The newest wanna be cash cow of dancehall looking a buss bad … He’s been link to stay bad inna clothes outta clothes idiot gal nickeshia also Tracy champion who’s fren monfia is now f**king , Candice posh , nichie instyle , kanisha bless , this guy is the real clown will pay for sex but make sure you are ready to sex without condoms and be prepare to give 3 some’s and be f***ked in the a*s … Da wanna be box a money boom


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    1. Davgal, you took the words right outta my mouth. Sender, how much did he pay you? Don’t be ashamed honey, is your body. You do with it as you see fit. Come ere…

  1. Well if it’s money he giving for sex he wants it his way nd if you want the money then it looks like ur going to do his way money talk natiness walks… To each its own that’s all I can say but respect ur body don’t get sick because u wanted the money to go spend on unproductive things…I’m just saying…

  2. Dutty Monifa and Tracy champion was friend and Monifa guh f**k boom behind Tracy back Fi $2. Monifa a long time whore, all di f**k she f**k di bitch still live at home with mommy. damn fool guh get a life monifa. Boom only give $200 and $300. Boom a dutty man from long time.

  3. Yes Monifa carry her slim friend fi boom f**k a Vegas last month but it never look like dem get no money. Boom trick and f**k dem. Monifa that fake ass boom never like it girl.

  4. Boom tek mi advice ooooo fuxx fuxx fuxx til yuh ere a vice seh fuxx no morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as long as yuh naw rape caw it luk like a bittah ex a ride yuh hood baddddd n cum fi damage yuh reputation but mek mi ask yuh a ting…wen yuh did fuxx kanisha did she suxx caw mi still a wait pon di man from florida ooman fi reel out di pics from di fone

    shaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii link dah gurl deh nuh please pon dem pics deh fimme nuh please :hammer

  5. Nickeshia is a nasty gyal she don’t like clean her house and she always in mix up that’s why Boom leave har . She and boom lef and she nuh stop walk and stalk him woman dem. She dash weh nuff belly she and her ugly friends from Philly . Nickeishia chat bout all her friend dem . She used to fu**k one old man and him married har and give har papers . This bitch is boom baby mother but him lef har finally.

    1. Same suh. Monifa shame on you old gal like you still live with mommy and still don’t own a good bed stop f**k fi free. Yuh dey a road every night in a yuh dutty body suit and tight. Yuh pussy stink. :kr :kr

  6. It’s very obvious that the sender is a hater of Nickeshia, I don’t see a why it is a problem she f**k and married to a old man for papers this is America she is working with what works for her at the end of the day she use her pussy wisely……’s very sad that your ass got f**ked and nothing………why would you the sender would want to go in someone’s house and talk about it again people do as they please Boom is a Mr. Nobody there are lots of Men out there dime a f**king dozen I am pretty sure she will find another …………..Sender please make sure you get pay next time before you get f**k in the ass…………..Shame on you

  7. One question wat happen to boom head miggle is which one of the harlots rub it out when he was :lapar :lapar :lapar lmaoooooooo n he need to button his damn shirt ole ass dude old as dirt kmt

  8. Dem bwoy deh out deh a floss wid dem $&@”cloth drug money and at the same time a pay fe fuc gal inna dem ass,him do look like a battyman,u flop!

  9. All the 3 some dem nickeshia give to boom it still never hold him. She act like she is di wife and the man bring Monifah go Vegas and all these things. Nickeshia sucked him dick in his range rover and go home and kiss her nephew them..this bitch is nasty..har friends keep tell har to clean har dutty house for a big woman

  10. Monifa guh Vegas and get f**k and come back a New York with no money you bitches are fool. Monifa all yuh have fi show a Body suit and Tights gal yuh luddy. Monifa yuh a 45year old and still live at mommy. Go get some ambition gal. Tracy champion was yuh bff and she di a f**k boom. Yuh see tracy a get money and yuh hide and f** him and nah get nothing nasty nasty. Friend like you mi guh Clorox fi drink.

