1. Nice looking until…….the last photo. Why the sudden deformity wid de girl neck and shoulder blades??

    P.S. Dude stop wid de Champagne bath…stupid nigger antics…

  2. Nice black girl love her dress . She’s on point hair style above the neck shows off her face 🙂 :peluk :ck

  3. Mi like dem togetherr. all a di groupie dem come and go and Gee nah leff har out.
    Pinky muss a knock 10 tambarine she move way from Flippa groupie days.. Gee you fi teck heed now wid ur splashments . you know Flippa love you so .. not annada word papa.

    I hope the last pick was an engagement she deserve it after all these years..
    Groupies eat unuh heart out cause unuh try but di man seh no way…
    Gee all mi wah do a play inna you hair and scrream ur name babbbbyyyy :mahongintip :kiss

  4. GM Met and everyone else.
    When will these people learn that flossing does NOT pay.
    Look what happen to flipper (read n learn)

  5. Pretty girl but what mi caah understand is why dem man yah a dash weh champagne, him Gucci belt alone a couple stacks but she have on go Jane 30 dolls shoes and dressmekka dress weh nuh bitch up good a di top???? Yuh a dash out champagne yuh try mek sure seh mi match your fly…

    1. Di gal look nice inna a $30 shoes. Maybe some a unnu fi try live simple like she and a man would love you just for that reason. Gal go college and know about spending money wisely no t wasting it and be hungry di next day. you go dat far fi notice seh di dress a malfunction?? mi convince Gee slap you and duck you…

      1. Her shoes might cost $30 dollars but she live in a condo in Manhattan and drive a porsche truck and own two houses in Philly. What do you own?

        1. U r a lyinggggggggggggggggg lizard with all that wonderful stuff she wouldn’t wear a $30 shoes to har man dance nope smh not buying that unnu toooo rawsssssssseeee lieeeeeeee

    2. Is who tell yuh bout di shoe site? Mi memba mi buy wa shoes from there ova 10 years ago ( pretty pair ah shoes)..yuh si when mi tek bout 4 good steps inna mi boot the heel pop weh gone leff mi..never been back on that site since :hoax2

  6. She looks NICE! Love the dress, fit her nice & hair, make-up & accessories nuh outlandish! Di 2 ah dem look good together. I don’t know di back story wid dem 2 but dem visually fit dem one anodda!

  7. Up top unno say she own what and drive what? Better have the tax documents to prove how she can afford several properties and how the man can dash champagne and wear now ties shoes cause me tired of this now. The men of this lifestyle arem falling so quickly these days.

    1. I use to rent from her in upper Darby.. She’s cool. Only thing I would have to say is when something goes wrong in the apartment don’t send ur Jamaican friend dem weh have no idea weh dem ah do.. Send real fixers the person up top stop try bring down ppl.. Not all are the same.. U obviously don’t kno anything about starting from the bottom.. She started off with loans from the bank and u build from there. Even if anuh such.. She’s generating enough from her rented out apartments and house to where anybody can’t question anything. Too bad flippa Neva flip him money and do something profitable.. Or maybe we just don’t know about it..

  8. She looks nice, I like the dress and love the hair. However I don’t like that shoe with the dress and the top of the dress looks unfinshed. The dress would have looked better IMO with a piece of black material attached to the front of the dress (cut in a circular shape like the pockets) that goes around her neck with a nice clasp closure.

  9. Dutty Blootclot Stephaine yuh stink like dead mold. All this bitch do is walk and spend har rass money pon this man, yuh damn ediot. Go pay yuh rass school loans yuh figging ediot. all di degree dem weh yuh say yuh have nuh even match di amount of matie yuh have. Yuh ever ah come ah new york like di people dem like yuh, yuh soon get a buss head from yuh New York matie dem like fat girl 106 Park. Yuh man ever clean and yuh ever look like dry board, how him fi ah use yuh money and yuh can’t buy notthing nice my girl. oh by di way mi ever ah drive up inna yuh Porsche.

