Dear Met
Mi see the one charm a post post pon her IG …bout her son & a vent how she has learnt her lesson…how she nah left her son to take the streets …taking care of her responsibility and single mom….mi jus wah clarify a she same one Weh did a hype hype up bout her LA & Vegas trips dem to Jigga…not even fart him nah fart pon her now…gal get f**k and duck & him nah even a mine di baby
See me screenshot her post …..Weh JIGGA do her ???CHARM


  1. Sender mi nuh see weh u a try point out in the screenshot… mi still a look mi need a magnifying glass cuz mi still a look :cystg

  2. Lawd man senda wah Inna dis fi sen een, she put it out fi di werl see so u nay need fi send it yahso.. A longtime JIGGA an CHARM lef she was jus in denial an u know dem typical j’can man deh start act funny as soon as Pitney come into play. She know him always a cheat pon har an always sit down a accept it did madness so ano ntn new mek dem lef, she did always want a fairytale life wid jigga (kids and marriage) and him Neva want di sameting, him check fi har but not as close as how she feel bout him. Watch u frens CHARM cause a dem same one a laugh offa yo to how yu use to hype bout “bae dis an bae DAT”, everybody know a jus u did in denial mi dear but a so life go glad u learn from it, at the end of the day u get u blessing. DAT a 1 love weh will never fail mama

  3. Sender why you cut off the girl face? U nuh want we fi see that the girl is prettier than don’t it. All now I don’t see nothig pertaining to what you’re saying, it look like you dunce too :ngakak like Jigga. Wooooiiiii :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Cause u would have to see it in all her previous post too. It’s obvious. But how well… We all go thru it with man one way or the next

  5. LATTY a DAT yu an dutty JIGGA did want but abayyyy too bad fi unu di gal bring har yute, juss know say di whole Lotta unnu weh him a fxxk nah get no wifed up so das all unnu ago get an a dose a std or aids . Me glad she finally come to har senses fi mek da dutty boy deh stop boss har up an tek har fi granted. A better she tek back har big man dem or har gal dem

  6. Jesus christ u know say mi a tell smaddy bout this yesterday. Met she usd to fly out to LA regular and since she had the baby all those picture come down. Look like the man didn’t wanted the child. She seems hurt I hope she will be the best mother to her son and put the dirty man to shame.

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