  11. Monifa ur nasty, sneaky & the epitome of a snake. You and Tracey champion was bff a spar everywhere and u went and slept with Boom. Mi noh rate dat. All because yuh red eye fi di money tracey was bragging about. Oonu mek cocky and money ruin oonu frennship and reputation. Im not surprised cause all a oonu a ole tecka. Monifa whoring aids victim fren. Kawana in di mix to. Blackman gone a prison now soh she a dash it out. She wicked cause she know she sickand a spread it. God help all adem. Mmi hear sey she kawana a f**k one a boom fren dem to

  12. It’s a crying she how these so called men that use to be under the radar gets sucked into the black hole of dancehall. Dem did a mek dem miney pon di low, start knock heads with the dancehall flosser dem, then decide its their time to shine, start party and throw champagne and miney pon di grung, start sleep around and den left them good good woman that was their wen dem wasnt shit. Name a call up now sey dem have money, gal sok n set dem up fi taker boys rob dem, hustlin agoh slow dung cause dem a spend off dem profit a try floss or di feds soon start watch dem. Fools! Illiterates! Total 360º dem do wid dem lifestyle

  13. Boom is a cool youth why it a bother u sender if him a spend him money pon gyal. Y chu him never spend it pon you..da man not even go out regular . Dancehall mash up bad bad

  14. Nicky is a slut from long time she jus did a pretend…dat bitch love to give 3 some and she used to f**k one girl name Kizzy . I can’t believe she and boom break up . They always fighting though. Couple time him black and blue her eyes dem

  15. Omg…. are u people for real this story Is bull shit leave the man name out of woman shit bloodclot trashy bashy u are di send this in just cause u get u ass buss a the man party and feel like shit u bad mind bitch just cause u ugly man have the gal him did a f**k in a boom party and she look batter than u ugly trashy why u give ur self so much trouble if boom want f**k the world why is it ur f**king business just cause him nuh want to f**k u u put everybody out there leave the man him have up him good good woman him dont want anyone but her.. And if him want to f**k 3some 5some 10 some so what teach ur man how to f** k because mi friend say him cant f**k go teach him how to f**k and stop f**k every one man old done out dancehall beat out bitch … Boom my advice to you is stop f**k them dutty done out hole gal and u name won’t call u babymother mouth alone is wicked and puls she a f**k the little man down the road Monifa a long time dog kawana she need to put up she stay bad not to mention!!!! Boom take away you self from these non-progressive bitches u have someone good and respectable.let go the bad vibes them all them want is you money then turn around a chat u them fi get f**k in a them mouth chat too much I don’t even see u on the street and them still a call u name if it’s not for u some a them and them man don’t eat!!!!$ u have u money tell tham go suck them mother and go build a life

  16. Stinking hold gal leave the man name f*king f**k out gal if him a cash cow what dose that tell you idiot gal him have up his money some time u have to pay for f**k him look rass good sorry for you u should have join the line and stop worry bout him dick boom tell her u nu want none a the gal she writing in the introduction u have u woman nastiness leave him just cause u can beat ur man and run him like a stoode dick make fi f**k pussy f**k them and leave tham him know who him want don’t

  17. Boom u look good u dick big and nice let them hate….. Them can’ttttttttttt get that dick Cry bitches
    Lol hahahahahahhahahahahahaha ……………sender u are a hater …. Kill them boom let the bitch talk —–monkey madness stop bleach out gal —– smh dam $$$$$$$$cow keep on spending ur money u not begging nobady nothing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ how u mad with a man that spending his own money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SHELLING ***** SHELL OUT THE ENDS BOOOOOOOOM

  18. Nikki u look tired and stressed out u too worry over boom dick go find a pum pum to suck you will feel better that ur stylle boom done with u stop use the little girl to get him back how you say u don’t want him but you still a call and cry to him my my my n this is serious, you don’t have any self-esteem

  19. Scareface,donna bless,anonymous all a you get paid fe defend the cow?the man a live a dirty life and you soon hear the big A inna him blood<#€£,not d time now to be f**king around with all these dirty gal,€ and you same ones a defend him gonna have to go hide,cause a them same one a get f**k inna them ass and get paid and a carry shit also dirty motherf……kers,suck pussy boom u have u beating coming slowly!

  20. Bitch scarface u better shut the f**k up,last place we c u at the loft… shutup before we start spill ur busn!bitch

  21. Unno sad this man have all a unno head I go crazy what is the problem it seem as it the sender want a batty f**k are she get one and don’t get pay boom pay the woman for her batty dwfl!!!! BOOM this is a perfect example of lying with dogs and rise with fleas

  22. Lmaooooooooooooo!!!!!!! a which dutty nasty jhoncrow idiot dumb stinking pussy bitch send this in unno don’t have any thing to do you make sure u don’t get ur beating soon than u think how u fi say that bitch boom must suck ur pussy that why u so sure bitch shut the f**k up unno in a ppl business too f**king much nasty dutty gal u jelouse over the man go suck a dick bitch u can’t do shit what u a go f**k a man fi beat him look pon u nastyness U need to stop before this get ugly bitch

  23. Tashy bashy stop,send in ppl picture. If is not for Boom you and your man can’t eat food or pay your rent. Nasty trashy bashy you look sick like aids victim. Why you mad if the man a f**k . You did want a f**k to

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