    1. So lemme get this str88.. :nerd …the girl stink liked mildew and what nots, but yet still yuh a drive up inna the lady vehicle?????? Question: why yuh ah drive up ah dung inna the lady vehicle weh suppose to stink like ole mildew tuh?? :siul

    2. U sound mad.. Did gee promise u he was gonna leave her for u boo.. Y u do upset.. She always looks good, she nuh boasy boasy. How u know she’s not paying school loans.. Do u not know wen u file taxes it’s taken out every Yr plus what u pay Yr round.. Stfu

  10. She always looks nice and if she hav 2 property and a condo and Porsche mi see why gee still around. Ilike them 2 . Did gee stop stealing

  11. A what happen to some a Unruh bout weh she own an mill deh a America cheap cheap..have a couple thousand and every body can get a degree..she have house an land..and??? Anybody can get dat…stay deh…mi enuh grudge dem mi dare cause mi pay mi property tax an mi house still being paid for by my honest salary so unnu will Neva see uncle sam collar mi nor mi family a merica because a how mi get mi money..lmaaaoo Lol….pay close attention to di saga wid di people dem weh have all di assets but Sam got dem tickets. A hope him save some a so champagne cause flippa an Marsha can tell dem seh champagne no sell a prison..lmaaaoo

    1. Bitch u a hater.. Anuh degree cheap cheap. U must obviously Neva been to a college because those who have been know student loans is not a joke. Students loans can take up to 10-25 or more to pay off.. U need to educate urself my girl. Y u think ppl are constantly trying to vote for senate to lower student loans.. Have a couple thousands and anybody can have a degree bitch u sound stupid. If its so easy and cheap Show urs.. Not anybody can get house and land. If u no have the money to buy it full cash u have to get approved by a bank.. A house in a good neighborhood in philly is 80thousand and up. What average person has that cash.. Worst yet to buy multiple house.. Stop try downplay this girl achievements.. Not anybody can get house, land and good car because not everybody have ambition and that’s what u need to accomplish these things.. Or else everybody would be living good.

  12. Cute girl, but why she lookin so sad in the last pic? Her body language n’ facial expression says a lot..screams BOREDOM..


      1. I’m not from Philly , I don’t know these people but he look like he on the DL, with that skin tight suit, them shoes, and the hair Look to woman-ish. Like him perm his hair than braid it up in sections than pull them out for that hair style. Man fi look like man. These dudes take the Italian designer clothes & other top designer clothes and judge them fi go party put dem fi know seh, balls & cocky fi have room & space to breathe so you don’t kill off your sperm count. I’m just saying…”Pants fi have room” like Beenie man sing back in the day.. “Versace is ah Battyman, but yet still get wear by the most bad ma dem” if I laugh I pop up!

        1. Forgot abou the young lady, she look very nice, cute hair, nice dress, and if what people are saying us true she has her head on her body, keep doing you girl looks lie your success ah bun some dutty gal. Oh I must and its so nice to see a black girl, who is in her natural skin tone. Nice pretty black girl, no bleach & and that is so refreshing to see in dancehall. Just watch your man movements him look like him lean.

  13. She look good.. Nice shape..dress fit her nice..and look good styled good and I like her shoes with her dress regardless how much they cost…show off bring disgrace…didnt somebody just learn that the hard ward….the only person she have to impress is herself…1st time I ever see Gee with woman..they look happy and good together

  14. I use to rent from her in upper Darby.. She’s cool. Only thing I would have to say is when something goes wrong in the apartment don’t send ur Jamaican friend dem weh have no idea weh dem ah do.. Send real fixers the person up top stop try bring down ppl.. Not all are the same.. U obviously don’t kno anything about starting from the bottom.. She started off with loans from the bank and u build from there. Even if anuh such.. She’s generating enough from her rented out apartments and house to where anybody can’t question anything. Too bad flippa Neva flip him money and do something profitable.. Or maybe we just don’t know about it..

  15. Wid all these assessts stated, this chick is rich nuh true?? :hoax ..Unu lie nuh raasclaate..She luks nice, thats euff..


  17. Pus gone and rat tek over dwl, what Gee a look pon is that filppa gone and the bottle dem need to pop. i hope he can show the feds how him can wash him hair and body with big money water that did mek real hard working people that can show how dem money talk fi dem.

    1. one talk yuh must be rass deaf, di gal ah pay fi dem wid har big job plus di man work. him ah use out all har money and rest fi hiiim own. dwl

  18. Uno sick stomach smfh y can’t she drive a porshe, live in a condo n own couple houses? That’s not impossible u know! This Is America with good credit u get anything.

  19. She looks nice and so does he. Gee is a good guy as far as I know, I use to mess around with him many years ago my only problem with him was the pinky finger cocky. So mek her gwan wid har man they look good together. If she has all that going for herself good for her. Some of you ppl are haters, its like damn if you do and damn if you don’t. Leave them alone. My advice to Gee is ‘don’t pick up weh flippa left off ‘hypeness was never your thing’ please and thank you. Although I know you and the allstars mark, ekel, jigga etc did ah rinse in champaign since the days of upper deck late 90s early 2000s so unno stay dey and chat shit weh yuh doh know bout. He did the poppings long b4 flippa!

