So Met. Look here Deh! This is “ChanelSubk” aka Konshens Ex assistant/woman AKA KareemBigdreams ex woman.
The other girl a Kareem “best fren” now the whole three a dem mussi did use to have cheesome cuz as Kareem run Weh the dancehall mattress… The friend stop talk to Chanel.
Anyways me think a did just dancehall people war over man and act wild. One party keep a Ochi over the weekend. On the way back to Kingston the wo Gyal dem put down a piece a fighting. One a dem naked naked and all these things. Kareem him grab the magwa Gyal and drive weh wid Har. Lef Chanel pon the highway. Big excitement and crowd draw. When dem Likkle Gyal yah ago stop act like waste Gyal??
And met. Jus find out why exactly konshens Fire the Gyal





  1. When since Chanel start war gyal ?? And big pussy Nicole when u tell u ex f**ka man woman fi guh suck har madda inna the party and dem shell u dung mek u haffi check inna hospital u neva learn u lesson. Batty man Kareem is the only person who fcks with u, u look dutty an stay bad ! Chanel mi see seh u bruck right out now cuz u wouldnt war no gyal if a one time, a wah bout the batty man suh ?? The money ?? Unuh sad like. Idk how Chanel reach to this, but we all know that there are educated but very stupid bitches running around these days.

  2. Who would really fight with dutty poochie (Nicole) Weh walk and f**k and suck anything Pon 2 feet! Next!

  3. From Kareem and the whore Deh Konshens did get jealous and start pree Har. she and Latiesha which is Konshens wifey did close. Chanel post the pickney everyday. Post the lady everyday. Latty mussi did start realize seh she and konz really did a f**k and big show down Gwan. Chanel all delete the pickney picha from hat profile. Konshens did affe Fire Har.

  4. Trashy girls always fighting over some wannabe… If you have some likkle gimmick to you in Jamaica the women will war over you, whether it’s you flex like foreigner but you Neva Tek plane yet, or you gwaan like you’re rich when you’re in actuality the brokest thing alive or you gwaan like you’re mister fashion when all of your clothes them are designer imposters. Just have a gimmick to you and the fool-fool girls in Jamaica will line up to join your harem and embarrass themselves in public trying to preserve whatever phucker you relationship you have going on.

  5. Sickening. If this story is real, these girls need to conduct themselves better. The man cudda cute and rich that’s not an excuse. Where’s their morals? Them mother still living? Cause if this was my relative I would be vastly upset.

  6. Yow dis nuh surprising yuh have some good looking ppl weh di man treat dem like di animal weh eat jancrow….. but chu dem nuh know di worth kill dem dead a di best..

  7. Mi still caah get ova di time konshen wear di gal clothes so mi naw picture him as nuh cocky slinging man weh a do 3sum.. if you said with guys I could understand cause I see him catching.

  8. I always think this boy is gay cause several times a him check me in at the airport and the way him talk and act mi seh is another girly this. One big batty man that and him Parr with a bag a gal..

  9. Latty Konshines is not who they are fighting over, Kareem is, he is the one who they are saying did the threesomes. Read and comprehend.

  10. So I’ve been following posts regarding this Kareem fellow…never actually met him, but seen him out and about doing his thing (having a good time) wid sum of Kingston Trashiest Girls.
    Now these “girls”
    1: Nicole aka poochie-a known trouble maker and news carrier from School days til now hence the reason she only has ONE frien…Kareem. The last time she f**k wid smaddy she end up innah hospital and almost dead…yuppp, propperrrr ass whoooping. Mi think by now she wudda learn ar BBC lesson fi stop walk and mek trouble and carry news. I don’t know why Kareem endorse her so much because all she do is bring attention to the young man. She needs to f***g quit before she end up wussss dan wah did reach ar the other day man. The world hates her and her negative mischievous ways. (And those are facts…ask Nino ex bout ar)
    2: Chanel aka Submattress. Is like she’s still trying to find herself by f***g and befriending every man dat will tolerate her. Everything bout ar spells trouble and mix up. For a UPTOWN GIRL (UNLIKE POOCHIE) she need fi stay innah ar lane and stop mek people abuse and confuse ar BIG HEAD…KAREEM I’ve heard no longer wants her abused vaginal cavity…so she needs to move on and find a next man and some real friends weh nah carry around business to her ex boss Konshenz.
    Now You Kareem….sigh….potential kyah done…, but him just love di whores of Kingston and the gold diggers. The lime light and party scene is “good” but be warned of the likkle ticky ticky dem weh yah f**k. Some a dem a jus croses x1000. From you did crash u shudda wise up and go soak off u hood innah some sea salt and vinegar fi purge off the curse of MONA Lisa…yes she….the witch weh dead and come back to haunt you. People….to be honest…I was wondering how the summer start and mi nuh see no post bout Missa BIG Dreams…but mi talk too soon. Interesting times ahead…

  11. Mi predict this about chanel groupie Ivey,she tek offa har mada Jackie,she breed wid chanel inna 1992 and chanel fada left her while she a breed.Chanel destined to be like this,she will looking all in the wrong places.

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