if it was here… Tash already talk her peace on live so why you a look trouble wid tash name. You so dunce Tash would never write Tash not so bless. smh

  17. Why does anyone stripping for money upset people? Who cares how old she and her children are?? How does this lady stripping make other females look bad sender??? There’s millions of strippers worldwide, they make you look bad too I suppose.

    Sender you should’ve given her the 10g before she went and danced being that her business upsets you so much!

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