    1. yuh soun like yuh a di ooman inna di pic smh weh pawt yuh see anybody a hate? all wi a seh is washin hair an shoes inna dance wid champagne is a hype ting n it wi bring disgrace now run on and if is not you tek mi advice..doah fuxx ppl man yuh ere :nerd

      1. Nope… Observer just like you..the girl look good man…that comment was directed toward her…I’m just glad to see him out with a girl ..I was startin to wonder about him..

      2. Observer good morning, I never mentioned you being a hater I was referring to the comments made about the young lady driving a nice car and living in the condo. I totally agree with your statement, being hype is not a good look and as far as me f**king ppl man, I am happily married and have been for the pass seven years.I don’t even go to parties. If you read my comment properly you would see I said I ‘Use’ to deal with him many years ago and back then homegirl did not exsist. Gee is still a good friend of mine I don’t have no malice with anyone I just don’t wanna see him end up like flippa bc of hypeness. Have a bless day 🙂 ONE LOVE!

    1. Yes Chuetty, and can cause serious bodily injuries if the boot heel pop weh and there is no one to grab on to as you fall..

  20. Boy I think Jamaican people really naw get this rich thing. Summady can have a thing but that no mean them rass rich, especially when a illegal dealings get you that rass. Everything uno talk bout grudge people. Mi naw grudge nobody cause me know me can’t manage neither jail nor prison. Anybody can own nice car a America once you have job weh steady. Is like the other day me go look pan a site and see Lexus a sell car with no down payment and 300 odd dollar a month for mussi three years. A lot of these drugs men weh a do them thing like deh with career girl cause she help them clean them money and then the gal them get a thing out of it in return.

    Most of these women know exactly how the financial struggle go for the man them and claim seh them love the man them so them a wait it out. Of course the man them tell them how much, “just cool baby you done know man and man haffi floss fi mek people feel like things a gwaan a so we mek a money.” Then them turn round and cut corners fi buy the gal them things. And another thing is a lot of these people buy these name brand goods at second hand shop, especially the English them.

    So people can gwaan chat wait till the riot attack read out. Anyway no more flippa saga a Dowza it deh now. Lawd mek I go do road and when I come back I hope the soap opera will not fail the I.

  21. Wata way dem hav di same hair do…
    di gyal fayva patu..
    she gwan like leggo beast wen she ready..
    she neva look good yet..har man eva inna name brand clothes and she inna dressmaka special
    har face eva mek up like bull cow like any body want har man sample

  22. Cute lady! People a full time unu realize seh a nuh everything wah glitter a gold. Mi know a hype boy a Cali now wah wear bare Gucci, and Tom Ford is a BMW him drive and trust and believe him a beg mi fren $85.00 fi pay phone bill. The glitter can ongle frighten who nuh know betta, suh nuttin nah gwaan uppa tap fi hate pon. Unu spend unu ongle dalla fi hype pon people wah nuh care zero about unu den unu hide the BMW bakka people house fi it nuh get repo.. Ratchet!!!

  23. Pinky nuh listen ah long time har mother tell har fi left di user boyz. she spend spend every money inna him dance redit him high fashion designer clothe and buy him car fi model inna wid otha gals. she no learn so har education never teach har nothing damn ediot . mi and har mother ah friend, but di little gal nuh listen she too rass hard headed and love di hype.

  24. Me check say Gee make a honest living a drive bus inna new york….as for pinky me just no like har sense of fashion but she seem like a nice girl to me.

    1. lmao no the hell he don’t! Any women with any sense will turn each and everyone down

      Flippa – turned down stayed trying to holla even with marsha in the room
      Shawn Sharpe – i can smell the user and fraud on his breath turned him down
      Gee- Nope didn’t even give him the right name lol

      All of them thats “hype” in Philly (its small) have tried to holla at one point of another because I have my shit together, ALL OF THEM IS THE SAME! I’m not going to be used by nobody broke negros cry cry beg borrow and steal.

  25. @ breeze ouch u brave if I was Stephanie I buss ur rass caz u too f**king bright u taking the girl man n hsve the nerve to chat say you driving up inna the ca str88 beating to ur skin. some a philly whoring gal them bright unno f**k with my man n unno will rass c.

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