Happy New Years Admin, hmid, I want to apologise to my baby mother candy gucci also know as doll faces for f***g Up again , I am sorry candy , someone please make her sea this, I didn’t mean to get the other girl pregnant, we will get through this , is only a baby, baby 2019 is going to be our yr, Married and all, forgot About the other girl pregnancy, I’m human, I’m a man, I love you candy I’m coming home to buff bay sooner than you think, please forgive me, I know you said you would leave if I get somebody else pregnant but don’t go, a you mi luv, no other man can’t treat yu good like mi, from your King , A Team


  1. Candy lef the bloodcloth ape weh can’t even spell. Go build a life with the new baby mom. I don’t even know yall and I hate you dwl. Piece a old half hearted apology and think u did something. Come gwope

  2. Candy ‘its only a baby’…Him want a chap pan every single finger him use type dat non-sense. Sir, its not ‘just a baby’. Its unprotected sex, its betrayal, its a bond with that mother for at least 18 years. What if the child is sickly? What if the child is slow? That means extra time, as well as extra resources. Sir, you will need to be there for PTA, Sports Day, help with home work, pay school fees, hospital visits etc. Sis, I can’t tell you what to do, but it wont be easy.

  3. Admin don’t you mean Candy’s sperm donor instead of babyfather!?? …cuz a man who can say “it’s ONLY a baby in reference to a precious child can’t truly be a father in REAL terms enuh!!Now yuh King Z team n rightful ruler of Jamal kingdom..mek grammar police address u now!

    No we don’t SEA Candy but if we beach or river her n SEE* a good reason to beg for a royal screw up like u..we just might.

    Known* not know.

    Face* not doll faces..cuz how many faces she one has Suh?

    ApologiZe not apologiSe* SMH
    Fcuking not fcuk*..cuz u ACTIVELY still doing that shyt so use the active tense.

    Why u asking her to FORGOT ?? it’s NOT in the past n is present tense so use Forget*..and no she can’ woman Nuh fool fool n fenke fenke Suh..well not any I know.

    U can’t say ” I’m Human n I’m a man” and leave it hanging like dat… D’ANGEL woulda sey “And so!!?” obviously forgot to put that being human n a man , you’re going to mek mistakes!

    Sarge in charge..passing through duty.
    Grammar police..To Correct and serve.

  4. Look like the 2019 babies coming through with brute force!!! Run him whey Candy, don’t tek him back. It’s 2019 ladies time to let these men know your worth and not settle for garbage. Same way he could have given you an STI/HIV an tell you it’s nothing to worry about. Candy go get tested and send him on his way.

  5. If I was her, I’d run fast as possible. Dont look back. Been down that road. The quicker u run him, the easier the healing process. A baby cannot be returned like bought clothes. Its forever. That’s a forever I’m not accepting. But its your life my girl.

  6. Karma is a bitch… D same way yuh get dem is d same u lose them. When she did a fuck richard he was married and d wife find out bout her n divorce him rass. Ungrateful dutty fucker. A dog is always a dog

  7. Well the same knife weh stick goat a ut a stick sheep. When candy did a fuck him he was very much married n she use to hype n post pics with no regard to the wife dwfl she nuh fi leave stay with u prize candy cause all inna your mind Issa prize u dud win dwfl dont leave candy it’s only a baby just like yours. Yuh fucka yuh.. wonda if Nicki a see this. There is a God

  8. Big New Year’s Day and dis a keep? Richard yuh Karma reach yuh. Memba how yuh reach weh yuh deh? Who a have the last laugh, it’s definitely not unu. Is a good ting di now ex-wife lef yuh dutty rass. Unu fava eediat. Karma is served when you least expect it.

    Happy New Year Met.

  9. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak All mi coulda duh a buss one big tinking laugh in yah :ngakak Candy issa betta yuh run like teef if yuh have sense yah man lmao.. den sumting can go suh :ngakak him hood mussi big cause him nuh have nuh sense yuh hear mi told yuh lol no sah. If a mi like yuh mi tek up mi foot inna mi hand an run!… But den again yuh supposed to gone already cause him a try get yuh back lol. Mi hudda love fi hear wah di breeding girl a seh yeah.

  10. Yes SE a same suh she taunt Nicki and dutty Richard Daley… Richard fi guh mind abbey. Fucka fi her.. How dem did do me friend she never know it wud a reach her worse. She fi tek every bun and baby him get…KARMA KARMA SHE CAME AT U VERY QUICK

  11. “We will get through this”. That is their problem, after fucking shit up they wanna be the one to make the decision whether you leave or stay. Its not up to u to say that sir!

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