Now met look at the gal how she desperate for man nearly 40 years old and come on live a show breast n lick tongue. Charlotte from lucky gone u so desperate but him not coming back . U bring nyeisha go do 3s*m n lucky tell everybody her p***y better than yours now a she him choose. Them deh all bout not hiding n u a take set on the girl but them a plan to you the next time cause lucky tell her lock you up. Go get a life n stop act so desperate to man bout u a show breast u is a big old woman back up.


  1. She naked, look horny, look like she a smoke crack hard plus there’s someone else in the room and a new born baby making noise. Now, mi no know a who fa Pitney Charlitte cyah breed.. But child protected services need to be not tified. Careless and nasty cannot even describe the situation. lol k like she a look another orgy from the media.SMH. Very sad!!!!

  2. Well another video has emerged of luckys other girl, Elle the one that beat Kerry noway. Anyway Elle is teefing out weave with birdie and her crying baby in a cheap hair shop. you and birdie are Disgusting. And Charlotte I saw your nude video it loiks like a cry for help smh its not a good look my friend. dont devalue yourself for mr luck weh never get stuck. I thought you had more class girl. Lucky is gone and him naa come back. Bring on 2018.

  3. Those dancehall guys have never had a good woman yet thiiefs drug sellers shoplifters escorts I have never seen any of them with anyone decent that’s because they are not decent themselves any of them ever own houses here or abroad it’s all about breasts hair bleaching partying what kind of life is that one man will have 5 women 5 of them don’t make even 1 the women fight over the men what for what does the men give them NOTHING


  5. Whoring Charlette your claim to fame is over, now you are no longer with Lucky no-ones cares about you. So making appearances titled ‘I’m back’ is a joke.

    This is what happens when your name is only a name when it is linked to a name – get it ?

  6. Charlette yuh ugly plus tax…. I know you give it your best shot loosing must hurt because you Suck every gal pussy after lucky f**k them miss clean up, yuh pussy need a new gear stick. Gwaan to gully bop him a pussy specialist…

  7. How do you know charlotte can’t have kids. Women can be so bad mind and horrible towards each other. If Charlotte had a child u lot all know that she would give her child the world and her child would look plush have respect and probably go to a nice private school. So stop hating on the girl. She works hard as f**k. and she dont need to beg man for shit. You got too rate her for her ambition cause she don’t have to teef for her tings. Anyone can own a business If lucky using her shame on lucky. Everyone gets used in life. char all I know is its your choice if u want to go back to lucky. But if you do after fighting coco and all that’s taken place before and after the fight with luckys cheating. Go back. But you will go down as one of the biggest manclown in Uk dancehall history. Sandy left him in the dirt you can too.

  8. What you calling independent, all Charlotte do is sell drugs to keep Lucky, the shop is just a front we all know that, now her sad ass waiting to be sentenced for that. The bitch know she’s a empty barrel. Better she was shoplifting she would be facing less time. Sad bitch that’s what you get trying to keep a man because of fame. Bitch mad ugly too, smiling like a donkey…

  9. Di gal don’t have no money it’s all fake shoes and bag ioffer she shop can’t even pay her rent she’s afraid to sell the drugs now police on her. Bitch go get a job you’re apple Wonan be.

  10. Christmas is only around the corner, Lucky so crawl back he needs his brands to hype over the festive season is she back with longhead yet

  11. Charlette funeral service is to held at church of London at 4pm Saturday the 28/ Oct 2017 please wear all black in memory of man clown

  12. This gal sick inner her head why would she come on live showing off her body when it not even stay good, man you look like a transsexual

  13. Lucky don’t want none of them. Sandy put her ole self on pink wall to look notice… who does that sick ole woman looking for a come back

  14. Who still have sandy sex tape sucking lucky dick” I swear lucky send out a sex tape with sand sucking his dick

  15. Imagine the big diss she get from her babyfather and still want to be raving going on like shes all that for a big woman disgraceful.

  16. The germs cah get rid of lucky she obsessed with him a lucky get rid a di shit,she and Sandy a di same shithouse cause dem invest inna lucky and him never want them and just take them things then drop dem like a bad habit

  17. Sunday night the germs charlette inna ginger sky and look notice from lucky drunk and a skin out her duty pussy. The boss don’t even look pan the dogshit

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