Met mi cousin son mother continue going around spreading rumors saying he is a battyman, all because him lef r n got another girl in her community pregnant. Cherry ann go n look a life n avoid Fanso name. Mi ignorant fi yuh ediot gal…..

7 thoughts on “CHEEKS PART 2

  1. Senda how yuh know him Neva sex har inna har bottom? Mi nah defend no cousin dem way yah not even mi sista! Senda people a nuh idiot everybody knows that man and woman capable a anything. Mek Di man next woman weh him Neva sex inna fi har bottom defend dis cause it just sound like yuh cousin a f@ck yuh too just not inna yuh bottom kmt

  2. Me juss a ask one question if she couldnt sweep up the hard before she tek the pic? And sprinkle some wata fi keep down the dirt.

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