A Finnish court on Tuesday jailed five members of Cuba’s national volleyball team for gang raping a woman during a Volleyball World League championship in July and filming the attack.

According to the charge sheet, four of the players subjected the woman, whose identity was not revealed, to an hour-and-a-half ordeal which they filmed and photographed.

These four, team captain Rolando Cepeda Abreu (27), Abrahan Alfonso Gavilan (21), Ricardo Calvo Manzano (19) and Osmany Uriarte Mestre (21) received five-year prison sentences for aggravated rape.

A fifth player, Luis Sosa Sierra (21), received a shorter sentence of three years and six months, while the court acquitted a sixth teammate, Dariel Albo Miranda (24).

The Pirkanmaa district court in southern Finland ruled the woman had met some of the players at a basement nightclub in the hotel where the Cuban team was staying during the tournament in Tampere on the night of July 2.

She later agreed to go upstairs to Uriarte Mestre’s room and the two had sex, at first with her consent.

But Uriarte Mestre then invited Calvo Manzano – followed by his other teammates – to the room without her consent, the court found.

According to the prosecutor, Uriarte Mestre, Calvo Manzano, Cepeda Abreu and Alfonso Gavilan “had together and in mutual understanding forced (the victim) to several acts of sexual intercourse by means of violence and by taking advantage of (her) fear and state of helplessness.”

The charge sheet said the men pulled her by her hair and held her by her neck, among other things, to stop her from leaving the room, while she screamed for them to stop.

The prosecutor said the victim’s ordeal lasted two and a half hours, but the court found the hotel’s video monitoring system showed the events took place within an hour and a half.

The players had denied the charges, saying the sex had been consensual.

The court handed Sosa Sierra a shorter sentence than the others because he raped her in another hotel room, without the others present.

6 thoughts on “CASTRO GWINE KILL DEM

  1. He got a shorter sentence because him rape har in another room? a wah di hell? suh, suh, suh nuh still rape? U right dem going to dead caz Castro nuh like di embarissments…smh – young men like dem yah depraved much?

  2. Oh, so it’s a trend with the Cuban male athletics team then? Same way their football team came here for a match a couple years ago & an American girl reported on about 3 of them for rape. I just recently heard that she’s suing down to the country (Cuba) for what happened to her. They need to check themselves.

  3. only him get permission, and dem film what went on, here we go again the phone, how dem say dat cant happen a cuba? u soon hear dem say a US influence, but, wait these people never had phones up to recently seems a myth nutten cant happen deh like a no cock them have like everyone else or them no normal out of order people with them libido tun up

    1. It didn’t happen in Cuba, so phone was easy access abroad and natural blonde, blue eyes a rarity a Cuba, so the libidos tun up till it ago cost them more than a prison sentence. Dem phuck fi life at home and abroad.

      Cindy I’m familiar with the case you cited.

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