1. So because people a bun out gully bop because him diss ninja man him a talk bout is a buss him did a look…pu$$ie memba yuh did buss before you start call up di man name and tell a bag a lie pon di gargon. Mi a loose respect fi bop as di minute dem pass. Think everybody a fool? So nobody nuffi say a badmind when another artist call your name fi get a buss den.

  2. Suh all who seh dem never hear him talk bout God see it deh. Everybody entitled to their own opinion, but all I am saying is, he seems to have that personality from long time, no hype, mi know nuff ppl weh anuh DJ or entertainer who stay similar to dat. They are just fun to be around.

  3. Bop keep chin laughing and that is very healthy for any relationship and shi looks very happy bank account full of money dem ah get ready fi travel world what more can a woman ask for Shauna sey is har mother tell har bout Bop yuh tink she an har mada ah idiot!

  4. Gully bop need a dance fi ad to him brand now,Ding Dong,Boyzie,create a new dance call the Gully Bop,get at it while him hot,God Bless di Bop,you give people who are down and out hope and inspiration

  5. Gully bop is d realist from way back when. Star quality and humor easy fo spot.
    Shauna was there from d start and invest so I guess she must eat piece of the gully pie.
    Very creative ideas to help sustain him financially later in life
    . Shauna knows how to hold it down. I hope Gully bop saves and ii vest for rainy days.
    Hottest ting out of Jamaica right now. Keeping the playing field balance.
    Glad for Gully Bop from d start. Bop naturally arrogant bout himself even when he did dirty, and that is not a bad thing, self-confidence. Shauna Chin love giggle and laugh and d two of dem look like they having fun. So big up.
    Just watched d Irish Stu ‘ Keeping Up with Gully Bop cartoon on u tube. It is d maddest, funniest ting. Jamaicans are very very creative resourceful people, when they use their talents wisely and not fi scam and hype.
    The only thing that don’t sit well with me, I saw d post on d ‘ fake’ gullybop Facebook page as soon as dem posted it about d 7,000pounds being scammed for a show.
    Who ever is running that fake page has to have a contact from Gully Bop camp, because a lot of those pictures are taken from d inside, meaning someone who there when he in studio, clubs and doing promos etc.
    So management be careful. We see how artist got broke because of lack of credibility and scamming. Let’s hope under Liang management and bookings now the ting is more professional.

  6. To God give the glory, from the gully to di money. I like Gully bop him funny. I wish him the very best. Who God bless, no man curse.

  7. Gully Bop, Bop Anywho, Mi loike how Ms Chin just stay back and allow Bop fi talk..aside from the times when she put in di plugs dem bout etc. She did well,nahn knock har thing with di manager bit, looks like she have an idea wah she doing. Gwann tru yahn Bop, Bop and good luck with fareeeeeeenn and di plane roide.

  8. poor Winfred looks like he more understand gully bop, more than he does chin.. one of the time chin she a talk bout kids.. Winfred dh pan ok yeah with a pause of silent trying to figure out what she was saying! after that pause he just brush it off and when on to ask gully bop more questions lol

  9. Chin & Bop I pray a fortress of steel around you both, that onu allow no negative people fi destroy onu joy and goodwill…weather onu together or apart.
    Gully bop, maintain yu spirit of GOD’s will cause it was ‘yesterday fi dem and today for you”.

  10. Everytime they do an iterview together, I begin to understand more and more why they are together. They make the perfect couple. God bless their union. :kimpoi

  11. Only ting mi neva like is Gully living a Pegasus?? A live inna Hotel Room? Is how much a nite him a pay? mi sure is more dan US$100 per nite or dem have a monthly rate fi semi-residents dere?
    Chin plz rent an apartment wid security if onno fraid.
    Metty oooo.. is Shortman di Grants Pen Don own Claims Records? It sound so from di interview. Well best move fi sign to Laing Management fi protect him from extortionists.
    Luv him sense a humour. Keep God at di front Gully

  12. If gully bop pop dung tomorrow it was pleasure to see someone who was assumed hopeless got a chance to show the world that no man is better than the other regardless of our status in life. This man was an outcast and based on the videos in his downtime he still had a personality I don’t see him as hype. The man seh “EVERY GYAL WANT A WUK OFFA MI” when he was in his dirty clothes I guess he was hype and very confident before the fame..God bless yu Gully Bop. Dem ago talk till all a fi dem teet drop out and yu still have your five because dem nuh understand seh a who love yu put yu forward, if it was for the haters you wouldn’t leave the gully..

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