1. Oh Hell to di maddaf**g nooooo . ….now this is some bullshit that I’ll personally go a jail fah lick who fah Pitney suh… fi Ans a damn question wrong u must b mad.

  2. Not my child. I’m making it very VERY clear ramp word my child it’s ur ass. Let mu know the problem n I will deal with it but u mek sure u don’t touch my child. Especially for giving the wrong answer isn’t the point of going to school to learn what the answer is. KMFT dem teacher now a days don’t want to do nothing.

  3. Long time dem sumptn yah a gwaan, I still have what looks like a railway on my arms from being hit by the principal’s wife of my all age school for something similar. Swear tuh god if mi see some a my teacher dem now all if dem ole and a shake mi a push dem dung.

  4. Sorry not sorry enuh but no teacher nah put dem hands pon my yute much more leave a damn scar,them must give punishment yes..some write 200 lines,keep bak after class for an extra hour,extra home work,not allowed to leave the class unless a bathroom buy them lunch and come back come eat inna de class kind a way but that beating shit need fi cut de phuck out unless a parents a drop the lick

  5. This is wrong on several levels!Unless those students are all Rhodes scholars,it is perfectly fine to get answers wrong.

  6. Met me give the teacher a pass cuz at least the child will be able to spell wrong and not “rong”

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