Dear Met,
you see da lady inna the first pic. Mi have some mix up on har. She new to the dancehall fi har husband and she come from NY dem move auh Atlanta dem well known in Upstate Ny. Well afta 15 year a marriage da man breed one Gyal pon har. So she divorce da bwoy when him inna jail and him get dep one time already. But mi and har hav a mutal fren and dem say she don’t stop enjoy har self. Da next Gyal is har dawta. Da only thing mi really here that dem good people. But all auh da dancehall ooman tink dem come drop down inna dem timeline like fb dwl. But mi hear da mummy auh deal with The #1 selector in Atlanta mi nah call him name. Mi here dem hav money cause da husband do road hard fi dem. but dem say she really nah left har good up husband. Let’s wait an see.



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